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9 Best Free & Paid WordPress Invoice Plugins to Simplify Invoicing

Last Updated on December 26th, 2023

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The best WordPress invoice plugins make the process of creating and paying invoices much easier. In addition, you can automate all invoicing and payment processes with a skilled WordPress invoicing plugin, allowing you to concentrate all of your time and resources on increasing your company rather than thinking about the technical aspects of its service. 

We’ll go over what to look for in a WordPress invoicing plugin and the best WordPress invoicing plugins for sending invoices directly from your WordPress website in this post. Then, we’ll look at the top nine WordPress invoicing plugins, both free and paid. Let’s get started!

What features do you need to look for good WordPress Invoice Plugins?

Finding a comprehensive solution that addresses all of your invoicing requirements in one go will be difficult. You’ll need to carefully examine each function to find a solution that meets your invoicing and payment needs. 

To help you determine the WordPress invoice plugins stand out, take a look at the best WordPress invoice plugins with the main features mentioned below.

  • The ability to deliver one-time and ongoing invoices to your clients. 
  • The ability to create a payment plan and recover late fees.
  • Emails with payment reminders.
  • Multiple payment gateways are supported for your customers, allowing them to pay using the most convenient form for them. 
  • Optional partial payments.
  • A simple dashboard for invoice control, payment processing, and status reporting, including tax deductibility and other reporting options.

We reviewed several WordPress invoice plugins to illustrate each plugin’s functionality to help you select the best WordPress invoice plugin. 

We’ve included both free and premium plugin options so you can choose your investment level—features, benefits, drawbacks, and pricing for each plugin.

1. YITH Invoice

yith invoice wordpress billing plugin

YITH WooCommerce PDF Invoice is a plugin designed to help WordPress users produce PDF invoices for their orders automatically. 

This plugin allows you to customize options and have invoices created automatically without having to worry about it. By automating this process, you can save time by not having to do it manually for each order, allowing you to concentrate on your business’s development. Furthermore, there are many benefits of electronic invoicing.


  • For $79.99, you can get the premium edition of the YITH Invoice for one site. They also have 6-site and 30-site packages for $129.99 and $189.99, respectively.


  • Link the PDF invoice to the customer confirmation email automatically. 
  • Invoice template that can be customized.
  • Model for a customizable shipping list.
  • For your records, download invoices from customers’ order sites.


  • There isn’t anything to criticize about this plugin since it comes with several useful features in both its free and paid versions.

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2. SlicedInvoices

slicedinvoices wordpress billing plugin

Sliced Invoices is a top-rated WordPress invoicing plugin that includes invoices and quotes that you can send to your clients for free or for a fee. You can try a variety of quotes and invoices here. 

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Sliced Invoices is a multi-faceted company that offers more than just invoices and quotes. It offers pre-designed templates and comes with many add-ons, including the 2Checkout Payment Gateway, Authorize.net, Client Area, Easy Translate, Deposit Invoices, Gravity Forms, Stripe, Additional Tax, and others.

Additionally, you can get the Braintree, Better URL, Contact Form 7, Formidable Forms, Partial Payments, and Recurring Invoices extensions among others. Sliced Invoices was the only way to obtain any of these extensions. Furthermore, these extensions are essential and come with the best customer service and a 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • Freelancer Bundle – US$79 (one site use)
  • Business Bundle – US$179 (five site use)
  • Agency Bundle – US$299 (Unlimited site use)


  • For quick quoting and invoicing, create an unlimited number of pre-defined line items. 
  • Payments are made through the internet. For example, PayPal allows you to accept credit card payments from your customers. 
  • Notifications in HTML. When you’re paying, you’ll get nicely formatted HTML updates.


  • SlicedInvoices’ free plugin has minimal functionality. Some of the most useful features are only included in the premium edition.

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3. Freshbooks

freshbooks wordpress invoice plugin

Freshbooks is a cloud-based accounting and finance platform that is among the best in the world. This was primarily created with small business or venture owners in mind, as well as freelancers who want to keep track of their sales, conversions, and other metrics, as well as stand out from the competition by customizing the branding of their financial records, logos, and designs, among other things. 

