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10 Best WordPress Heatmap Plugins to Understand Your Visitors & Boost User Engagement

Last Updated on December 26th, 2023

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If you’re reading this, it’s because you’re thinking about subscribing to a platform to improve your users’ online experience, and we get it. We understand that choosing a plugin needs a lot of research, so we’ve compiled the best WordPress HeatMap Plugins and software that can be used in combination with WordPress to assist you in making your decision.

So put your seatbelt on, and let’s ride!

What Is a Heatmap and How Does It Work?

A heatmap is a two-dimensional data representation metric that allows you to visualize your visitors’ interactions. Heat mapping tools provide information about your website visitors including their location, browser, and operating system. The information is delivered to your cloud servers and is instantaneously shown on your screen, directly on your website or blog.

It offers information such as where users click and how many people scroll down the page. Website heatmap tools enable you to take action in order to improve your earnings. 

By showing you how your visitors interact and utilize your site, heatmap plugins allow you to make changes to persuade your users to interact more.

These are the ten of the best WordPress plugins and software programs for heatmap analytics.


SessionCam allows you to track a user’s activity on your website, such as where their mouse pointer traveled, which forms they filled out, and any problems they caused.

It features a cool feature called Session Replay, which allows you to pick a user from the tracking data and see a replay of their trip on your site. There’s also a WordPress plugin.

The best part is that it offers a free plan that includes all of its features, as well as the ability to record up to 500 pages per month.  Registration does not necessitate putting your credit card. It’s an excellent choice for new websites.


  • It provides an excellent overview on a broad scale via heatmaps, enabling quick identification of what the majority of people are most interested in. 
  • Any questions can be swiftly answered by the technical staff. 
  • There are a lot of filters to play with on all of the heatmaps and sessions.


  • Third-party tools such as live chat, surveys, and so on are not recorded in the sessions. 
  • A struggle is a new tool that will take some time to master since it is a logarithm that is always learning.


  • It has business and enterprise plans. You can just contact them to know the pricing for each plugin. 

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Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg allows you to view what your users are doing on your website in real-time. It accomplishes this with the help of its Heatmap tool. Heatmaps indicate where visitors are clicking on a website. The more frequently an area is clicked, the redder it is, while areas that aren’t clicked often will show up as blue. You may also utilize scroll maps and other sorts of data. Scroll maps depict how users navigate up and down your website. This indicates the areas of the page people spend the most or least time on. Similarly, scroll maps may be used to see how many times any area of a website has been viewed. Crazy Egg also gives statistics on the source of traffic, whether it comes from social, search, or direct, as well as visual representations of this data to help you better optimize and design your websites. 

Crazy Egg basically takes analytics to the next level by making it interactive, allowing you to see what’s going on on your site without having to translate what an analytics report means.


  • For the first 30 days, all plans are free. 
  • Downloadable spreadsheets provide quantifiable user experience data. 
  • It’s web-based, so it doesn’t take up any space on your hard disk.


  • You must enter your credit card information to start the free trial.


  • Basic Plan – $24 per month 
  • Standard Plan – $49 per month 

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Mouseflow is a user behavior tracking program that can evaluate your website visitors’ click habits. Heatmaps, form analytics, and conversion funnels are among the features. Mouseflow also has a tool called Form Analytics, which allows users to understand why visitors leave online forms. It can also detect when people’s attention wanes. Users may track particular funnels, as well as analyze how visitors from various traffic sources interact with your website.

This information may be used to improve client acquisition and retention, improve call-to-actions, and limit company niches to deliver a better customer experience.


  • It was really simple to integrate into our WordPress site. 
  • Their support team has also been extremely helpful. 
  • It’s fantastic that you can make videos with it and view them afterward.


  • Its endless scroll option causes the website to become clogged. Sorting through recordings becomes tedious and time-consuming as a result.


  • Starter Plan – $24 per month for 1 website
  • Growth Plan – $79 per month for 3 websites
  • Business Plan – $159 per month for 10 websites
  • Pro Plan – $299 per month for 20 websites

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Lucky Orange

Lucky Orange is a user analytics application that allows you to monitor user activity and enhance your website. It has Heat maps that show the average behavior of a large number of people. Clicks, motions, and mouse movements are all included in this plugin. As a result, you’ll be able to determine which portions of your website are the most popular. 

