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Who’s Who at WordCamp Europe? Know Them Better Before You Hear Them Live!

Last Updated on June 12th, 2024

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WordCamp Europe 2024 Speakers

As WordCamp Europe is just around the corner, speakers announcement was made along with other details. Hence, you might be excited to learn new things about WordPress from industry leaders. At the same time, you might have questions about 

If you are looking for the answers to these questions, you are in the right place.

WordCamp Europe is one of the most anticipated WordPress events of 2024. This time, it will occur between June 13 and 15th, 2024, at the Lingotto Conference and Exhibition Centre in Torino, Italy. 

This centrally located venue, easily accessible by public transportation, is surrounded by a variety of accommodations and dining options, making it a convenient choice for our event. If you are going to attend this event live in Torino, then our WordCamp Europe 2024 Guide will help you enjoy the event and explore the city gracefully.

Speaking about the WCEU 2024 event speakers, more than 50+ experts from different domains will share their insights, experiences, ideas, and more with the attendees. 

So, you might be wondering which Europe speakers’ session I shouldn’t miss.

To simplify your task, we have shortlisted 10 of the best WordCamp Europe speakers for 2024 whose speeches would benefit the entire community, whether you are a WordPress developer, designer, business owner, or connected with WordPress in any way.

So, let’s get started.

1. Adam Zieliński

Adam Zieliński is a WordPress Developer at Automattic, the popular American global distributed company. He is also the creator of WordPress Playground, a WordPress core committer, and the Tech Editor release lead for WordPress 6.0.

In other words, WordPress Playground is an environment designed to facilitate quick testing, development, and learning without needing a full server setup. It allows you to run your entire website on the browser without a server.

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He is enthusiastic about WordPress and loves to share the latest developments related to it and his environment on Adamdam

In WCEU 2024, Adam Zieliński will discuss “WordPress Playground—use WordPress without a server.” In this seminar, he will teach various topics related to WordPress Playground. He will explain how to create a WordPress site without a server and share it with others, develop a plugin, test code on different WordPress and PHP versions, and more.

2. Amber Hinds

Amber Hinds is the CEO of Equalize Digital, a mission-driven organization specializing in WordPress accessibility. For over a decade, Amber Hinds has been developing websites and web apps for government agencies, institutions, etc., and has become a passionate accessibility advocate.

Amber Hinds has even created an Accessibility Checker plugin that ensures a website is ADA, Section 508, AODA, and WCAG Compliant. She is giving speeches at the leading Accessibility conferences worldwide. In addition, she has been the co-host of two well-known podcasts, Accessibility Craft and WP Product Talk.

Talking about WordCamp Europe 2024, she will be taking a session on “Accessibility Testing Workshop.” She will be explaining how to make your site accessible for people using assistive technology or not.

3. Jamie Marsland

Jamie Marsland is another WordCamp Europe speaker you shouldn’t miss. He owns PootlePress, a company that offers a range of WordPress products and services. He provides various training programs, workshops, and online courses to ensure that WordPress developers and businesses become familiar with its many aspects. Jamie also provides WordPress consulting and development services. Over the last decade, he has trained more than 5,000 people worldwide.

Apart from this, recently, WordPress.com approached Jamie Marsland to create an exclusive series where he teaches different concepts of WordPress. He even has his own YouTube channel, where he has been sharing many things related to WordPress. To know more, check out our blog on How Jamie Marsland Drives WordPress Educational Innovation.

In WordCamp Europe 2024, Jamie Marsland will be conducting two sessions as follows:

“Gutenberg Speed Build Challenge: A Web Design Duel!”

“Mastering WordPress Block Themes: 3 Key Principles for Beginners”

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4. Katie Keith

Katie Keith is another top-rated WordCamp Europe speaker whose speech you should attend. She is the Co-Founder and CEO of Barn2Plugins. She is always ready to develop various plugins to support the WordPress community. 

As of now, she is co-hosting two podcasts – WP Product Talk and Woo BizChat at Do the Woo. In these podcasts, she talks about selling WordPress products and WooCommerce extensions.

