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Thoughts On WordCamp


"Having so many of us that were brand new to contributor day brought back the memories of my first time. It was WCNYC 2014, and I was intimidated about being new and knowing no one else there, plus traveling alone in NYC. I think often about our new contributors and how to welcome them. It was great to onboard five new contributors to the training team and see my coworkers make new connections to various teams."

Courtney Robertson - Developer Advocate at GoDaddy Pro

“I think the glue part is way more important than people thought that it was, I think you can say the same thing for what we’re seeing here. Yes, you can be connected. You can have great relationships online and everything, but the real deal is in real life. That’s where you make the actual connections."

Remkus de Vries - one of the founders of WCEU

"Overall, WordCamp Asia was a great success. It was a fantastic opportunity to connect with the WordPress community, learn from experts in the field, and have some fun along the way. As an Elementor & WordPress enthusiast, it was a privilege to be a part of such a dynamic and vibrant community, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for WordCamp events worldwide. Hopefully I’ll see you all in Taiwan."

Verdi Heinz - Head of Developer Partnerships at Elementor

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