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Strive Content Calendar

Struggling to organize your posts? It’s hard to do with WordPress.

Looking at the Posts menu, it’s nearly impossible to plan your content. You have to open a separate calendar app to know if your post scheduled on 7/6 is a Thursday or not.

And that’s exactly why Strive was made.

The Strive plugin adds a content calendar directly into the WordPress dashboard so you can immediately answer questions like, “Do I have a post scheduled for next Thursday?”

Plan posts with the content calendar

With Strive, you can view all published and scheduled posts in a beautiful calendar display. Click on any post to edit minor details like the title or author, and click-and-drag to reschedule.

With a glance, you can see when your upcoming posts are scheduled and how far along they are in the content creation process.

That’s possible due to the integrated post statuses.

Visualize progress with statuses

Unlike other editorial calendar plugins, Strive colors your posts based on their status. This makes it simple to know if your upcoming posts are complete or not.

WordPress has its own statuses, but they only describe the visibility of posts, such as Draft and Published.

Strive adds four Editorial Statuses to WordPress made specifically to understand the state of your drafts. The only four statuses needed are:

  • Not started
  • Writing
  • Editing
  • Complete

Every piece of creative content can fit into this simple system because more granular tracking is available with checklists.

Check off every step

Statuses are good for getting a general understanding of where your content is at, but checklists give you more precise control.

Using Strive, you can add as many checklist items as you want for your posts. For example, add items to remind yourself to pick a category and add a Featured Image. The checklist items show up immediately in the editor sidebar, so you can check them off while you work.

Even more features

Strive is a content calendar plugin first and foremost, but it includes an entire suite of content creation tools. Here’s a feature list of everything Strive can do:

  • Beautiful content calendar for post planning
  • Editorial post statuses to visualizing progress
  • Custom post checklists for quality control
  • Post revisions let you republish outdated content
  • Pipeline view for visualizing unscheduled drafts
  • Color Blind Mode for those that need stronger contrast
  • Publishing prevention for incomplete scheduled posts
  • Post defaults for publishing time and category
  • Full support for both Gutenberg & Classic Editor