Over the last year, she has interviewed 50 WordPress product owners along with Matt Cromwell, Zack Katz, and Amber Hinds. Hence, she will take a session on “We spoke with over 50 different WordPress product owners. Here’s what we learned.”

5. Joost de Valk

Joost de Valk is is the founder of Yoast. He is also a great investor in software companies at Emilia Capital and develops essential open-source software for the community. 

He regularly speaks at various conferences around the globe and is ready to change the development culture.

Joost de Valk will discuss “Sustainable open source in the future.” He will explain how all WordPress enthusiasts can make software projects sustainable in the long run.

6. Lidia Infante

Lidia Infante is the Head of SEO at Survey Monkey. She has more than 10 years of experience in marketing and emphasizes content strategy and SEO. In addition to SurveyMonkey, Lidia has contributed to companies like Sanity and BigCommerce.

Lidia is an exceptional SEO speaker who has always contributed to multiple events, such as MozCon, BrightonSEO, and WTSFest. Moreover, she writes about SEO at popular sites like Moz, Search Engine Journal, and the Wix SEO Hub. 

In WordCamp Europe 2024, Lidia Infante is taking a session on “Outsmart, Outrank: SEO Gap Analysis Unveiled.”

7. Matt Mullenweg

Almost everyone is familiar with Matt Mullenweg. He is the co-founder of WordPress.com and the CEO and founder of Automattic, which is also the company behind WooCommerce, Tumblr, WPVIP, and more. Besides this, Matt is even running an investment and research company, Audrey Capital.

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Over the years, Matt Mullenweg has spoken at multiple WordPress-related events worldwide and appeared in various popular podcasts online. He is even working on numerous projects that would be beneficial for the WordPress community.

Talking about WCEU 2024, Matt will be taking a session on “WordPress Project Summer Update.” In this session, he will share the latest project updates and do a live Q&A with the attendees.

8. Fernando Tellado

Fernando Tellado is one of the most well-known WordPress experts in Spain. He is offering multiple WordPress services, such as consulting, maintenance, site recovery, and web migration. He has even crafted detailed WordPress courses. Besides this, he has even written some books on WordPress. 

Fernando Tellado is the brand ambassador of Siteground and runs a leading blog called Ayuda.WP in Spanish. 

In WordCamp Europe 2024, he is going to take a session on “Re-Humanizing the Web.”

9. Dee Teal

Dee Teal has been a WordPress user since 2008. Initially, she was a WordPress developer, but later, she transitioned into a project manager for enterprise-level projects in WordPress.

Dee Teal is connected to the roots of the WordPress community. She has been an organizer and mentor with WP Includes, a mentorship program for Women in WordPress, and she co-hosts the Future of Team podcast. 

Besides this, Dee Teal has organized multiple WordPress events and loves sharing everything associated with the community.

At WCEU 2024, Dee Teal is conducting a session on “Fixing the ladder: getting more women into leadership at WordPress businesses.” The session is primarily targeted towards women. She will explain the challenges Women face in WordPress businesses and how they can tackle them.

10. Matthias Held

Matthis Held is an expert with solid knowledge of WordPress and cybersecurity. Over the years, he has worked with multiple organizations in multiple roles and gained extensive knowledge of hacking, development, and writing secure code. 

Matthis has given speeches at various WordCamp events worldwide and has been featured in TEDx and B-Sides. He has also worked with leading brands, such as Nike and National Geographic. 

In WordCamp Europe 2024, Matthias Held will be taking a session on “Think like a hacker: Attack your WordPress.” He will teach some best practices to keep WordPress sites secure from vulnerabilities and attacks. 

Final Thoughts on WordCamp Europe Speakers

Lastly, by having a clear idea about the speakers at WordCamp Europe 2024, you can understand what kind of things you will learn by attending the event. Moreover, all 50+ speakers have been associated with WordPress in some way, so it’s your chance to connect with them, learn diverse skills, ask intriguing questions, and improve your knowledge.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a WordPress developer, designer, quality analyst, project manager, business owner, or other professional; WordCamp Europe 2024 is going to unveil various things regarding the future of WordPress and how all the community members can take maximum advantage out of it.

We’re looking forward to a unique WordCamp Europe 2024! Save the date and stay tuned for more exciting updates!

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