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15 Best WooCommerce Shipping Tracking Plugins for Your eCommerce Site

Last Updated on December 26th, 2023

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WooCommerce has been a popular platform for online business, with about a third of all online retailers using it. Shipment monitoring in WooCommerce is a must-have tool for every online store. It is critical to the last-minute support that your customer provides after finishing their purchase. Customers need to be able to monitor their orders. This is why store owners must provide a Woocomerce shipment tracking them.

There are a few decent Shipment Tracking plugins available for WooCommerce to fulfill the requisite business needs. They’re all designed to satisfy unique market specifications. Order tracking plugins allow online store owners to provide their customers with shipment tracking information. The correct shipping monitoring IDs will then be allocated to each order. Certain plugins allow you to do this by hand, while others have both manual and automatic alternatives.

The order monitoring page keeps a customer linked to you after they’ve put an order on your site. The opportunity to watch shipments and know when they will arrive brings a new level of curiosity and fulfillment to consumers.

It goes without saying that having a consistent order monitoring experience would help you attract more clients. As a result, selecting the best WooCommerce Shipment Tracking plugin for your online store is critical.

With the above in view, let’s look at this selected collection of the 15 best WooCommerce shipment tracking plugins. We’ve covered the highlight features of these plugins.

The Best Woocommerce Shipment Plugins

1. YITH WooCommerce Order Tracking

yith woocommerce order tracking plugin

Customers can easily monitor orders put on e-commerce websites/mobile apps with the YITH WooCommerce Order Tracking plugin. This will not only make it easy for users to keep track of transactions made on the website/app, but it will also help to increase customer service satisfaction by ensuring clarity and professionalism.

The customer care burden will be reduced as a result of automatic order monitoring, as the number of phone calls or communications on order status will be reduced.

Since customer loyalty is a major issue in the eCommerce industry, the YITH WooCommerce Order Tracking plugin can be quite useful. Since it provides consumers a complete picture of their orders, including shipment times, approximate arrival days, and so on. Users expect quick, secure, and dependable delivery, which is why it’s critical to let them monitor their orders and follow the delivery process.


Ranging from US$69.99 per year

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  • The displayed text can be changed by the administrator.
  • Placeholders may be used to retrieve order monitoring data right within the message.
  • Users may find details about their order monitoring in two areas in their reserved area: the main tooltip on the order page and the order description page.


  • Vulnerable to a security bypass flaw
  • There is no automatic import of tracking numbers

Get YITH Woocommerce Order Tracking

2. Woocommerce Shipping Tracking by Vanquish

woocommerce shipping tracking plugin by vanquish

The WordPress WooCommerce shipping tracking plugin helps your customers to easily monitor orders and receive detailed details via email notification. You may also allocate a delivery firm and a tracking number to each shipment.

This plugin helps you to give each order several shipping companies and tracking numbers. Fields like Tracking business and code, as well as optional fields like dispatch date and custom notice, can be assigned to any tracking information.


Standard license costs $23 which includes six months of service.


  • This plugin helps you to order the customer’s desired shipping date and time for the items.
  • HTML fragments can be used to customize email templates. This can be added to WooCommerce emails as well as the Order Information tab.
  • Along with the 40+ shipping companies already established, the consumer can easily add one or more new shipping companies of their choosing.


  • UI could have been better designed, simpler, and intuitive.

Get WooCommerce Shipping Tracking Vanquish

3. YITH Woocommerce SMS Notification

yith woocommerce sms notification order tracking plugin

What about consumers who would like to get a text message instead of checking their email? They, too, have a YITH addon. This plugin, like YITH’s Order Monitoring, is for WordPress and WooCommerce online shops.

The use of YITH WooCommerce SMS Notifications will improve the value of your store.

When the status of the order changes, the site administrator and the user can receive an SMS message, which can be quickly edited from the panel.


A one-year, single-site license costs $69.99


  • Custom order status SMS notifications
  • Enable/disable SMS notification sendings
  • Automatic SMS sending when the order status changes


  • Slow support request-reply
  • Does not support sending bulk messages to customers

Get YITH Woocommerce SMS Notification

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4. Shipstation

shipstation woocommerce shipping tracking plugin

Shipstation offers a range of tools that allow you to connect various e-commerce websites with their dashboard and automate the design of shipping labels, the ShipStation service enhances the purchasing and distribution experience. It saves you time by conveniently importing orders from anywhere you sell.

It also saves you money by providing you with the lowest USPS prices and the widest range of carrier options. Let me say it again: if you don’t ship a bunch, most other businesses will market you more expensive USPS stickers.


