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170+ Best (and NEW) Elementor Templates

Last Updated on December 1st, 2023

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Let’s be honest, as a busy WordPress developer, you simply don’t have time to spend countless hours searching for the best Elementor templates to use on your projects.

Nor is it necessarily a good idea to keep using the same template for every site, especially when you’re working for clients in multiple industries and niches.

If that sounds like a problem you’re currently facing, the new collection of over 170 premium-quality Elementor templates from WordPress expert Darrel Wilson may hold plenty of appeal.

As ideal for developers and agencies as it is for entrepreneurs who are building a profitable website portfolio, this complete collection offers beautifully designed templates for just about every niche ranging from artists and accountants to technology, travel, and dozens more.

To give you just a small idea of the high quality and high level of customization on offer, we’ve rounded up our pick of the top 15 best Elementor templates from Wilson’s already-popular collection.

1. Skillable

Best for: Selling online courses

Skillable is a dynamic Elementor Pro template for schools, training centers, and other educational establishments that can also be integrated with top LMS (Learning Management System) platforms to help you create and sell courses directly via your website.

This contemporary template offers 19 different page templates, each with a sleek, easy-to-navigate layout that is designed to keep visitors engaged and compel them to sign-up for your course.

Highlights include:

Showcase key stats about your education establishment or course-selling business.

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Instructor profiles.

eCommerce features to help sell your courses.

Download Skillable

2. Carve

Best for : Digital Marketing and SEO Agencies

You may be a master at using your marketing and SEO skills to drive traffic to your agency website, but once visitors get there, you still need something that will help you stand out from the crowd and convince potential clients that you’re the right company for them.

That’s where Carve comes into its own.

From the bold and beautiful header down to the functional, highly-customizable footer, everything is designed to help your business generate more leads and sales.

Among the many key features, you’ll find:


Attractive pricing tables.

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Service pages.

Attractive and unique sections to promote your work.

Download Carve

3. Viahome

Best for: Architects and interior designers.

Make no mistake, Viahome is the most beautiful theme in the entire collection, offering an image-centric visual design that is perfect for showcasing home interiors.

The combination of hero sliders, a modern, minimalist design, and 21-page and section templates ensure that whether you’re an interior designer, architect, or even a photographer, you’ll have everything you need to showcase your work in style.

Key features include:

Modern email opt-in forms.

Portfolio galleries.

Case study templates.

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Download ViaHome

4. Basilia

Best for: Restaurants

If you run a restaurant, you’ll find a wealth of high-quality templates in this collection that are perfect for helping you to generate orders and bookings online.

We’ll look at another one of these templates later on, but for now, we have to tell you about our favorite, Basilia.

Pop-ups for offering discounts and generating newsletter subscribers.

Menu layouts.


Download Basilia

5. Callista

Best for: Real estate agents.

If you’ve been in the real estate game for any length of time, you’ll know better than most that your website needs are different from just about any other business.

Along with being able to present your top realtors, you need page layouts that are designed to showcase your properties in the best light possible, along with booking features that allow potential buyers to book a viewing.

When you combine Callista with some of the best real estate plugins for WordPress, you’ll get all of that and more.

Take a look at some of the following highlights:

Property listings.

Property search.

About sections.

Download Callista

6. Lighthouzz

Best for: Smart home automation and security firms.

Security specialists, CCTV installers, and those looking to establish themselves in the world of smart home automation will love the Lighthouzz Elementor template thanks to its remarkably easy-to-customize features and an attractive array of pages and section designs.

From the prominent Call to Action (CTA) button on the page homepage header to the product, shopping cart, and checkout pages designed to help you sell your services directly through your website, this is the perfect template for any smart home and security brand looking to boost the return on investment they generate from their website.

Among the many key features, this one includes:

Product and service sections.

Beautiful pricing tables.

Blogging layouts to help boost your SEO.

Download Lighthouzz

7. Landon

Best for: Technology firms, IT companies, and startups.

You may know all there is to know about your chosen technology niche, but when it comes to attracting new clients with a high-quality website, you still need something that offers beginner-friendly simplicity with zero coding required.

That’s where the Landon Elementor template comes into its own.

A breeze to customize and configure, this one packs in a host of professionally-designed pages and editable sections that help digital companies and IT firms to sell their services.

Among the multiple features, Landon offers:

Bold header with CTA and embedded video content.

Multiple high-quality service sections.

Blogging features.

Team profiles.

Try Landon

8. Presto

Best for: Bloggers.

No Elementor template collection would be complete without offering a few world-class templates for bloggers, and this one is no exception.

In fact, the Darrel Wilson collection contains multiple high-quality blog templates, but we have to admit that Presto is our hands-down favorite.

The unique layout moves the standard page header to the side of the screen with your latest posts displayed on the other, resulting in a one-of-a-kind look that will captivate readers from the word go.

