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Weekly WordPress News and Updates: Are WordPress Migration Guides Unfair to Divi and Elementor?

Last Updated on December 29th, 2023


WordPress has recently launched a project to make it easier for users to switch from other platforms to WordPress, or from different WordPress editors to the block editor. WordPress claims that this project will promote a more open web, where users are not trapped in a system and can choose the platform that suits them best.

Are migration guides exaggerating the benefits of WordPress and downplaying the drawbacks, such as the need for technical skills, security issues, and maintenance costs? Does it feel like it implies that WordPress is the superior choice?

The official GitHub page for the guides contains the following migration tools:

  • Figma to Blocks
  • Divi to Blocks
  • Classic Editor to Blocks

And many more under development. But is this project really as beneficial as WordPress makes it sound? What about the challenges and costs of using WordPress, such as the technical skills required, the security risks, and the maintenance expenses? Does this project imply that WordPress is better than other website builders, such as Divi and Elementor, which have their own advantages and features? The questions stay unanswered for now!

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