The Starter Plan is $9 a month, but it’s free if you have a (free) Sendle account linked to ShipStation.


  • Custom Status
  • Status Mappings
  • Enable debug mode to quickly locate problems


  • Only compatible with 4 countries ( Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, and the United States)
  • It doesn’t identify gifts order

Get Shipstation

5. Ultimate Status Tracking

ultimate status tracking plugin for woocommerce

Order monitoring and status tracking app that helps you to quickly monitor the status of your deliveries, programs, packages, or any other thing by adding order tracking alerts or tickets to the WordPress site’s front end for simple order management. All of this is achieved using a compilation of basic order shortcodes.

You will keep your customers updated about the status of their orders with Status Monitoring. The included feature set would take care of all your order monitoring needs, whether it’s for WooCommerce tracking or as a standalone status tracking solution. When an order is placed or ready, you can send a shipping email to your clients, helping them to monitor their shipment in the most convenient way possible.


  1. 1 site = $47
  2. 5 site = $119
  3. 10 site = $199


  • Give your customers precise details. Expected delivery information, order number, customer notes, email address, and other fields can be included.
  • A group of customers is delegated to a sales manager for easier sales control so that customers can see their order history and the sales rep can view their orders.
  • Orders from WooCommerce can also be added to this plugin, with PayPal integration providing a simple payment method.


  • It needs the input of shortcodes
  • Slow tech support

Get Ultimate Status Tracking

6. Shippo

shippo woocommerce shipping tracking plugin

Shippo is the leading multi-carrier shipping API and dashboard that offers the building blocks for networks, marketplaces, warehouses, and e-commerce stores to thrive. Shippo supports its customers in streamlining delivery procedures, enabling them to fulfill orders with ease.

Every month, the company conducts millions of shipments with more than 10,000 clients. Companies of all sizes depend on Shippo to power their shipping because it provides immediate access to various shipping carriers for real-time rates, printing labels, automating foreign documents, monitoring shipments, and enabling returns.



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  • Orders import automatically from your WooCommerce store.
  • Power marketplaces, platforms & apps
  • you can compare rates across multiple carriers and service levels to find the best shipping option.
  • Schedule carrier pick-ups and send tracking information to your customers.


  • No support of USPS
  • Issues connecting to our UPS account

Get Shippo

7. TrackingMore Parcel Tracking Plugin on Woocommerce

This WooCommerce parcel tracking plugin helps WordPress merchants and buyers to verify shipment tracking information in an email with a custom tracking connection, on the order details page in WordPress Admin, and on the order page in the buyer account.

Instead of verifying order tracking information one by one after linking your WordPress shop to Trackingmore, you can access all orders from your WordPress shop with comprehensive tracking information. All of your orders’ details, such as order number, order description, customer name, customer email address, customer phone number, and shipment tracking number, will be automatically synchronized to your Trackingmorde account.


Free for starter and a monthly plan ranging from $8 to more than $1,000


  • Manage Order Tracking Info Easily
  • Track button
  • Email And SMS Notifications Of Delivery


  • It needs an additional plan for unlimited features.
  • May encounter problem in Real-time sync
  • difficult to set up

Get TrackingMore Parcel Tracking Plugin

8. WooCommerce Shipment Tracking Pro – WordPress Plugin

trackingmore parcel tracking plugin on woocommerce

This plugin adds order monitoring capabilities to WooCommerce shops all over the world for global integration. This plugin has partnered with a number of major shipping companies, including FedEx, DHL, USPS, Canada Post, UK Mail, among others. These systems ensure that orders are tracked in real-time for consumers all over the world.


You will buy the plugin for various licenses at the following prices with a 30-day money-back guarantee and a year of service and updates:

  1. Single Site $89.0
  2. Up to 5 Sites $119.00
  3. Up to 25 Sites  $219.00


  • The website administrator may provide shipping information such as distribution vendor and tracking number on the order details page. Customers can find this detail in the ‘My Account’ section of the website.
  • WPML is supported by the plugin, allowing for multilingual websites.
  • For selected shipping firms, real-time order status alerts are possible with the use of API.
  • This plugin helps you to import monitoring data from different orders in CSV format and upload them to your website via FTP


  • No Bulk uploading
  • Expensive 

Get WooCommerce Shipment Tracking Pro – WordPress Plugin

9. WC – APG Weight Shipping

wc – apg weight shipping plugin for woocommerce

It’ll measure shipping costs for you based on your weight, postcode, region, and province. All you have to do is include a location and accurate statistics, and the plugin will calculate it for you.