This plugin is well-known for automating customer invoices and time monitoring. This software was created using an algorithm with small and growing businesses in mind. This software is also useful for freelancers who want to improve their sales cycle and conversion.

Freshbooks was built in such a way that you can sit back and relax while the algorithm handles all of your accounting and financial management tasks. When it comes to starting and running a company, you no longer have to be concerned about being unfamiliar with basic accounting and finance concepts and processes. All of those torturous lessons have been incorporated into the app, allowing you to relax while it takes care of the heavy lifting.


  • Lite: $6/month for the first six months, with a maximum of five clients.
  • Plus: $10/month for the first six months and 50 clients.
  • Premium: $20/month for the first six months, with a limit of 500 clients Begin with a 30-day.
  • Free trial (no credit card required).


  • Freshbooks’ invoicing method is very complex and adaptable. 
  • Freshbooks has a convenient online payment system. 
  • Freshbooks automatically synchronize through all of your smart devices. As a result, you’re still up to date with any changes and ready to make quick decisions. 
  • Freshbooks will also assist you with data on automated tax circulation.


  • Instead of sending the invoice, it only sends a link to the client. Some clients are hesitant to click on links sent via email.
  • Compared to a few other cloud-based accounting applications, it seems to be on the expensive side.
  • There aren’t a lot of options when it comes to invoicing customization.

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4. WP Invoicing

wp invoicing wordpress billing system plugin

WP Invoicing is a WordPress plugin that allows you to build and submit invoices to customers. 

It can also handle taxes in invoices automatically. This saves both you and your customers time by automating the process. 

The plugin supports multiple payment gateways, including PayPal, Stripe, Authorize.net, and others. It can also be used to set up recurring payments and create invoices for each payment automatically.

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  • Add ons start at $19 each, and a membership option gives you access to all of them. Premium support, automatic updates, the use of the plugin on an infinite number of domains, and access to all payment gateways are all included in the $49 membership plans.


  • The plugin is a fork of the popular Easy Digital Downloads plugin that has been heavily updated. 
  • WordPress invoicing module that is simple to use.
  • It allows you to generate invoices and quotes (quotes include a different, free add-on) that can be easily translated into invoices until a client approves the proposal.


  • In terms of the functionality that is currently usable, the WP Invoicing plugin isn’t as completely developed/loaded.

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5. Sprout Invoices

sprout invoices wordpress billing plugin

Inside the WordPress dashboard, Sprout Invoices helps you monitor your clients and programs and submit personalized invoices and estimates. It’s essentially an automated client management workflow, which sounds like a positive thing for freelancers and those who work in client services.

There are a few key functions of Sprout Invoices. However, the ability to develop, submit, and receive payments on invoices directly in WordPress is the first and perhaps most useful feature. Its user interface allows you to easily build an invoice, add a customer, and then set up how you want to receive payments. 

The plugin provides you with a completely personalized, itemized invoice that you can deliver to customers. Clients will then pay their invoices directly from that page. Along with this, Sprout Invoices allows you to gather all of your clients and projects in one location and then automatically allocate invoices to them. It also helps you create estimates and collect data through a front-end form that automatically populates the back-end.

Sprout Invoices keeps track of everything in the past. So, for example, reporting keeps track of the invoices that have been sent out, which have been charged, pending estimates, and projects you’re actually working on, all of which can be easily accessed and edited in the admin. So if you find yourself grappling with managing clients regularly, Sprout Invoices has built a workflow that should be versatile enough to fit in with your current workflow while still being automated enough to handle the more irritating pain points.


  • Basic – $39.50 per year
  • Plus – $79.50 per year
  • Pro – $149.50 per year
  • Agency – $299.50 per year


  • You can also use it in conjunction with form plugins like Ninja Forms, WPForms, and others to further customize your invoices.
  • Sprout Invoices also supports various languages and local currencies, so you can submit invoices to your customers no matter where they are in the world. 
  • You have an infinite number of invoices and estimates to send out, as well as an unlimited number of clients. 
  • You’ll need to upgrade to Sprout Invoices Pro to get recurring invoices and payments, advanced reporting, specific integrations, and other features.


