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14 Best WordPress Multisite Plugins to Seamlessly Manage Multiple Sites

Last Updated on February 22nd, 2023

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Managing a single website is one thing—but looking after multiple pages at once will add a whole new set of problems when multiplying existing ones. The opportunity to operate a multisite network is one of WordPress’s genuinely awesome and strong functions. You’ll be able to manage multiple websites from a single location. WordPress multisite plugins are ideal for bringing together any number of sites within a business.

These tools may be used by large corporations, educational organizations, or like-minded groups to pull together many related factions under one huge umbrella.

Users, themes, and plugins will all be customized for each website in the network. You have a lot of power as a super admin over what is and isn’t allowed on such pages. You may, for example, restrict sites to a small number of pre-installed themes or plugins that you find appropriate.

Here are the best WordPress multisite plugins that will be a great help in managing your sites. Watch out!

WP Multisite User Sync

With this WordPress multisite plugin, you can quickly sync or un-sync a user or multiple users from one site to another with the WP Multisite User Sync plugin. When using the Pro version of the plugin, you can also select which user function the user gets when syncing.

You’ll see options at the network and site levels to take complete control of what happens when a new user, a new site, or a current user’s function is changed.


  • Regular license $30


  • Frontend register user will automatically sync.
  • Sync automatically user in WordPress Multisite Network sites when a user adds/update/register
  • Bulk sync/un-sync users


  • Limited features in free version

Get WP Multisite User Sync

Ultimate Member

The Ultimate Member plugin is a fantastic addition to networking and forum pages, and it works on all basic WordPress and WordPress Multisite installations. Its basic front-end editor with drag-and-drop boxes makes designing your website and front-end registration system for your users a breeze. 

Tools like this one pique the site’s visitors’ interest in building a personalized profile and keep them coming back for more. Users can also favorite objects, follow each other, and rate and critique each other using extensions.


  • Regular License – $5.99 
  • Extensions Pass – $249/year
  • Extensions + Theme Pass – $299/year


  • With thousands of activities and filters, it’s ideal for developers.
  • On user accounts, show author posts and comments.
  • It has a Content restriction option


  • Limited extension in free version

Get Ultimate Member

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User Switching

user switching

How much have you wished to see your blog from the eyes of a particular user? As an example, imagine you’re an author who contributes to your blog. Do you want to see what access thresholds a customer with a custom-built account has? 

On a multisite, switching user accounts is normally limited to the Network Administrator. Users that are allowed to edit other users will swap accounts using the User Switching plugin, which eliminates the need to reset passwords.

This plugin helps you to browse the website in the position of a specific user by simply clicking on their connection on the All Users tab. While you are not logging in as that user, you would have the same access levels as that user. Administrators who run multiple sites or developers who switch between multiple test sites will appreciate this functionality.


  • $49/year


  • User Switching makes use of browser cookies that enable users to migrate to another account.
  • full support for user session validation.
  • Ethical open source


  • It may take longer than normal to switch to the customer’s account page

Get User Switching

Multisite Language Switcher

Multisite Language Switcher is a WordPress multisite plugin that allows visitors from all over the world to enter the website. It can handle translations for blogs, forums, custom post formats, tags, and groups, and it supports the majority of popular languages. It also adds flags to help users define their native language.

The Network Administrator will allow this plugin through the whole network, much like every other plugin. Alternatively, the web administrator of each site will activate it only for that blog. You’ll have to customize the settings for each site separately.


  • FREE


  • Connect your translated pages and posts in Posts
  • Connect your Custom Post Types and Custom Taxonomies across languages
  • Optionally you can place the PHP code directly in your theme files


  • Needed input of codes

Get Multisite Language Switcher

User Role Editor

User Role Editor

In a multisite, multi-user system, the User Role Editor can be extremely useful. You can add new skills to user roles or create unique roles and allocate them to users with a few mouse clicks. This plugin is for you if your multisite receives contributions from several contributors, each with different access levels.


  • $29/year


  • Set up restrictions for selected users.
  • In one click, deploy the same user function settings across the entire network.
  • For selected functions, disable navigation menus, meta boxes, other roles, widgets, and sidebars.


  • There are advertisements in the free edition. You must order the pro edition to remove the advertisements.

Get User Role Editor


MalCare claims that its malware and hack detection mechanism is better than the competition. Their scanning technology, according to their website, uses over 100 signals to correctly recognize even the most complex malware and does not record false positives.

