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14 Best Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugins in 2023

Last Updated on February 23rd, 2023

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Are you using WordPress as your website or main channel and a member of the Amazon Associate Program? Being part of this program makes a great deal in both Amazon and the affiliate. Both parties are benefitting from one another as the affiliate promotes products on their blog or website, and whenever an order is made successfully from the affiliate’s website, then the affiliate earns a commission plus, it causes more traffic to the website. To effectively establish this affiliate program from Amazon, you need the right tools to do it. We have here some of the best Amazon affiliate plugins for WordPress.

Why Use an Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin?

Chances are that, if you’re new to affiliate marketing, you can easily manage all products you’re promoting on your site manually. However, this gradually becomes harder to do as the number of affiliate links you’re adding to your website grows. 

Installing an Amazon Affiliate WordPress plugin will eliminate the need to update product prices manually and enable you to know how much you’ve earned from each link, or create bestseller lists. 

Moreover, some plugins also make adding affiliate links to pages easier, offer customizable product templates, and shorten product URLs. 

The best part is that you don’t need coding experience to start using an Amazon Affiliate WordPress plugin because most options allow you to add links to pages, customize product boxes, or cloak URLs without touching a single line of code. 

So, let’s look at some of the best Amazon Affiliate WordPress plugins you can use in 2023.


AAWP Amazon Affiliate wordpress plugin

First on our list is the AAWP or also known as the Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin. AAWP is one of the most popular and also one of the best affiliate plugins for WordPress. It serves a lot of variety on how you can effectively promote Amazon products to your website. It allows your affiliate links to be created in different forms like a text affiliate link, or by creating multiple data fields and insert different information like the product description, title, discount, and price. Utilize everything you need from these features to attract more clients and make your first successful order. 


  • By using the multiple data fields, you can create tables for product comparison
  • Geo Target your visitors to the Amazon near them based on their location
  • It also allows you to place ads wherever you want the ads to appear on your website


  • The user interface is not beginner-friendly. You might consider familiarizing yourself first with the function and tools of this plugin.
  • Users of this plugin need to open Amazon separately to find the products as this plugin doesn’t have the search option.
  • A bit expensive for first-time users and users only having 1 website.


  • Personal – €49 for 1 site billed yearly
  • Plus – €129 for 3 sites billed yearly
  • Pro – €249 for 10 sites billed yearly
  • Ultimate – €399 for 25 sites billed yearly


2. AdSanity

Amazon Adsanity Affiliate Plugin

If you’re an active creator and have various commitments from different affiliates, then this Amazon affiliate plugin for WordPress might suit your style. AdSanity allows you to create and display multiple ads on rotation and still loads your page smoothly. The optimized plugin, widgets, and template tags give you options on how you’ll showcase your ads on your website. It is also integrated with the  If you need more engagements and traffic for your website, then give AdSanity a try. 


  • Excellent support ticket system
  • HTML 5 ready
  • It shows statistics of the performance of your daily ads.


  • Considering the prices it offers, it may be expensive. 


  • Just the basics – $49 per year
  • All in one – $149 per year
  • All in One for Life -$489 one time payment

Get AdSanity

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3. WP Table Builder

WP Table Builder

WP Table Builder is a drag & drop WordPress table plugin that lets you create Amazon products tables or comparison tables in an easy way. You don’t need to have any coding skills. All you have to do is, just drag and drop elements in the table. 

Currently, it has 5 elements – Text, Image, List, Button, and Star Rating. You can easily create a beautiful tables by using these elements. 

The great thing about the plugin is, it lets you create mobile responsive tables. It has also a cell management mode that allows you to add/remove a column or row. 

It’s a free plugin. You can download it from the WordPress.org


  • Advanced customization
  • Seamless Gutenberg integration
  • Responsive controls
  • Pre-built templates
  • Wide-range of Elements


  • Limited predesigned tables


  • Starter Plan – single-site license at $49 a year
  • Professional Plan – available for 10 sites at $69 a year
  • Lifetime Plan – billed once for unlimited sites at $249

Get WP Table Builder

4. Amazon eStore Affiliates Plugin

Amazon eStore Affiliates Plugin

Are you looking for a minimalistic affiliate plugin for WordPress yet serving you the functionality that you need? Another one on our list is the Amazon eStore Affiliates Plugin. As introduced, it offers minimal features that are suitable for users who want to begin their affiliation journey with Amazon. It is easy to use and lets you import products automatically plus this plugin comes up with the Visual Composer and Revolution Slider plugin as well to utilize your affiliate marketing experience at its best. 


