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Google Fonts for WordPress

“Easy to get started (change base font and headings), easy to delve into more options (change navigation font, specific headings) and blazing fast support (responded to my issue in hours, fixed about a day after that!).” – @inkmiss

Google Fonts for WordPress allows you to change the typography of your website in minutes. It works with all themes and allows you to choose a single font for your entire website, or drill-down and configure fonts for each individual element: site title, site description, headings, content, sidebar, footer.

All settings are located in the WordPress Customizer, which means you can live-preview your changes as you make them. Then once you are happy with your configuration, hit Publish.

Fonts are loaded in the most optimized way possible. Using the ‘Font Loading’ panel you can choose which font variants not to load, ensuring your website loads as quickly as possible.

“Fonts make such a big difference to the overall look and feel of the website. I love how easy this plugin makes it so I can actually get that look and feel that I want for the site. Thank you so much!” – Ted Vieira

Key Features

  • Choose from 900+ Fonts
  • Change Font Size, Color and Weight
  • Optimized Font Loading
  • Works with All Themes
  • Gutenberg Compatible