  • Plenty of great features
  • Compatible with WooCommerce Product Bundles plugin
  • Good support


  • Paid technical support service
  • May encounter shipping calculation

Get WC – APG Weight Shipping

10. WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping by JEM

woocommerce table rate shipping plugin by jem

It is a quick-to-use plugin that adds table rate shipping to your WooCommerce shop, also known as tiered shipping. Adding it to your WooCommerce shop and setting up delivery rules is a breeze. Characteristics WooCommerce shipping areas are seamlessly integrated. It’s extremely simple to use, with a very intuitive user interface. Define shipping by total cost and weight, as well as whether or not tax is included. You may create several levels, which are useful for most stores.


  1. 1 site = $79
  2. 5 site= $149
  3. Concierge = $499


  • Turn on/off option for tax
  • Simple to use
  • Intuitive user interface


  • Not updated for the last 3 months

Get WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping by JEM

11. Woocommerce Dropshippers

woocommerce dropshippers shipping tracking plugin

WooCommerce Dropshipping creates order updates immediately and emails them to the suppliers. These updates provide all the retailer requires to ship the products, including order information, addresses, and shipping methods picked.

Manage, add, and upgrade dropshipping supplier details quickly and easily. Display a supplier’s email address, stock count, and other statistics. Your supplier’s inventory can be imported using a CSV file issued by them. This is ideal for assigning several goods to the same retailer in bulk.


$26.00/ year


  • Managing a dropshipping store.
  • Automatically notifying suppliers when their products are purchased through your store.
  • Quickly importing inventory per supplier
  • Assigning inventory to specific suppliers


  • Does not allow you to search for products and import them on the fly
  • It also does not have dynamic pricing and product availability sync

Get WooCommerce Dropshippers

12. Advance Flat Rate Shipping method WooCommerce

advance flat rate shipping method woocommerce plugin

Advanced Flat Rate Delivery for WooCommerce is designed for WooCommerce shop owners who wish to charge a certain sum of money or a flat rate for shipping goods while imposing various requirements on the cart.

Advanced Flat Rate Shipping for WooCommerce allows shop owners to build an infinite number of flat rate shipping methods. Using the Advanced Flat Rate Shipping Method For WooCommerce plugin, you can easily place several constraints on your online store depending on various parameters. Store owners can also set flat rates, pick start and end dates for a system, determine if the shipping fee is taxable, and do a couple of other flat-rate shipping-related items.




  • Simple but great features
  • Good support
  • Create shipping rates for specific user


  • May experience a small problem with different shipping rates.

Get Flat Rate Shipping Plugin For WooCommerce

13. ParcelPanel Shipment Tracking for WooCommerce

parcelpanel shipment tracking plugin for woocommerce

Installing the ParcelPanel plugin in your WooCommerce store will give you access to over a thousand courier services including UPS, DHL, and other popular carriers. 

The plugin automatically recognizes which courier service is the best shipping solution for an eStore. Also, it acquires the tracking information from the courier’s site and shows them on the tracking page. 

ParcelPanel offers multiple import options, so users can bulk import tracking numbers in a CVS file or choose to enter each tracking number manually. 

The tracking page displays a shipment’s progress, estimated delivery time, map coordinates, and other information that can help customers determine their shipment’s location. 

The plugin’s free version limits the number of shipments you can make in a month to just twenty and you must subscribe to one of the monthly plans if you’re WooCommerce store ships vast quantities of products. 


  • Free
  • Essential – $9.00/mo
  • Professional – $49.00/mo
  • Enterprise – $399.00/mo


  • Users can change the order status label 
  • All WooCommerce orders are automatically synced 
  • Digital entrepreneurs can use their own branding on tracking pages 
  • The plugin has five built-in notification triggers


  • All plans have quota limits  
  • The plugin’s free version doesn’t offer delivery analytics 

Get ParcelPanel Shipment Tracking for WooCommerce

14. Advanced Shipment Tracking

advanced shipment tracking plugin for woocommerce

Zorem’s Advanced Shipment Tracking plugin is a perfect solution for WooCommerce stores that accept high volumes of orders from all corners of the world. The plugin comes with a widget you can use to send clients their order tracking data.

In addition, you can add more than one set of tracking information to an order as well as change their status at different stages of the fulfillment process. 

The plugin’s Fulfillment Dashboard displays the full list of unfulfilled orders, so you can easily detect shipments that didn’t reach their destinations. Advanced Shipment Tracking can generate tracking links for a network of over 400 shipping services. 

Moreover, it supports bulk imports which enables you to fulfill large orders effortlessly. 