  • Importing products is as easy as 123. No PA API keys needed
  • Integrated with Facebook
  • Backup your current plugin setting


  • You cannot tweak it as much as you want as it only has minimal tools and features.


  • Regular License – $39 + $12.75 to extend support up to 12 months
  • Extended License – $185 + $60 to extend support up to 12 months

Get Amazon eStore Affiliates Plugin

 5. AMZWatcher


If you are looking to to increase the affiliate conversions of your website or YouTube channel, this tool might just be what you’re looking for. AMZWatcher helps you generate Amazon Affiliate Link and find and fix broken links to Amazon. You’ll be able to learn which links on your website have specific affiliate tags. Apart from this, you’ll always be notified about unavailable products.


  • You can always export all necessary data to create high-quality reports
  • The service provides you with an Amazon Affiliate site portfolio in one dashboard that saves you time.
  • The tool lets you export data with ease.
  • The service is affordable.


  • The service only applies to Amazon-related links.


  • Starter $16.63 / month
  • Standard $29.96 / month
  • Portfolio $41.63 / month
  • Tycoon $104.13 / month

Get  AMZWatcher

Amazon Link Engine

Are you looking for an Amazon affiliate plugin for WordPress that automatically redirects your visitors to the optimized Amazon locations near them? Add Amazon Link Engine to your list of Amazon affiliate plugins for WordPress. This plugin is perfect if you want to optimize your affiliate’s location. Since the location is globalized, it also helps visitors to be redirected to the suitable item that is readily available to their nearest Amazon locale, and thus, it gets a better conversion rate and buyer experience.

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  • No need to manually create links as this plugin is equipped with a special link format that easily translates localized links based on the visitors’ location
  • Simple and easy to use interface
  • One time configuration


  • It doesn’t work on native Amazon shopping ads
  • There are times that a product in a certain locale cannot find. 
  • If an item isn’t available on a specific locale, it doesn’t have the option to create a custom country redirection. 


  • Free 1,000 clicks
  • Check out Genius Link pricing here
  • Starting – $5 per month for 2,000 clicks
  • Business – $249 per month + $10 per 10,000 clicks

Get Amazon Link Engine

7. Affiliatable

Affiliatable Plugin

Do you find other affiliate plugins to be a bit hard to manage or to explore? If you’re a complete novice and still want to have an affiliated plugin on your website, then this Amazon affiliate plugin for WordPress might be the one for you. Affiliatable is a Software as a Service (SaaS) that allows you to create tables such as comparison tables, pros and cons tables, product boxes, and rating boxes like any other affiliate plugin does.  If you find it difficult to create tables, then this plugin will do the job for you. Choose a table that you want for your website, customize the way it looks, generate the code and put that code to your post or website, and voila. You have your affiliate plugin. 


  • Reasonable price for premium services
  • Support teams are active
  • You can use other plugins besides Amazon


  • Other countries don’t have a support
  • The plugin doesn’t have a tracker to see the performance of clicks. In order for you to track clicks, install another plugin.


  • Basic Plan – Free Forever
  • Pro Single– $ 49/ Month
  • Pro Year – $ 149/ Year
  • Pro Lifetime – $ 249/ Lifetime

Get Affiliatable

8. Lasso


Is your blog monetization strategy flatlining? Installing Lasso might help turn things around by discovering new affiliate programs you can join. 

The feature-rich plugin has an intuitive dashboard that helps keep links organized. Finding and replacing links is simple because the plugin informs you whenever you must attend to a broken link or remove an out-of-stock product. 

Moreover, you can use Lasso to create multiple versions of product displays and monitor their click-through rates. The plugin has a table builder that lets you compare products or build single-product displays.  


