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9 Best WordPress Mobile Plugins to Create a Responsive Offering Seamless UX

Last Updated on February 22nd, 2023

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One of the most significant changes on the internet has been the rise of mobile devices usage. These days, no website can function without becoming mobile-friendly, or, more specifically, no website that wishes to be popular and succeed. WordPress mobile-friendly plugins have become necessary for every business because visitors prefer to access the websites from their mobile devices – for both business types, i.e., B2B business websites or B2C websites. 

Wondering how to make WordPress mobile-friendly? The short version is that you need to use a mobile plugin. Not only is it crucial that you have the latest, up-to-date mobile plugin for your website or blog, but you also need to make sure that your website is mobile-friendly, and that it looks and works great on mobile devices. 

We cover how to make WordPress sites mobile-friendly, as well as the top WordPress mobile-friendly plugins below.

How to make your site mobile-friendly?

WordPress offers various plugins to make WordPress sites mobile-friendly. These plugins are awesome additions to WordPress websites, as they offer new functionality and features to make your site look better. To make your site mobile-friendly, you will need to create a mobile version of it. Important considerations when making your site mobile friendly include the following:

  • Your website should have a responsive design: Experts suggest that having a responsive design for your website is the best way to make your site mobile-friendly, as it is easy to implement and maintain.
  • Your web design shouldn’t be complicated: Complicated websites will look confusing on any screen. These websites become difficult for the visitors as they find it hard to navigate the site on a small screen. This is why your web design should be simple and easy to use.
  • Your web page should load fast: If you are unable to start loading your site within 2.5 seconds, it needs improvement. Make sure your page loads fast, as slow speeds will have a negative impact on your ability to engage visitors. 
  • You must simplify site navigation: Keep everything visible and streamline your site menu so your visitors don’t have to zoom in to read.

You can download WordPress mobile plugins from the WordPress plugin directory and install them on your site to add speed, image optimization, and to use other features. Because plugins are pieces of external code, they need to be updated independently of updates applied to the WordPress core code. 

There are plenty of plugins to choose from; however, the following fall into the category of the best ten WordPress mobile-friendly plugins, as they offer the best innovative features and options. Let’s take a look at the complete list of the best mobile plugins for your WordPress website or blog:


Jetpack is a WordPress mobile-friendly plugin that is free to install and easy to use. It offers advanced features to customize and optimize the site. Jetpack works through your WordPress account, providing you with access to all the features that were available to WordPress users only. The key features include SEO tools, social networking sites integration, WordPress mobile apps integration, mobile-optimized themes, secure login, tiled galleries, carousel, plugin support, site statistics, analytics, and many more.

Jetpack can also be used as a marketing and design tool and has many useful and professional content modules. In addition, this plugin was built by WordPress experts to make WordPress sites safer and faster to help you increase traffic.  So, if you’re looking for various features in a single plugin such as contact form, stats, security, design, marketing, etc., this plugin is perfect for you. With this plugin, you can add so many quality features to your site while using the free version. 


  • It comes with essential features
  • It is free 
  • It is user-friendly
  • It has a handy and well-categorized user interface
  • It offers frequent updates 
  • It has well-categorized user interface 
  • It is one site and WordPress multisite compatible 


  • Due to lots of features, the interface looks bloated 
  • To use free options, you will need to connect your site to WordPress 
  • It is heavy 
  • It is slow loading 

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Touchy is all you need to make a WordPress site mobile-friendly due to the fact that it works everywhere. Its features include header, menubar, customized header colors, logo images and header background images. Widget locations, top-notch performance, extensive navigation option and WooCommerce cart icon functionality are other notable features. And there’s more! Accessible calls, email buttons, multi-level drop-down menus, shortcodes, color customization, translatable customizer settings, individual options, 1500+ icons and multi-level navigation are other features worth mentioning, with even more available.

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As a matter of fact, this plugin has been designed keeping smartphones in mind. Touchy also supports all desktop browsers and has compatibility with multiple sites.  


  • It is lightweight 
  • It is retina ready 
  • It is quick and easy to use 
  • It offers friendly support
  • It is customizable
  • It has great reviews 
  • It is regularly updated
  • It has been thoroughly optimized and tested 


  • Using multiple plugins can affect the speed 

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Autoptimize is perfect for you if you want to make your WordPress site mobile-friendly. This plugin was created by a Belgian developer named Frank Gossens. With this plugin, you can optimize and lazy load images, optimize Google Fonts, and sync non-aggregated JavaScript, etc., with the support for WebP and AVIF formats. In fact, it also helps you improve web loading speed, optimize your database, deletes cache, and aggregates scripts.

In addition, to make the website function better, the plugin helps you minify the JavaScript and CSS files. Its features include HTML optimization, CSS and JavaScript optimization, Google fonts optimization, lazy loading and optimization of images and WordPress core emoji options and more. The Autoptimize plugin has the ability to do all the jobs for you and decrease the website load time. For us, this plugin is one of the best minification plugins, though it should be well configured. 


  • It is very easy to use 
  • It is free 
  • It offers great customer care  
  • It has excellent features
  • Its has awesome performance


  • You will need the premium plugin to access amazing features 

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Asset CleanUp

Asset CleanUp is another WordPress mobile-friendly plugin that is perfect for improving the speed of your website by decreasing the number of HTTP requests loaded, which is crucial for fast-loading pages. If you are a developer, you can scan the source code and remove possible conflicts between plugins or themes. It offers better performance scores when you test your URL on websites like GT Metrix, PageSpeed Insights, and Pingdom Website Speed Test, and in-built hosting caching like WPEngine, Kinsta, and many others can be worked upon correctly. What’s great about this is that Asset CleanUp doesn’t conflict with other performance plugins. 


