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WordCamp Europe 2024: Heading to a City Known for Its History

Last Updated on June 12th, 2024

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WordCamp Europe 2024

WordPress Europe is just around the corner, and the buzz is electric! Whether you’re packing your bags for Torino or tuning in virtually, the excitement is evident. After all, it’s the ultimate gathering for the WordPress community, a chance to connect, learn, and feel motivated.

Talking about the enthusiasts who are attending the event live in Torino, Italy, you have an opportunity to make new connections, get abundant inspiration, and have unforgettable experiences. And for the online attendees, be ready to witness all the latest things about WordCamp Europe from the comfort of your home.

The earlier event, WordCamp Europe 2023, was highly successful, with 3,000 attendees from more than 90+ countries. So, if you think about WCEU 2024 from this perspective, it is going to be much bigger.      

Here, we have prepared this guide to help you plan your journey to WordCamp Europe 2024. This will allow you to spend more time attending the WordCamp and less time managing other things like accommodations, breakfast spots, attractions, etc.

So, let’s get the ball rolling.

Discover the Venue of WordCamp Europe 2024

With so much talk going around WordCamp Europe 2024, you might be highly excited to attend this wonderful event. At the same time, you might be thinking about how to attend this event without hurdles and make the most out of your visit to Europe. 

Don’t worry, we have got you covered! 

First and foremost, the event is held in Torino, a city known for its history. It has 300km of tree-lined avenues and parks, leading to the enchanting Western Alps! 

Talking about the venue, it is organized at the Lingotto Conference and Exhibition Centre in Torino, Italy. Some of the amazing facts about the venue.

  • It hosts 50+ events every year, which reaches millions of visitors.
  • The Exhibition centre possesses three pavilions, which can be used individually or as a single room.
  • Lingotto Fiere is the only private exhibition centre in Italy.

Coming back to the WordCamp Europe Event, here are the venue details.

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  • The event will be conducted in 4 halls with about 60,000 sqm at the Lingotto Exhibition Centre.
  • It will be held from June 13 to June 15, 2024, with June 13 being the contributor day. Actually, the event starts on June 14, 2024.
  • The timings of the event will be from 9:00 AM CEST to 5:15 PM CEST.
  • The event will be held from June 13 to June 15, 2024. Check the entire WCEU schedule here.

Talking about the earlier event, WordCamp Europe 2023 was a huge success, with around 64 sponsors, 110 micro sponsors, 92 volunteer organizers, 102 speakers, and nearly 3,000 attendees from 92+ nations worldwide.

It is speculated that WordCamp Europe 2024 will be much bigger than this. This event has the capacity to accommodate 8,000+ participants from multiple countries. However, it is anticipated that there will be more than 3,000 attendees. 

If you want to stay updated with what’s happening at the WCEU 2024, always stay in touch with WPLift. We will cover all the latest happenings at this WordCamp event.

Which Tickets Are Available Right Now for WordCamp Europe 2024?

The tickets for the WCEU 2024 have been announced long ago. There are basically two types of ticket options: 

  • General 
  • Micro-Sponsor tickets

The General Ticket costs € 50.00. 

General Ticket cost is kept far below the real cost of attendance as the organizers want to make this event affordable for all. With this ticket, you can attend the event from June 13 to June 15, 2024. However, you will require a separate registration.

The Micro Sponsor ticket costs € 150. 

The Micro Sponsor ticket has all the benefits similar to the General Ticket but is priced closer to the real cost of attendance. If you want to donate a little extra, consider purchasing the micro-sponsor ticket to give back to the community. 

For detailed information, check out WCEU Tickets.

Top Accommodations for WordCamp Attendees in Torino

If you are visiting Torino to attend WCEU2024, you will require a hotel for a comfortable stay and good food. There are a massive number of hotels near the Lingotto Exhibition Centre. 

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Thankfully, the European Union offers some excellent transportation options, such as buses, trams, and metro, so attendees can easily reach their desired stay. Additionally, the road connectivity is superb, and you can efficiently catch a car and head to your lodge.

To make your task easy, we have found some of the best stays near the conference hall.

  • Turin Palace Hotel
  • Principi Di Piemoto
  • Grand Hotel Sitea
  • Hotel NH Collection Torino Piazza Carlina
  • Hotel Victoria Torino
  • AC Hotel Torino
  • Corte Realdi Luxury Rooms Torino
  • Hotel Dei Pittori
  • Double Tree by Hilton Turin Lingotto
  • B&B Hotel Torino Orbassano
  • NH Torino Centro
  • Royal Palace Luxury Suites
  • Lingotto Residence
  • AC Hotel Torino by Marriott
  • NH Torino Lingotto Congress

Apart from the hotels, you can also check out AirBnB accommodations in Torino. This will allow you to discover some affordable vacation rentals of your choice. Lastly, we suggest you book your accommodation in advance to avoid the last-minute hassle.