  • It helps improve the blog’s link health 
  • Lasso automatically detects potential affiliate marketing opportunities
  • The plugin is compatible with the most popular WordPress themes 
  • It retrieves product information from Amazon without an API key 


  • The plugin doesn’t have a wide selection of product displays
  • Lasso isn’t well-suited for eCommerce stores


  • Essential – $39 per month for one website 
  • Advanced – $99 per month for three websites 
  • Portfolio – $299 per month for ten sites

Get Lasso

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Easy Affiliate Links Amazon Affiliate wordpress plugin

Are you looking for an affiliate plugin that allows all of your affiliate links in one place? Well, Easy Affiliate Links might be the one you’re looking for.  This is another user-friendly plugin that allows you to categorize links for a much uniform and cleaner look. Whether you use the classic editor or the new Gutenberg editor, you don’t have to worry about compatibility. Easy Affiliate Links also allows you to track your clicks monthly or even a lifetime to prevent any malware issues and run your website without any problems.


  • It allows users to import their affiliate URLs from CSV and XML
  • Users are also allowed to export affiliate URLs from XML
  • Allows link cloaking to prevent users to be suspicious of the URLs


  • Maintenance can be time-consuming
  • Upgrading to the premium plugin is a bit costly


  • Free version
  • Premium plugin – $29 for 1 site
  • Multi-site license – $119 for 20 sites

Get Easy Affiliate Links

AmaLinks Pro Amazon Affiliate wordpress plugin

AmaLinks PRO is like any other Amazon affiliate plugin for WordPress that helps users to their affiliate program. It allows users to be creative on how they’ll display their Amazon-affiliate products on their website by tweaking the widgets and personalizing the links, and so, helping your website garner SEO and engagements while marketing your affiliated product. AmaLinks PRO developers never stopped updating the plugin until it stands for its value. If you purchase their plan, you have a 30-day money-back guarantee. 


  • There are modern product box designs to choose from and each design are configurable
  • Users can still get their commission with the 90-day cookie
  • No API needed


  • There are some features that still need improvement to become more stabilized
  • Premium plans are a bit expensive for starters


  • Lite – $67 per year for 1 site only
  • Plus – $127 per year for 3 sites
  • Premium – $197 per year for 25 sites
  • Premium- $697 per year for 25 sites or $997 for unlimited sites

Get your AmaLinks Pro

PrettyLinks Amazon Affiliate wordpress plugin

Pretty Links is a link tracking management plugin where your links and affiliated links are in a simpler, much cleaner link. Like any other link cloaking service, this plugin stands for its name. It converts your long, suspicious-looking link into pretty links and you can also protect your affiliate by link cloaking. You may use your domain or your website URL to cloak your links or generate randomized short URLs. By making your links clean, it reflects more professionalism to your website, and eventually, you’ll drive more traffic while promoting Amazon products as your affiliate. Overall, this plugin is easy to use and does the job well.


  • You can track the links that are converted or not
  • Assign tags and manage your links together by grouping them


  • This plugin doesn’t integrate with the WordPress block editor
  • The targeted links don’t appear on the dashboard.


  • Super Affiliate – $399 per year
  • Marketer – $299 per year
  • Beginner – $199 per year

Get Pretty Links

Amazon AutoLinks Amazon Affiliate wordpress plugin

If you are on a tight budget and can’t afford to take on premium plans of other affiliate plugins, then Amazon Auto Links might be suitable for your preferences. Like any other Amazon affiliate plugins for WordPress, Amazon Auto Links also lives up to its role. You can never think that this plugin is free because of its features that will help you with your affiliate link. It will automatically insert your Amazon affiliate links together with its product lists on your site. It also has the option to filter out products that you want to remove from your links by description, title, and ID number. This plugin also automatically removes products that are not available or sold out on Amazon and updates the lists every time products change their prices. 


  • This plugin works even without Javascript
  • It includes geo-targeting
  • Supports URL cloaking


  • Supports limited Amazon locale associates


  • Free

Get the Amazon Auto Links

13. AzonPress

AzonPress Amazon Affiliate wordpress plugin

AzonPress is yet another amazon affiliate plugin for WordPress that is added to our list. Like any other affiliate plugin, it also provides a different layout that you can customize to suit your website’s overall look. AzonPress also enables shortcodes which makes it easier and efficient for the user. Simply generate and copy the code and paste it to your preferred location. By doing this, you can control the look of your overall website. In addition to that, the installation process is fast and easy. Perfect for those affiliate marketers who want to save time. 


