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B2BKing – WooCommerce Wholesale & B2B Plugin

If you’re in need of a WooCommerce wholesale plugin to get your store started, you’ve come to the right place. B2BKing is the complete B2B plugin solution for WooCommerce with over 137+ features, ideal for both businesses and developers. From simple features such as hiding products or prices from guests to complex functionalities like custom business registration, tax exemptions, and wholesale prices with tiered pricing tables, B2BKing has you covered.

Add a bulk order form to your store, set up different minimum order amounts for different users, or set up a wholesale discount for your most valued customers. With probably the richest feature set on the market, B2BKing aims to be the last wholesale plugin you’ll ever need.

Since the plugin’s launch, it has quickly become a bestseller, and Envato Market has selected it to be featured on the CodeCanyon FrontPage. Not only that, the plugin has been featured in numerous articles and publications, as one of the best b2b plugin solutions on the market today.

Other important plugin features include the ability to add custom user registration fields, exempt users from EU VAT based on VIES validation, as well as powerful private store capabilities. With regard to the latter, the plugin can not just hide prices until logged in but also hide the entire shop, and even force users to log in to be able to view the site at all.

Overall, the plugin is ideal for converting a typical B2C WooCommerce site to a B2B store where each customer can be treated with a personalized approach. Each business can thus see a unique catalog, with special prices and negotiated pricing, and custom set order rules, covering everything from tax and shipping, to VAT, minimum purchases, and special offers.

Key Features:

  • Wholesale Bulk Order Form
  • Hide Prices – Private Store
  • Business Registration and Approval
  • Wholesale Prices and Different Prices for Different Users
  • Tiered Pricing and Tiered Price Tables
  • Tax Exemptions and VAT NR Support
  • Dynamic Pricing and Discount Rules
  • Catalog Visibility and Product Visibility Options
  • Request a Quote
  • Multiple Buyers on One Account
  • Purchase Lists
  • B2B Offers and Product Bundles
  • Invoice Payment Gateway