Best Breakfast Spots in Torino to Kickstart Your Day

Want to kickstart your day on a high note in Torino? 

Explore some of the most popular breakfast spots in the city. From artisanal pastries to hearty breakfasts and a cozy café atmosphere, these top spots satisfy everyone.

  • Eataly Lingotto: This spot is close to the Lingotto Exhibition Centre and is well-known for its delicious Italian breakfast and freshly baked goods.
  • Café Fiorio: Craving something sweet and want comfortable sitting? This cafe is popular for its rich hot chocolate and leisurely breakfast.
  • Caffè Vergnano: The cafe has a friendly atmosphere. It is best for baristas, sandwiches, pastries, and the hot food menu.
  • Gelateria Pepino: One of the oldest restaurants in Torino, primarily known for icecreams, smoothies, coffee, and savory bites.
  • Baratti & Milano: This cafe is renowned for its decadent pastries and luxurious setting in Galleria Subalpina.
  • Locanda Leggera: This place has a fantastic vibe and offers affordable delicacies such as cakes, cookies, and savory buns.
  • Caffè Elena: The cafè is in the center of Torino and is popular for its historic environment and wonderful breakfast options.

Best Attractions To Visit in Torino, Italy

After you have attended the WordCamp Europe 2024 event and also explored some of the best restaurants and cafes for food, you might love to explore Torino, the city is well-known for its rich culture and history. 

There are more than 40+ museums in Torino, as well as many beautiful places that will attract visitors. The best thing you can do is extend your visit by 2-3 days and explore the vibrant city. 

Here are some must-visit places you can explore after the WCEU 2024 event.

  • Mole Antonelliana: The tallest brick building in the world, standing at 167 meters.
  • Piazza Castello: A leading city square in Torino, surrounded by cafes, museums, landmarks, and theatres.
  • Palazzo Reale: Earlier, it was a royal palace, but it is now home to international art museums. 
  • Parco del Valentino: One of the most popular riverside parks in Torino, it is surrounded by botanical gardens, baroque castle, medieval castle, and more.
  • Basilica di Superga: An impressive basilica on the hilltop, providing visually appealing views of the city and Alps.
  • Porta Palazzo Market: The biggest open-air market in Torino, with over 1000+ stalls selling multiple items.
  • Museo Egizio:  An ancient archaeological museum in Europe, emphasizing Egyptian archeology and anthropology.
  • Museo Nazionale dell’Automobile: A museum featuring 200 cars from 80+ brands.
  • Via Roma: A bustling street with luxury boutiques, cafes, and historic landmarks.

Top Spots for Late-Night Cravings in Torino

There is also a possibility that you might have late-night cravings while exploring the beautiful city of Torino. So, here we have handpicked some of the most incredible places for late-night cravings.

  • Rossopomodoro Lingotto 
  • Lia Piola Del Forno
  • Mac Bun
  • Torpedo Restaurant
  • Ristorante Pizzeria 150
  • Ristorante Salgari
  • Makao
  • Lobelix Cafè
  • Ristorante da Dino
  • La Taverna dei Mercanti

What You Can Expect from The Contributor’s Day in WordCamp Europe 2024?

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Contributor Day is primarily a dedicated day for everyone contributing to WordPress. Here, 

Whether you are a developer, designer, writer, or enthusiast, you get a chance to connect with fellow WordPress aficionados, learn some new things, and contribute to WordPress. 

In WCEU 2024, Contributor Day is organized on June 13, 2024. It provides an opportunity to contribute to WordPress in a fun and engaging way by participating in activities such as translating, writing documentation, bug fixing, testing, etc.

Here are some of the people contributing to WordCamp Europe 2024 in different ways.

  • Anastasiya Kolomoytseva
  • Emma Wager
  • Hacer Yilmaz
  • Piermario Orecchioni, Content Team
  • Ohia, Community Team
  • Anne-Mieke Bovelett
  • Selena Salustri
  • Pascal Casier

Apart from these, if you are not attending the event live, you can even contribute using the #contributor-day slack channel.

Arrivederci Torino! WCEU Wrap-Up

Hopefully, our guide will transform your entire WordPress Europe journey! If you loved the event and are excited to share your experiences, join the conversation on Twitter. Leverage the hashtags #WCEU2024, #WCEU, and #WordCampEurope to tell us about your favorite moments, insights, and connections. We can’t wait to hear your stories! 

Whether you are attending the event live or not and want to remain updated with the latest WordCamp Europe 2024 updates, don’t forget to follow @WPLift on Twitter. We will be covering all the crucial updates from June 13 to June 15, 2024.

Lastly, WordCamp Europe is coming soon, and the organizers are still looking for sponsors. Various packages are available, and if you think you can sponsor the event in some way, don’t miss this fantastic opportunity! 

Note: Some of the images used in the article are released under a Creative Commons license. The original images are available on the Flickr account of WordCamp Europe.

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