  • This plugin offers customizable layouts
  • User friendly
  • Connect to different affiliate links as many as you want


  • Their support only answer emails


  • Single Site Annual – $31 for 1 domain
  • Agency Annual – $63 for 20 domains
  • Unlimited Annual – $127 for unlimited domains
  • Single Site Lifetime – $ 174 for 1 domain
  • Agency Lifetime – $199 for 20 domains
  • Unlimited Lifetime – $279 for unlimited domains

Get AzonPress

14. ThirstyAffiliates

ThirstyAffiliates Cloaking Plugin

Cloaking URLs has become a standard affiliate marketing practice because it increases safety and reduces the chances of links being perceived as untrustworthy. 

However, ThirstyAffiliates can help you do much more than just cloak affiliate links you feature on your website. The plugin automates link insertion, so you just have to provide a keyword and ThirstyAffiliates will add a link to it. 

Link scheduling, Affiliate Link Picker tool, and link categorization settings are among the plugin’s features that make managing affiliate links easier. Monitoring each link’s performance is also easy because the plugin lets you generate extensive statistics reports. 


  • Users can export and import affiliate links with this plugin 
  • ThirstyAffiliates doesn’t slow down websites 
  • It detects the customer’s location automatically 
  • It supports Amazon API importing 


  • The plugin doesn’t have built-in product displays 


  • Basic – $159 per year for one site 
  • Plus – $259 per year for five sites
  • Advanced – $399 per year for ten sites

Frequently Asked Questions about Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugins

What is the Best Amazon Affiliate Plugin for WordPress?

It’s difficult to single out the best Amazon Affiliate plugin for WordPress because there are so many plugins that offer powerful features. 

Hence, you must choose a solution that fits your affiliate marketing needs. Plugins like AAWP, Lasso, or AmaLinks Pro are among my favorites because they ensure all product information you display on your site is accurate. 

Moreover, these plugins detect broken links automatically and notify users whenever a product goes out of stock. The best Amazon Affiliate plugins don’t contain unnecessary code that can slow a website down. 

However, the top options are not free and you’ll have to spend a considerable amount of money if you want to use them on multiple sites.

How Do I Use Amazon Affiliate with WordPress?

Joining one of the world’s largest affiliate networks is the cornerstone of website monetization strategies. 

Once you go through the rigorous application process, you can start choosing the products you want to promote on your site. You must acquire a link for each product, design it with the Link Builder and decide if you want to create a text-only or image-only link. 

Afterward, you should open a post or page, access the HTML tab, and paste the code you generated with the Link Builder. Installing an Amazon Affiliate plugin for WordPress will automate this process and save precious time.

What is the Best Affiliate Plugin for WordPress?

Participating in a single affiliate program will limit your website’s potential earnings. However, joining multiple affiliate networks will make managing links and updating product descriptions more difficult. 

Plugins like Affiliate Manager, Easy Affiliate and Pretty Links let you manage affiliate links you acquire from different networks. Their features vary, but each plugin enables you to connect links to keywords, select a preferred payment method and generate reports. 

Moreover, some affiliate plugins for WordPress allow you to see how much traffic each link is attracting. 

What’s your favorite Amazon affiliate WordPress plugin?

Being a member of the Amazon affiliate program is huge or being part of any affiliated program. Aside from that, you can earn commissions for every successful purchase from your affiliate links, but they also give you a chance to promote products which means that the company trusts you to market and promote their products. Being held accountable for that responsibility is not easy.

Marketing how your affiliate links will appear globally affects the sales and promotion of the products. Doing so is not an easy task either. You must also know what are the different ways, strategies, and alternatives to make every click successful. Knowing all of these will help you and your affiliated program to get every click into conversions. 

We talk about the best Amazon Affiliate WordPress plugins, and we love everything about AdSanity. It doesn’t only offer services on ads, but it works on affiliate links as well. We also like how the ads or the affiliated links show alternatively. This plugin is suitable for affiliate marketers who need to promote more than one affiliate.

Not only it boosts your traffic, but you also turn those visitors into successful buyers. Sometimes, you only need the right tools to execute everything right. How about you? What is your take on the Best Amazon Affiliate WordPress plugin? Try one of these plugins and let your drive and commissions rise!

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