  • Free
  • One-Site License – $149.00 per year
  • Five-Site License – $299 per year
  • Ten-Site License – $499 per year


  • Advanced Shipment Tracking is compatible with most WordPress plugins
  • Choosing a shipping provider is easy
  • Users can keep track of their orders from the plugin’s dashboard
  • The plugin automatically sends their order tracking information


  • The split order tracking function is only available on the plugin’s Pro version

Get Advanced Shipment Tracking

15. AfterShip Tracking

aftership tracking plugin for woocommerce

A vast selection of shipping services, automated messages, and a smart dashboard are some of the advantages you’ll have if you decide to track your orders with the AfterShip plugin. 

This tracking tool comes with seven shipment tracking statuses that enable you to know the current status of all your orders. Moreover, the plugin has powerful filtering features that allow you to sort shipments based on a wide array of parameters. 

AfterShip’s users can choose a promised delivery date for different shipping methods to give their customers a deadline by which they’ll receive their order. 


  • Free
  • Essentials – $11.00/mo
  • Pro – $119.00/mo
  • Premium – $239/mo


  • Users can choose how many orders they want to ship every month with AfterShip
  • The plugin has excellent analytics tools 
  • Branded tracking pages 


  • Some subscription plans are pricy

Get AfterShip Tracking

Frequently Asked Questions about Order Tracking Plugins for WooCommerce

How Do I Add Shipment Tracking in WooCommerce?

You must install an extension because WooCommerce doesn’t offer this option by default. After you install and activate a plugin, you can start adding shipment tracking to your WooCommerce store. 

The process is straightforward and it includes these steps: 

  • Selecting a shipment provider – In most cases, you’ll be able to choose if you want to use one of the services the plugin offers or create a custom provider. 
  • Using a tracking number – Obtain a tracking number from a provider and add it to the Shipment Tracking tab
  • Save the Shipment Tracking Details – Once you provide all the necessary information you should save it and adjust the shipment’s status. 

How Do I Create an Order Tracking Page in WooCommerce?

Start by creating a new page and publishing it on your website. You can do this by navigating to the Pages menu on your admin panel and clicking the Add New option. 

Use Order Tracking as the page’s title before clicking the Publish button. Go to the order tracking plugin’s tab on the dashboard and open the Orders Tracking Settings tab. 

Make sure the order tracking option is enabled and then add the page you just created to the Tracking Page section. Save the changes and check how the page looks on the frontend. 

What is Advanced Shipment Tracking for WooCommerce Email?

Advanced Shipment Tracking is a plugin developed by zorem. It offers various email templates users can customize. 

The plugin gives WooCommerce store owners the freedom to change the text displayed on email notifications. Its email customizer lets you personalize the messages you send to your customers at different stages of the delivery process. 

This plugin doesn’t offer the option to send notifications as SMS messages.

Finding the Right Order Tracking Tool for Your Online Store

  • Start by benchmarking a few key numbers to get the best out of a trial time or free edition. How many calls and emails do you get from consumers who want status updates each day or week?
  • How many of those buyers come back to the shop to buy more?
  • What are the results of your customer loyalty surveys, comments, and reviews?

Check the numbers once again at the conclusion of the trial period. You could have discovered the best tool for the clients if they’ve changed. If they stay the same, are decreasing, or are uneven, you may need to keep looking before you find the right order tracking tool for your company.

Which WooCommerce Order Tracking Plugin Is the Best In the List?

A vital part of your eCommerce delivery plan is informing your buyers about the status of their orders. At various points of shipping, you must be able to clearly express the status of an order. Customer loyalty could suffer as a result of contact breakdowns during shipping, and the company could suffer as a result. 

Among the listed plugins, the WooCommerce shipment tracking pro plugin is one we can highly recommend. This is one of the best solutions available to WooCommerce shop owners. The app is a simple order tracking application that allows WooCommerce shop owners to include all of their shipping carriers’ names as well as tracking URLs and have the system watch their shipments.

Through configuring the shipping carriers in the plugin settings, store owners can conveniently change order tracking information. The plugin configurations have over 80+ preconfigured shipping carriers by chance. Almost every big shipping line in the world is represented. The add-on, on the other hand, makes it simple to connect or delete shipping carriers depending on the store owner. 

This plugin is a bit pricey but it is worth it because it does its work properly. It will save you time in monitoring the orders and it will surely attract more customers. You can try the free version to see if it really suits the needs of your store. 

Final Hurrah

That’s it for now, folks! We hope that this compilation of the best WooCommerce plugins has assisted you in finding a useful option for your online shop. Don’t forget to have a form for requesting a callback on your website so that your customers can quickly contact you if they have any concerns.

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