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Unlike the majority of conventional malware and antivirus scanners, they do not rely on signature-based scanning. Website backups are one of the signals they use; they can detect file and database changes between backups.

They often employ a mix of timestamps, file integrity, and other safeguards. They can reliably detect a hacked website by integrating all of this data, even if the inserted malware payload has never been detected before.


  • Premium plan starts at $99 per year


  • Smart Malware Scanner and Cleaner for WordPress with Firewall and Login Security
  • Measures to harden your website are simple to enforce.
  • Collaboration and management of several websites from a single dashboard
  • Monitoring Uptime and Performance


Get Malcare


BlogVault Multisite Plugins

About 400,000 WordPress site owners and developers enjoy and trust BlogVault, a secure backup plugin. You can schedule automatic backups for your WordPress multisite network with BlogVault. When something goes wrong, you can quickly recover your network with a single click.


  • Monthly premium plans launch at $7.4


  • Backup copies are kept in a safe, encrypted environment.
  • The method of restoration is simple and fast.
  • Huge websites and large volumes of data are supported, making it suitable for multisite networks.
  • Download to your server or upload to Google Drive or Dropbox


  • You can only recover the whole network, not individual subdomains.

Get BlogVault

Multisite Plugin Manager

multisite plugin manager

The native plugins page is all supported by this plugin management for WordPress Multisite. Thousands of multisite installations can be found all over the internet.

It used to be called WPMU Plugin Manager, and it uses a backend options tab to change plugin permissions on all of your network’s pages.


  • FREE


  • Select plugins to be auto-activated for a number of new posts.
  • Give individual websites in your group special plugin accessibility permissions.
  • Furthermore, as Super Admin, you have the ability to bypass any of these to trigger specific plugins on the websites you want!


  • The user interface for granting access to specific pages should be improved.

Get Multisite Plugin Manager

Multisite Content Copier

The WordPress Multisite Content Copier/Updater is a great plugin to use if you want to make copying content between your pages a lot simpler. This plugin enables you to build various models for new sites such that they all have the same core content.

The WordPress Multisite Content Copier is also useful if you’re running a network with a single organization or different products. Certain material will need to be shared across all of the platforms, and this plugin will make the task a breeze.

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  • $30 regular license


  • Share one site’s functionality with a community of sites at the same time.
  • You will build built-in blog templates that you can use on your new website.
  • In just a few taps, duplicate photos, tags, and categories.


  • When you buy the plugin’s license, you get six months of help from the developers. To have access to help after this, you’ll need to renew your license.

Get Multisite Content Copier

WP Remote

WP Remote Multisite WordPress plugin

WP Remote is a WordPress site management plugin that simplifies the administration of a multisite network. Updates, backups, and surveillance can all be managed from one location. Anyone, from beginners to veterans, and anyone in between, will use the addon.


  • Premium subscriptions begin at $49 a month


  • It allows you to perform bulk updates on your pages and get notifications from a single dashboard.
  • With a single click, you can connect as many pages as you want to the dashboard.
  • Multisite backups are supported.
  • Built-in staging, a 1-click malware cleanup, a smart firewall, and login security are all accessible.


  • With the WP Remote free account, you can only contact their customer service via email. To get immediate customer service, you’ll need to update

Get WP Remote

Anti Splog

Anti Splog Multisite Plugin

A splog, also known as a “spam blog,” is a redundant site provided for the purpose of linking, such as in affiliate pages. It becomes difficult to keep track of and blogs the users create as the multisite network expands. You can discover blogs that are unsuitable or detrimental to your website over time.

WPMU’s Anti Splog defends your network from splogs even before they are formed.


  • $7.99


  • Prevent splog bots from accessing your WordPress installation.
  • Use an algorithm based on data gathered over time to detect spam blogs on your network before they are produced.
  • If a spammer gets through the first two stages, the spam blog can be quickly identified and taken down


  • The plugin isn’t updated as often as it could be, which could lead to security problems.

Get Anti Splog

Yoast SEO

Yeost SEO WordPress multisite plugin

Yoast has been around since 2008 and has millions of downloads for WordPress pages of all types and is a pretty popular plugin. 

Although several other plugins have been created by WordPress users around the world, Yoast remains popular due to its many automated features and the fact that the free version includes nearly all of Yoast’s basic on-page SEO functions. 