  • Advanced features are available only on the premium version.

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6. WooCommerce PDF Invoices and Packing Slips

woocommerce pdf invoices and packing slips best woocommerce invoice plugin

With over 200,000 active installs, it’s one of the most common plugins in the official plugin directory. It’s also one of the most well-received, with 955 5-star ratings out of a total of 972.

It has the ability to create personalized invoice models. The plugin creates invoices based on a single template by design. However, you can make your own models if you’re willing to get your hands a little dirty in the code. 

WooCommerce PDF Invoices also helps you preview invoices before submitting them to the customer from the administration section. When you activate the plugin, a new column appears in the table of the “Orders” list, with a link to the invoice as it will be issued to the customer for each order. It’s convenient to double-check everything before submitting an order.


  • 1 Site License – €39.00
  • 3 Site License – €79.00
  • 25 Site License – €139.00


  • It has an easy-to-use setup wizard. 
  • The ease with which the settings can be modified. 
  • For its free edition, the plugin also provides very responsive support. 
  • You’ll also be able to control how your invoices are numbered, which is crucial for keeping track of your finances.


  • This plugin was created with WooCommerce users in mind. Consider one of the other best invoicing plugins for WordPress on this list if you use a different framework for your sales.

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7. Stripe Payment Forms by WP Simple Pay

stripe payment forms by wp simple pay wordpress billing system plugin

Installing the WP Simple Pay plugin on your website can be beneficial if most payments to your businesses come through Stripe. The plugin eliminates the need to create shopping carts as it allows users to build custom payment forms with its intuitive drag-and-drop builder. 

Optionally, you can choose one of the form templates designed for different types of services. Once you activate the plugin you can start building different payment forms, collecting billing addresses with Stripe, or activate Apple Pay and Google Pay options. 

Moreover, the WP Simple Pay is compatible with Elementor and Divi page builders which means you can create invoices or payment forms while designing a page. 

The plugin lets you add custom fields to forms so you can easily request additional data from customers before issuing an invoice. Its customization features also enable you to send personalized messages to clients that confirm their payment was received. 


  • Free
  • Personal – $99.00 per year
  • Plus – $199.00 per year
  • Professional – $399.00 per year
  • Elite – $599.00 per year


  • Users don’t pay transaction fees regardless of the subscription plan they pick 
  • Recurring and automated billing options 
  • Customers can settle invoices with credit cards, debit cards, US bank accounts, or using other payment methods 
  • Smart fraud detection and other secure payment processing features 


  • Tax automation isn’t included in all subscription plans 
  • The plugin’s free version offers limited payment options

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8. Xero

xero wordpress invoice plugin

Xero is a web-based accounting system for small and growing companies that was established in 2006. Xero links small companies with their trusted advisors and gives them real-time insight into their financial situation. 

It can be accessed from any computer with an active Internet connection since it is a web-based solution. Small companies can monitor their cash flows, purchases, and account information from any location, thanks to Xero’s comprehensive accounting features. 

All bank transactions are imported and coded automatically. Paying bills online makes it easier to keep track of expenses and stay on top of bills due, which helps to improve relationships with suppliers that provide essential business supplies.

Personal expenditures can also be handled with Xero, which allows for mobile receipt analysis and approval. Xero provides limitless customer support as well as integration with a number of different programs, including ADP, Bill.com, and Vend. For product review and feature assessment, the solution comes with a 30-day free trial period.


  • $20/month – create and send up to 5 invoices and enter 5 bills.
  • $30/month – unlimited invoices, bills, and bank transactions.
  • $40/month – multi-currency accounting added.


  • The GUI is easy to use and understand. 
  • The invoices are well-designed and simple to understand for the customers. 
  • This application connects to your bank account and imports transactions.


  • This choice is more expensive than the others on this list. It will cost you $30 if you have more than 5 invoices in a month. 
  • The customer service department does not have a good reputation.

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9. GetPaid

getpaid wordpress billing plugin

A quick glance at GetPaid’s list of features is enough to understand why it is one of the best WordPress invoice plugins on the market. 