  • It is fast loading
  • It has a higher page speed score 
  • It allows users to unload specific plugins  
  • It is lightweight 
  • It has great SEO ranking 


  • The lite edition of this plugin comes with limited features 

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AMP for WP

AMP for WP is a free, mobile-friendly plugin that offers great features. Using this plugin, you’ll be able to speed up the page load times, and you won’t even need to write any code to do it. This plugin is compatible with WPForms, Contact Form 7, Gravity Forms, and others that make creating contact forms easy. Its features include native commenting options, star ratings, content teasers, and more. AMP for WP has compatibility with the browsers that make any website awesome looking and function better. You will be able to control how your AMP content should look with different themes to choose from and an in-dashboard theme customizer. 


  • It has two versions – premium and free
  • It has great functionality
  • It offers excellent features 
  • It is integrated with WooCommerce 


  • The free version only comes with one cusomizable theme

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This WordPress mobile-friendly plugin is super responsive and user-friendly. It displays stylish push, sliding, static, and fullscreen navigation for both desktop and mobile websites. If you are designing and developing one-page websites or landing pages, Superfly offers features including easily accessible menu selection, rich menu, basic menu, a variety of colors and separate section options. Some of the other features worth noting include a static menu, icon menu, new bonus add-on, full-screen menu, display control, live editor, icon bar, Google fonts, rich elements, export/import, new styles, submenu nav, panel design, great performance and many more.

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Superfly is an ideal choice for you if you want to take your WordPress menu area to the next level while also improving the user experience of your website. Powered by C223, its animations are lovely and unique when compared to other plugins. 


  • It comes with multi-level menus support 
  • It has customizable background 
  • It is super fast 
  • It has enhanced mobile support 
  • It is fully responsive
  • It is budget friendly


  • It is hard to find any complaints with Superfly plugin 

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Max Mega Menu 

Max Mega Menu is perfect for taking control of your existing menu and turning it into a touch-ready menu within just a few minutes. Using this plugin, you can add a WP widget to your menu, restyle your menu by theme editor and change the menu behavior by the built-in settings. Its features include: multiple menu locations, drop down mobile menu, standard WordPress menu system, sub-menus, grid layout builder, WordPress widget, PHP and Javascript API for developers, styling menus, simplified CSS editor, sticky menu, 600+ Google fonts, theme editor, mega menu submenu styles, slide sub-menu transitions, menu item options, and many more.

Max Mega Menu was developed with a focus on code quality, performance, and usability. Moreover, it is compatible with the Elementor page builder and it is WooCommerce integrated. The bottom line is that Max Mega Menu is an excellent plugin to create professional and good-looking mega menus. However, it has some customization limitations when compared to the other WordPress plugins. 


  • It is user friendly 
  • It is SEO friendly
  • It is accessible 
  • It is retina ready 
  • It is fully responsive
  • It is fast loading 
  • It is an open-source software
  • It has clean code 
  • It offers basic support 
  • It includes indepth documentation 


  • The free version comes with some limitations 
  • Its advanced options are difficult to control
  • It has customization limitations 
  • It requires time to learn before mastering all available configurations

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Hummingbird is a great way to make your website faster and mobile-friendly. Released by the WPMY Dev, it is a versatile and optimized caching plugin that instructs your visitors’ browsers to save copies of your website files. With Hummingbird, you will be able to compress GZIP for faster file delivery, minify and defer CSS and JavaScript code, and eliminate render-blocking resources. In addition, it turns on lazy loading for images.

Its features include asset optimization, performance reports, world-class caching, one-click fix, Cloudflare integration, compatibility with Smush image optimization, advanced minification,  and many more. It gives a good user experience. Further, Hummingbird has a monitoring system that you will not see in any other plugins. Both beginners and professionals can use it. Also, it comes with an inline/defer option that you can activate whenever you need. 


  • It comes with high search rankings 
  • It is easy to use 
  • It offers free updates 
  • It is fast loading
  • It support WooCommerce integration 


  • There are no significant detractors to Hummingbird

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AppPresser creates both Android and iPhone apps, using an excellent combination of features to integrate with your plugins and make your website look stunning on a mobile device. However, this plugin is for website builders who have some experience, and beginners will take some time to learn it. AppPresser includes several integrated WordPress plugins. It means you can link to plugins such as WooCommerce, Learn Dash and BuddyPress. Moreover, it helps developers transform a pre-built WordPress site into a functional mobile app. You can save the app on your phone and place it on any app store.

What’s more, the AppPresser plugin supports popular plugins and can turn a WordPress site into a great app. Its features are custom pages, templates, customization, dashboard, and many more. AppPresser enables you to use a WordPress site as an app, including access to device features like camera, contacts, and more. In conclusion, Apppresser enables you to create your Android App for your WordPress blog or news website. If you have a WordPress website and are thinking of publishing an android app that shows the same content as your website, then it is your perfect choice.

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  • It is easy to use 
  • It comes with great features
  • It is compatible with page builders 
  • It can be customized
  • It works fast and smoothly 
  • It has easy color customization 
  • It is well-documented
  • It offers great control to the developers from a technical perspective


  • WordPress integration is minimal

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Wrapping Up!

And there you have it – the best WordPress plugins for a mobile-friendly site. Although the premium plugins offer amazing features, this list also includes free options that offer the required features to set up websites for your business or blog. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to make your WordPress site mobile-friendly and display it with satisfaction no matter the device!

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