The majority of WordPress plugins, including SEO by Yoast, are simple to set up. The Yoast Plugin can be downloaded from the WordPress plugin directory or the Yoast website and installed on any self-hosted WordPress website. SEO by Yoast is one of the easiest WordPress plugins to set up. The Yoast Plugin can be downloaded from the WordPress plugin directory or directly from the Yoast website for use on any self-hosted WordPress website. 

Yoast operates on a site-wide level once enabled, customizing all of the site’s URL structures and meta tags for indexing. Yoast also allows users to build templates for title and meta description optimization on all of the site’s main page forms so that the information is automatically added whenever a new page or post is made.

Users may have their site checked via Yoast and upload site details, company logos, and more to Google for knowledge – a comprehensive profile of a business or professional website that appears in the sidebar of a Google search. Yoast allows you to import settings from other SEO plugins if you’re using it on a platform that already has them installed.

Yoast allows you to connect social media accounts, create and edit snippets and meta tags, and monitor how archives and individual pages are indexed. If your site is already live, you can tell Yoast to start indexing right away. 

This WordPress plugin will stop indexing until the site is ready to go live if it’s still under construction. Sitemaps can be used to improve search rankings by using all of a site’s pages and other components. Yoast will create an XML sitemap that’s ready for indexing and update it as the site’s structure and content change.


  • Premium plan costs $89 for 1 site


  • Make sure the text is readable.
  • Breadcrumbs and divisions should be set
  • Set up no-follow connections and canonical tags.
  • Get ideas for internal links


  • The premium edition comes with access to support
  • The free edition of the plugin contains advertisements

Get Yoast SEO

XML Sitemap and Google News

XML Sitemap and Google News Multisite Plugin

This plugin generates dynamic feeds in accordance with the XML Sitemap and Google News Sitemap protocols. There are no static files made, and it is multisite, Polylang, and WPML compatible. This plugin generates dynamic feeds in accordance with the XML Sitemap and Google News Sitemap protocols. There are no static files made, and it is multisite, Polylang, and WPML compatible.

Furthermore, its key advantage over other XML Sitemap plugins is its simplicity. There’s no need to tinker with file or folder permissions, transfer files, or waste time fiddling with complicated plugin settings.

Unlike most other XML Sitemap plugins, you or site owners on your Multisite network will not be bothered by unnecessarily complicated settings. In most instances, the default settings will suffice.


  • FREE


  • Include XLS stylesheets for sitemaps that are readable by humans.
  • WP Super Cache, W3 Total Cache, and Fast Cache are all compatible with this plugin.
  • Blogs, pages, and writers are included or excluded from the sitemap index.


  • A few users have complained that the plugin does not always get all of their pages indexed by Google.
  • On a large site, To boost the performance of your site and sitemap, use a good caching plugin like WP Super Cache, Fast Cache, W3 Total Cache, or another.

Get XML Sitemap and Google News

WP Activity Log

WP Activity Log multisite plugin

The most robust real-time user behavior and tracking log plugin is WP Activity Log. Thousands of WordPress administrators and security experts use it to keep track of what’s going on with their accounts. It’s also the most common WordPress activity log plugin, having been featured on sites like GoDaddy, Kinsta, and WPBeginner.


  • Premium plan $89/year


  • Make the network more accountable by including user accountability.
  • Early detection of unusual activity is critical. It’s a lot easier to troubleshoot issues now.
  • Organize and manage the WordPress website and users.


  • The free version of the plugin’s support is limited to the WordPress support forums. Email and phone services are available for premium customers.

Get WP Activity Log

What’s Your Favorite WordPress Multisite Plugin? 

Among the plugins above, W3 Total Cache is the plugin we can recommend to you. Because it would improve the website’s performance by reducing load times. It boosts server performance and speeds up downloads, giving users a better overall experience. This is a must-have plugin for every WordPress account.

To summarize, multi-sites are more complicated than standalone websites, and operating one necessitates technological expertise. Multisite management can be made simpler with the plugins covered in this article. You can install and use them depending on the purpose of your multisite.

In A Nutshell

 Managing a WordPress multisite is a difficult task that can only be undertaken by experienced users. It takes time to properly manage any part of each of your network’s sites.

Your job, on the other hand, does not have to be stressful. The method becomes much simpler if you know which tools and plugins to use—either of the above add-ons will save you hours of work.

Finally, select valid options that keep up-to-date with your WordPress installation while installing any other plugin that affects your network. A good plugin will help all of your subsites, but a bad one can do the opposite. Makes sense?

As usual, drop us a line or two if you have any questions or suggestions! Looking forward to your experience! :)

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