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15 Best WordPress Tab Plugins to Organize Your Website Content Effectively

Last Updated on June 20th, 2024

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WordPress Tabs are the most user-friendly, highly customizable, responsive WordPress plugin to display your content in a clean, organized tabbed navigation. The WordPress Tab Plugin is ready to use right away, no sweat.

In your WordPress account, you can easily build attractive, completely customizable tabs. Moreover, with these plugins, you can make your website more effective and entertain your site’s visitors. 

The ultimate goal is to achieve a seamless balance between content and user experience. You want them to associate your business with good airs by giving them an easy and pleasant user experience.

There are tons of WordPress tab plugins that you can choose based on your interest. But to give y7ou a head start, we have compiled a list of the Best WordPress Tab Plugins which is fully sensitive yet simple to manage their location using a single shortcode in your website. 

Let’s take a look at some of the plugins that allow you to include tabs within your posts/pages in your WordPress blogs so quickly. All setup?

1. WP Tab Widget

WP Tab Widget - WordPress Tab Plugin

Let’s start the list with WP Tab Widget! 

It comes with a range of features that will help you improve the visibility of your blog. Related posts, famous posts, recent comments, tags, Woo Commerce items, custom code, and categories can all be easily added to your blog’s sidebar. It has control for changing the number of tabs and posts to show.

Price: FREE

Pro Plan: US$19.00 to US$29.00/year


  •  Fully Responsive
  • Control the order of the tabs
  • Super lightweight
  • In-built cache system


  • Lacks flexibility
  • Limited features in the free version

Get WP Tab Widget

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2. MonsterInsights

MonsterInsights WordPress Tab Plugin

It helps you to set up Google Analytics without having to edit code or employ a developer. It has a variety of themes, layouts, and styling that you can choose from.

They have an excellent Recent Posts feature that helps you to display the most popular articles anywhere on your WordPress website. Inline Popular Posts can also be used to display articles inside your content.

Price: FREE

Pro Plan: $99.50/year


  • Quick & Easy Setup
  • Popular Post Tracking
  • File Download Tracking


  • Limited Feature in the free version
  • Conflict with WP Rock

Get MonsterInsights

3. Responsive Tabs by WP Dark Pro

Responsive Tabs by WP Dark Pro

This bad boy will allow tabbed content to be displayed on your website. This is useful for grouping together content-heavy pages into tabs. Your content will be separated into parts by the tab/accordion method, which you can show/hide by clicking the tabs. 

It has a compact mode which reduces the space inside your tabs’ labels so it all fits in one line. It has a customizable tab where you can put icons and add small arrows to the tab. You can also create tabs that link directly to external pages.

Price: $119/ year


  • Link to your page opening a specific tab.
  • Choose between squared and rounded border
  • It has several background presets.


  • Compatibility problem with WP 5.5 Update
  • Not beginner-friendly

Get Responsive Tabs by WP Dark Pro

4. Wonder Tabs

Wonder Tabs - WordPress Tab Plugin

Many amazing features for building and customizing tabs on the web are included in a powerful WordPress Tabs plugin. You can build a nice-looking tab panel with as many options as you like, and transition animation is supported. Furthermore, tabs can be customized in terms of color.

The Tabs plugin by WonderPlugin comes with two sensitive modes. You may add navigation arrows to the tab header or a menu button to view the additional tabs in a popup menu. On small screen devices, you can also opt to mask tab text and just display tab icons.

Price: $99/year

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  • You can create tab content with HTML code
  • You can also create tabs from existing WordPress pages.


  • Compatibility issue with another plugin
  • Not beginner-friendly(complicated Html code

Get Wonder Tabs

5. Squelch Tabs

Squelch Tabs WordPress Tab Plugin

If you want to add more interactivity with Tabs, Vertical and Horizontal Accordions on your WordPress website, Squelch Tabs is the best for you.  Tabs and accordions can save a lot of space on the page making your website look less cluttered and it will only show content only when required while the rest remains invisible dividing the content into parts.

Price: FREE


  • Add interactivity
  • Save space
  • Separating content


  • The unordered list within tabs
  • Conflict with content-blocker plugins

Get Squelch Tabs

6. Tabby Responsive Tabs

Tabby Responsive Tabs

The Tabby Responsive Tabs plugin from the CubeColor team is designed to have the simplest way to customize the view of your tabs without modifying any code. The Tabby Sensitive Tabs Customiser add-on adds a settings panel with many parameters for customizing your tabs. 

As a starting point for customization, you can use the regular tabby styles or one of the included one-click presets. It also allows you to quickly add icons to the names of your tabs.

Price: FREE


  • Multiple sets of tabs on the same page.
  • Uses Semantic header and Content markup.
  • Easy screen reader accessibility.


  • No significant downsides
  • Suited for more experienced use

Get Tabby Responsive Tabs

7. Xpert Tabs 

Xpert Tabs - WordPress Tab Plugin

Xpert Tabs is a fantastic shortcode generator that allows you to construct tabbed content. The plugin is simple to use and allows you to build infinite tab sets in any WordPress page or article. Your every input and frontend look can be visualized directly in the backend of Xpert Tab, which has been designed with a cool backend. It has numerous preset styles, customizable and limitless tab anywhere in the theme.

Price: FREE

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  • Highly customized for User Experience
  • Font Awesome Icon Support
  • Nested shortcode implemented


  • It has PHP errors, warning, notices
  • Not compatible with WordPress 5.3

Get Xpert Tabs

8. Shortcodes Ultimate

Shortcodes Ultimate

Shortcodes Ultimate is one of the “ultimates” when it comes to beautifying websites!