Try the tool if you want to figure out why visitors are dissatisfied with websites or applications and leave without purchasing anything. 

The features of Lucky Orange are intended to assist you in optimizing your websites or applications and increasing your conversion rate. This implies that developers, UX/UI specialists, websites with e-commerce, performance, or social networks and news and information sites may profit from the tool.


  • This allows you to keep track of each and every click a visitor makes on your site. You may either observe visitors in real-time or evaluate them after they have left your website. 
  • The Lucky Orange heatmap is a completely interactive overlay that uses segmentation to show you your visitors’ activity. 
  • The chat feature is also included in Lucky Orange’s regular bundle. This interesting tool allows you to interact with potential online leads that visit your website.


  • Lucky Orange does not give prospective contacts at recognized businesses. That implies you’ll have to conduct your own investigation to locate prospective job opportunities at a firm.


  • Starter Plan – $10 per month for 3 sites
  • Small Business: $20 per month for 6 sites
  • Medium: $50 per month for 12 sites
  • Large: $100 per month for 25 sites

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Inspectlet is a custom reporting tool that records videos of visitors to your website as they explore it. You may personalize the dashboard to meet your specific requirements. The platform is sophisticated, but it’s also simple to understand for the average user. 

Inspectlet can screen capture data from even the most complicated websites in two distinct methods. Mouse tracking, scrolling, typing, and clicks may all be recorded using screen grabs. You can get a feel of what your visitors are responding to on your site since your eye tends to trail along with your mouse. 

Choose which visitors you wish to track using the dashboard filters. This is an excellent method to segment particular visitors and improves various aspects of your website.


  • Inspectlet is excellent for session analysis. It allows you to see your funnel and see which sessions have completed and fallen off at certain stages. 
  • It was quite simple to set up the funnel and do the analysis. 
  • Segment.io has been integrated.


  • The screen recordings occasionally experience errors. These aren’t perfect, but they give an excellent high-level picture of user engagement.
  • Not updated often.


  • Micro Plan – $39 per month for 1 site
  • Startup Plan – $79 per month for 3 sites
  • Growth Plan – $149 per month for 6 sites
  • Accelerate Plan – $299 per month for 12 sites
  • Enterprise Plan – $499 per month for 24 sites

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Ptengine is a heatmap tool that corrects its rivals’ flaws. It’s a great Google Analytics replacement with a lot more features. It includes three heatmap phases to assist you in making strategic judgments about your current traffic. 

First is the click heatmap, which displays how visitors interact with the parts of your web page. It indicates which features of the site receive the most clicks and which don’t. Second is the attention heatmap which tells you which parts of a page’s content receive the most attention from visitors. This gives you a quick indication of which articles are more popular, allowing you to rethink your approach and focus on those hotspots. And third is the scroll arrival map which shows you how far down your website your visitors have scrolled—this aids in the comprehension of content performance on extended web page designs.

Ptengine provides a smart tracking function for events. Other than pageviews, this helps you capture user activity. Without adding any more code to the event, you may track outbound links, file downloads, and mail sending, among other things. 

Three pre-programmed event tracking options are available in the Ptengine event tracking function. However, you may make up to 100 custom event extractors. 

Ptengine lets you create conversion and sales funnels to track the effectiveness of your website’s sales approach. This enables you to determine which phase attracts or repels clients.


  • Combination of simple web analytics, heatmaps, and the ability to make direct adjustments to your website live. 
  • Great customer service that is both pleasant and quick to respond. 
  • The Ptengine team provides a nice onboarding and demo.


  • They charge based on page views, but every little error in one of our settings, it would consume the whole monthly page view limit.


  • Growth Plan – $40 per month with 14 days free trial
  • Premium with a custom price. You can contact them to know their pricing

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Previously Clicktale, Contentsquare is a cloud-based, Software-as-a-Service analytic solution that allows you to see your customers’ experience on your website from their point of view. It allows them to examine their interactions in aggregate via heatmaps and reports, as well as replay individual sessions.