Invoicing functionality is built-in, so you can start raising invoices as soon as install this plugin on your site. 

The plugin lets you choose if you want to create an invoice manually through the API or automatically. Moreover, it allows you to raise and manage invoices through other plugins. 

You can use GetPaid to add Buy Now buttons to different product pages, create checkout forms for digital and physical goods and create invoices for services that include a one-time or a recurring fee.

The plugin is equipped with tax management options and makes adding VAT to product prices easy. GetPaid offers a wide array of payment gateways available as add-ons. Hence, you can choose your preferred payment processing platform and add it to the plugin. 


  • Free
  • 4-month membership – $99
  • 6-month membership – $129
  • Annual membership – $129
  • Lifetime membership – $995


  • Users can create VAT-ready invoices 
  • The plugin’s default version comes with PayPal express, Stripe, Authorize.net, manual payment, bank transfer, and WorldPay payment gateway options 
  • Payment forms created with GetPaid can have multiple custom fields 
  • It allows users to send payment reminders to their customers


  • Users must spend $39.00 if they want to install the PDF Invoices add-on for this plugin on a single site 
  • Creating quotes and estimates without an add-on isn’t possible

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Frequently Asked Questions about WordPress Invoice Plugins

How Do I Create an Invoice in WordPress?

This functionality isn’t available on WordPress websites, which is why you must install a plugin to create an invoice. 

You’ll have to choose a payment gateway such as a bank account, Stripe, or PayPal once you activate a plugin. Afterward, you must select the invoice’s currency and adjust other payment gateway settings. 

When done, you can proceed to name the invoice and write a description before adding an item to it and filling in the quantity, rate, and amount fields. Most plugins allow you to add multiple billing items to invoices.  Finally, you’ll be asked to select a client who should receive the invoice you created. 

Please note that the process of creating an invoice in WordPress isn’t the same for all plugins. 

Can WooCommerce Generate Invoices?

Yes, WooCommerce generates invoices for all products in a WooCommerce store. You’ll have to follow these steps to create an invoice for an order. 

  • Navigate to the WooCommerce tab on your site’s dashboard
  • Open the Orders menu and click Add New button 
  • Specify the order’s general, billing and shipping details 
  • Optionally, you can add a coupon or list multiple items on an order before clicking the Create button

Head back to the Orders menu and either click on the number of the order you just created or the View button. Once the new window opens you’ll see the order’s list of products and their prices along with the customer’s billing address. 

How Do I Download a WordPress Invoice?

Obtaining a PDF version of an invoice is easy if you’re running a WooCommerce store. Open the WooCommerce tab on your website’s admin panel, then go to the Orders menu and click on an order. 

You’ll see the Invoice section at the bottom of the order page, so you just have to click the Download PDF Invoice option to save an invoice to your computer. 

In case you’re using a WordPress invoice plugin to create and raise invoices for the services you offer on your website, you can download each invoice you create from the plugin’s tab on your site’s dashboard.

What’s Our favorite WordPress Invoice Plugin?

Sprout Invoices is the best overall option of all of the best WordPress invoicing plugins we’ve mentioned. It allows you to generate an infinite number of invoices and forecasts and can be integrated with various payment gateways so that your customers can pay with ease. 

The plugin supports several languages and currencies, and your invoices are completely customizable. You will have access to reports and client management. The base plugin is free, but you’ll need to switch to the premium version if you need recurring payments or want to integrate it with WooCommerce. 

However, if you run a WooCommerce shop, the WooCommerce PDF Invoices plugin might be preferable because of its bulk generation functionality. 

Wrapping Up!

Incorporating invoicing functionality into your daily workflow is simple with one of the best WordPress invoice plugins mentioned above. 

You can generate the invoice right from your WordPress dashboard. Your customer will receive an email with a link to pay the invoice once it has been produced, and they can easily follow the link to make payments. The email notification can also be completely customized.

Whichever WordPress invoice plugin you choose from the list, you’ll find that they’re all excellent choices that include everything you need to get started sending invoices from your WordPress account.

We hope this article helped you find the best invoicing plugins for WordPress.

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