It makes it easy to add personalized content to your website. A shortcode is a term for a shortcut. Instead of writing several lines of code to achieve a task, you can accomplish it with only one line of code. By copying and pasting this code anywhere on your site, you can have the necessary content live in a matter of seconds. Plugins for WordPress shortcodes are very useful.

Price: FREE


  • Shortcode for previews
  • Modern responsive design
  • Developer-friendly


  • Suited for more experienced users
  • The content might be edited or removed from the original post

Get ShortCodes Ultimate

9. Gutenberg Blocks

Gutenberg Blocks - WordPress Tab Plugin

Gutenberg blocks are the editor blocks that are used to create content layouts.  The block editor lets you add elements to your posts and pages that aren’t possible in the classic editor. Simply choose your favorite blocks from the Ultimate Addons, which streamline the website design process by offering quick settings and customizations for intuitive visual styling.

It provides a range of unique and innovative Gutenberg blocks that allow you to create and design pages and posts without writing a single line of code. It’s easier to create pages and complete websites without using custom code thanks to an intuitive interface and a variety of customization options.

Price: FREE


  • Easy Customization
  • Pixel Perfect Design
  • A vast range of content types into your posts


  • Compatibility Issues
  • Some shortcuts won’t work

Get Gutenberg Block

10. Display Posts

Display Posts - WordPress Tab Plugin

It is a common WordPress plugin that lets you display WordPress posts by using shortcodes to create your own custom queries.

It uses shortcodes to conveniently display the best content anywhere on your web. You may, for example, use the following shortcode to view posts based on their comment count.

Price: FREE


  • You can create a great looking, column-based grid of posts with a bit of styling
  • You can highlight your popular content in multiple ways.


  • Show Catagories & Tags at the same time
  • Not beginner-friendly

Get Display Post

11. Relevant

Relevant - WordPress Tab Plugin

On your WordPress page, Important will help you view your most famous blogs, featured articles, related material, and most recent posts. It includes a number of widgets, including one for common posts and a user-friendly configuration tab.

Don’t want to use the widget? Relevant also comes with shortcodes and template tags that you can use to display popular posts anywhere on your website. You can also enable post blocks before or after post content. It can also be custom-sized for featured images.

Price: FREE


  • Mark any post or page as a featured
  • Compatible with the latest WordPress version
  • It has shortcodes and a template


  • Problem displaying the most popular post 
  • Problem with widget displays

Get Relevant

12. Responsive Tabs by Oxilab

Responsive Tabs by Oxitab

This is great for those who wish to evaluate their options before choosing a tab format. The “Live Preview” feature allows you to make customizations and preview them before they go live. It comes with 22 predefined layouts, and all tabs have an accordion function.

Price: $10.99-$49.99/ year


  • Suited for non-coders and less-experienced users
  • Predefined templates
  • Font Awesome support


  • Editor tab user interface is difficult to understand

Get Responsive Tabs by Oxilab

13. WooCommerce Custom Product Tabs Lite WordPress

WooCommerce Custom Product Tabs Lite WordPress

WooCommerce Custom Product Tabs expands the WooCommerce eCommerce plugin by allowing arbitrary content, such as text, HTML, or shortcodes, to be added to product display pages as a custom product tab. It has features that easily move or rearrange the order of the tabs by dragging & dropping the tabs. 

Price: FREE


  • Predefined product global tab
  • WPML compatible for building multilingual sites
  • shortcodes or HTML content 


  • Need pro subscription to access significant features
  • Compatibility issues with the latest version of WordPress

Get Woo Commerce Custom Product Tabs Life

14. Simple Side Tabs

Simple Side Tabs

Simple Side Tab adds a vertical tab that connects to every page to the left or right side of the browser window. As the user scrolls down the list, the tab remains in place, ensuring that it is still clear and ready for action. It also fits well on handheld devices. It has customizable tabs where you can set text, Change vertical position, and change color for your tabs.

Price: FREE


  • 7 standard screen fonts
  • Super Easy to use
  • Beginner-friendly


  • Can’t make multiple tabs 
  • Graphics are not used in display tabs

Get Simple Side Tabs

15. Responsive Tabs by Thirteen Web Solution

Responsive Tabs by Thirteen Web Solution

It is a simple plugin that makes use of the side tab to attach to any page or view slider material quickly. Users may choose from two pre-designed prototypes or build their own custom prototype using the plugin. The tab’s content can include internal page links, external custom links, and custom content.

Price: FREE


  • Multiple Tabs 
  • Use shortcodes.
  • Responsive support


  • Need pro subscription to access full features
  • Not Beginner-friendly

Get Responsive Tabs by Thirteen Web Solution

Which WordPress Tab Plugin is the Best?

The 15 Best WordPress tabs plugins are included in this post, with comprehensive explanations of their functionality. 

Of both of these WordPress tab plugins, WP Tabs is the best open source WordPress tab plugin. It has been revised and uses the current up-to-date online technology. We believe that WordPress Tab Plugins is the best popular posts plugin for WordPress. It lets you show your best content anywhere on your site and offers lots of options for customization.

As a result, if you’re looking for a premium WordPress tab plugin, we recommend you choose WP Tabs Pro. It has a ton of great, limitless choices. It’s all up to speed with the most recent web technologies.

What’s your favorite WordPress Tab Plugin?

Assist your tourists in finding their way through your website and to the content section they want to read. The use of tabs on a website is an excellent way to increase user experience and conversion rates.

A WordPress tabs plugin is a fantastic way to easily add awesome tabs to your website. Hopefully, one of the above-mentioned plugins would be the perfect fit for your website’s needs. Please feel free to leave any questions, feedback, or suggestions in the comments section.

We hope this article helped you find the best popular posts plugin for WordPress! See you on the other side!

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