The other primary purpose of Contentsquare is to monitor how consumers utilize your site as a whole, which is particularly beneficial for navigation menus, landing pages, purchasing, and product description pages. Because they are so simple to grasp, heat maps are quite effective. Contentsquare heatmaps are even more impressive since they have an accuracy level that I haven’t seen in some of the more basic session cam programs. Contentsquare can compensate for websites with responsive design and different screen resolutions. They also provide a range of comparison tools to display before and after comparisons, demonstrating how customer behavior – the consumer journey – changes your website engagement.


  • The actions of traffic are shown graphically. 
  • The most frequently used pages or elements, as well as the least used, are clearly distinguishable. 
  • Exceptionally outstanding DIYthemes.


  • It takes time to tag up the site.
  • It’s challenging to construct conversion funnel analytics, but it offers a tech support team to assist you.


  • FREE

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Hotjar was one of the first analytics solutions to include a feature called visitor recordings, which captures the screen of user sessions so you can see exactly what’s going on. Although CrazyEgg and other programs have since added comparable capabilities to their platforms, Hotjar still has the upper hand. 

You can observe exactly how visitors interact with components on the website using user records, such as how they scroll, move their mouse or touch their mobile displays, etc. You’ll be able to see your website from their point of view and acquire a better grasp of the difficulties that are preventing them from using it.


  • Hotjar is a fantastic tool for gathering user behavior data, analyzing it, and taking corrective action. 
  • This is an excellent approach to learn how people interact with your website. 
  • It may record data such as clicks, scroll depth, and even user interactions on the page.


  • More filtering options and auto-identification of anger clicks and UX problems should be added to session records.
  • Unfortunately, this tool will cause your page to load slowly.


  • Plus Plan – $39 per month
  • Business Plan – $99 per month

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Clicky is one of the leading heatmap analytics service providers. Clicky gathers heatmap data for individual user sessions as well as per-page data.


  • Reporting in real-time (up to the minute). 
  • On-site analytics displays the current number of visits to your website. 
  • Using a heatmap, you can find out where there is a lot of traffic. 
  • Apps are available for Android, iOS, and Windows. 
  • There is no backtracking code that can be identified.


  • Occasionally, there are speed problems. 
  • Limitations on exporting files.


  • Pro Plus – $14.99 per month
  • Pro Platinum – $19.99 per month

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UX Sniff 

UX Sniff provides real-time monitoring of your users’ behavior, as well as detection and reporting of unusual user behavior. This plugin allows you to add UX Sniff tracking code to your WordPress site without having to make any changes to your theme. 

The plugin includes some basic capabilities such as real-time monitoring, heatmaps, rage alarms, and element inspector. The plugin also displays basic statistics on your users’ behavior and detects unusual behavior. Please note that in order to receive your tracking code, you must first create an account on uxsniff.com.


  • Very useful for UX tracking, and it served its goal. 
  • Heatmaps and sessions can be replayed indefinitely. 
  • It offers a straightforward implementation that anyone with little understanding may complete.
  • It’s quite simple to examine the outcomes of the recordings and evaluate the user’s behavior after it’s been incorporated.


  • While the design is simple and relaxing, the typography choices are poor in terms of user experience and readability, which makes it difficult to use.


  • Poodle – FREE
  • Hound – $29 per month
  • K-9 – $70 per month
  • Wolf pack – $499 per month

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What is your favorite WordPress HeatMap Plugin?

We recommend that you download and install UX Sniff; although the plugin is new to the market, it is great that they’ve created a well-designed plugin for WordPress users. As a result, we’ve added UX Sniff to our list of preferred plugins.

Wrapping Up!

Here, we conclude our list of the best WordPress heatmap plugins for 2023. Understanding your visitors helps create viral content that increases traffic, and a heatmap may provide you with exact measures of what your visitors enjoy about your website. 

You can’t go wrong with heatmap analytics for WordPress when you need to discover what works best in your designs. From link clicks to page browsing, you get access to a wealth of information practically quickly. Unfortunately, even the most popular plugin isn’t a perfect plugin that integrates heatmaps into your WooCommerce store. Instead, the majority of them connect to third-party services for which you must pay a monthly fee. 

We hope we’ve given you insight into choosing the best solution for your needs!

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