GeoTargeting Pro WordPress Plugin: Display Location-Specific Content in WordPress

Published on May 18th, 2015

Last Updated on July 21st, 2020

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If you want to display different sets of content on your website, to different segments of your visitors based on their location, then a geotargeting plugin can help you achieve this.

By reading your visitors IP address to determine their location, a geotargeting plugin is then able to display a specific set of content, according to that visitor’s location. The main benefits of this is that you can display country specific content on your website. This in turn can then help improve the user experience for your international visitors and ensure you show them the most relevant information, according to their location.

Some examples of how this could include displaying special offers at an online store to users from specific locations, or maybe your contact detail and office location, based on the visitor’s country or city. Whatever the reason for making use of this technology, it can be very straightforward to setup on a WordPress website.

One tool that can bring this feature to your WordPress website is GeoTargeting Pro, a premium plugin from Timersys. In this review we will take a look at this plugin, to help you decide if it’s the right option for your needs.

GeoTargeting Pro WordPress Plugin Review

Features of the GeoTargeting Pro Plugin

This premium geotargeting plugin for WordPress is able to determine your visitor’s location, based on their IP address. While out of the box this is accurate to the country level, the plugin does include support for more precise IP targeting services.

By connecting to your Maxmind GeoIP account, the plugin can detect your visitor’s city, and in some cases, their postal code. This then allows you to highly target the content you display on your website, to better suit your visitors.

The GeoTargeting Pro plugin also supports Cloudflare geolocation. This makes the service even more efficient at delivering your content, based on the location of your visitors.

When it comes to defining which content on your site should be displayed to users in which region, the plugin includes a handy shortcode builder to create the rules. There is also an optional sidebar widget which allows visitors to override the geotargeting abilities of the plugin, and set their location manually.

All in all, GeoTargeting Pro has lots of the essential features that allow you to display different sets of content, depending on where your visitors are accessing your WordPress website from.

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Using GeoTargeting Pro for WordPress

After activating the plugin on your site, you can start configuring how it will work by clicking on the GeoTargeting sidebar menu item in your site’s admin area.

GeoTargeting Settings

The first steps when setting up this plugin are to define the countries and regions you would like to geotarget. The plugin makes it very easy to do this, thanks to the pre-populated drop down list of countries you can choose from.

GeoTargeting Create New Region

With the GeoTargeting plugin, you can add as many countries you need to your custom regions. This is great for setting up wide regions, such as Europe. It would be nice if there were some pre-built regions to choose from. This could include common groups such as Africa, Europe, and Asia, rather than forcing you to manually create them.

GeoTargeting Pro does support displaying content based on the visitor’s city. However, in order to use this feature, you must sign up with a premium geotargeting database service such as GeoIP2 City.  These premium services not only improve the accuracy of the geotargeting capabilities of your website, but also enable you to use location properties of your visitor’s, such as their postal code in the US.

Once you’ve defined one or more regions, you can begin creating content on your website for your visitors from those regions.

As the plugin adds a handy button to the WordPress post editor, creating the country specific content is very easy. Simply enter some content in the post editor area, select it, and then click on the GeoTargeting post editor button.

GeoTargeting Post Editor

Through the options, you can choose whether to display the selected content, or hide it, based on the location of the visitor. You can either use your pre-defined regions, or simply select individual countries from the drop down list.

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GeoTargeting Set Countiresa

After you’ve entered the details, the appropriate shortcode will be inserted into your post.

GeoTargeting Shortcode

Now once you’ve published the post, your visitors will see the content according to their geo-graphical location.

GeoTargeting Post

As the format of the shortcodes is pretty intuitive, after regular use of this plugin, you should be able to understand what they are doing at a glance. You can view the full library of shortcodes on the plugin documentation pages.

The plugin also includes a widget that can be added to the sidebar, or other widgetized areas of your theme. The optional widget then allows your visitors to select their own geographical location, which will then be used to display the content of your site, as opposed to using their IP address. This can come in handy for visitors making use of VPNs to reroute their connection through another country.

GeoTargeting Widget

With the widget enabled, your visitors can now manually set their location. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to scroll through the list of countries. This means that any countries starting with a later letter in the alphabet, probably won’t be available to your visitors.

GeoTargeting Sidebar Selector

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The widget is a nice idea –  it would be even better if you could display specific widgets, based on a visitor’s location.

As well as using the shortcodes to display the geo-specific content in your posts and pages, you could also use the features of this plugin to display that content in the your theme files. This could include the header and footer of your website. The plugin documentation doesn’t cover how to do this, but there is a thread on the support forums which documents the process.


The Geotargeting Pro plugin is available on three different pricing plans:

  • Single site: $35
  • 2- 5 sites: $120
  • Unlimited sites: $350

All options includes one year of access to the premium support forums and plugin updates.


If you do need to display specific content to your visitors, based on their geographical location, then the GeoTargeting Pro plugin can help you out. It’s an simple tool that is very easy to use, although depending on your needs, you may need to sign up for a premium third party IP database service to target visitors according to their city.

It’s an easy to use plugin which is perfect if you just want a way to display different post content, based on the location of your visitors.. Being able to control the visibility of other aspects of your site, such as sidebars, menus, or external links, would be nice addition, but if you don’t need that, GeoTargeting Pro is well worth checking out.

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