Still, that’s not all this one has to offer. A few other highlights include:

Galleries for photography and image-based posts.

Online store tools.

Post author bios.

Download Presto

9. Nivos

Best for: Software companies and technology businesses.

Nivos is the ultimate lead-generation template for technology companies or indeed any business that needs to present a no-nonsense, professional appearance to clients, investors, and stakeholders.

The addition of an email sign-up form in the header helps to boost your all-important email marketing lists right from the word go, while the minimalist design ensures that your key messages take center stage at all times.

Among the 13 pre-designed templates and pages, you’ll find:

Professional team member profiles.

Multiple services and solution layout options.

Job vacancies and career templates.

Download Nivos

10. Rancheros

Best for: Restaurants and food delivery services.

Another remarkable template for restaurants, Rancheros has a decidedly Mexican feel and combines a visually striking design with order and delivery features to make it just as good for brick-and-mortar businesses as it is for food trucks, pop-ups, and delivery services.

As with all these templates, Rancheroes is fully responsive and tested on all devices so that your clients can browse menus and place orders quickly and easily from wherever they may be.

Key features include:

Multiple dynamic menu layouts.

Coupons and vouchers.

Beautiful Instagram layouts.

Online reservation booking.

Download Rancheros

11. Furnise

Best for: eCommerce stores

No doubt drawing a great deal of inspiration from a certain Swedish home furnishing brand, Furnise is a flexible, fully-responsive eCommerce template that is built for furniture stores but can be easily customized for just about any kind of online retail.

Highlighting just how well these Elementor templates integrate with WooCommerce, the page templates for your products, shopping cart, and checkout process look just as elegant as the uber-modern, conversion-optimized homepage.

Some key features include:

Stylish product galleries.

Multiple layouts for shop pages and product category pages.

Featured products.

Download Furnise

12. Terrano

Best for: Designers and marketing agencies.

Few of these templates so perfectly encapsulate what makes this collection so impressive quite like Terrano does.

The moment it loads, you’re greeted with a truly stunning page header that combines a video background with animated text. Talk about a great way to grab your visitors’ attention right from the word go.

Although Wilson and his team built this template with graphic designers and design agencies in mind, the one thing we love about it is that the flawless user experience and smooth, modern design make it just as fitting for any kind of corporate website.

Along with the header, this one also includes:

Beautiful portfolio sections and pages.

Bold Call to Action sections.

Mobile-responsive service and process sections.

Effortless email marketing and social media tools.

Download Terrano

13. Summer

Best for: Travel agencies.

Travel agencies, bloggers, or, indeed, anyone struck with a certain sense of wanderlust will find a lot to like about Summer, a premium Elementor template that offers everything you need to showcase destinations and generate bookings.

The kit contains 20 pages and sections that offer all the key features travel brands need to succeed online including:

Spectacular destination pages.

Several service page options.

Online booking layouts.

Download Summer

14. Cooper

Best for: Tradesmen and construction firms.

There’s a whole host of excellent WordPress themes for construction workers and tradesmen, but few look quite as good nor function quite as well on any device as Darrel Wilson’s Cooper template for Elementor.

This versatile template boasts no less than 18 premade sections and templates, each one made to a professional standard to ensure you make a strong first impression with potential customers.

Not only is cooper beautifully designed, but it also offers all the features any tradesman would need to grow their business online including:

Appointment booking.

Responsive pricing table options.

Attractive, dynamic service pages with the ability to generate more leads by adding pop-out video content.

Download Cooper

15. Niceskin

Best for: Health and beauty brands.

Last but not least, we come to Niceskin, the all-in-one health and beauty template for Elementor that works just as well for well-being-based eCommerce stores as it does for beauty salons, clinics, and similar businesses.

As with all of these templates, Niceskin is fully responsive and offers several different page layouts tailored to meet the needs of your business.

Along with a stunning animated header that draws visitors in, you’ll also enjoy a list of impressive features including:

Pop-out social media menus

Online store pages that are fully compatible with WooCommerce.

Testimonial sliders.

Download Niceskin

Why the Darrel Wilson Elementor Template Collection is Ideal for Your Agency

The 15 templates above give you a good idea of not only the striking designs available in this collection but also how well each template provides exactly the right features for its intended niche.

Yet that’s not the only reason why this 170+ template collection is such a good option for agencies and freelance WordPress designers who need lots of unique designs for their client’s websites.

Apart from the fact that using these templates with Elementor and Elementor Pro makes it a breeze for even WordPress novices to create stunning professional websites, the big selling point here is the tremendous value for money.

You can buy access to all 170+ templates for only $199. When you consider that other top templates can range from $10 – $20+ individually, that’s an impressive deal no matter how you look at it.

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