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9 WordPress Table Plugins to Create Stunning Tables for Your Site

Last Updated on November 30th, 2023

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Today, we are going to help you find the best WordPress table plugin for your website.

We take tables for granted, but they are useful for so many things. This is because presenting data in tabular format makes it clear and straightforward for people to follow. Remember your early school years when you first learned to multiply numbers? It would have been a struggle without the ‘times tables,’ which arranged the data in a logical, easy to understand and remember format.

It is possible to add a wide variety of tables to websites: pricing tables, sports league tables, top ten or top one hundred type lists, sizing charts, conversion tables – the list is virtually endless.

It’s possible to create a table by simply pasting an Excel or Google Sheets table into a post, but chances are the formats will get screwed up, and possibly the data too. What’s more, the tables may not even work correctly on all device screens, and the additional code they create will most likely harm page loading speed.

If you want your tables to look smart and professional, the best approach is to use one of the WordPress table plugins we are going to suggest. They allow you to manipulate your data easily and present it exactly how you want it. We have handpicked eight for you, all of which work with WordPress version 5.7.2, plus all are fully updated.

So, without further ado, let’s dive in.

Posts Table Pro

Posts Table Pro

In our opinion, Posts Table Pro is one of the best table plugins you can get. Sure, it’s a premium plugin, so you will need to invest a small amount of cash for it, but the functionality it brings is second to none. Most notably, you can auto-generate tables directly from your existing WordPress posts, media files, and even WooCommerce products. Furthermore, the created tables are dynamic, searchable, and filterable. Very smart and helpful indeed, plus your visitors will love them.

Key features of Posts Table Pro include:

  • Automatically create searchable and sortable tables from posts, products, or any custom post type
  • Tables update automatically whenever content is added or changed
  • List by category, tag, ID, post type, author, or other custom field value
  • Tables can be embedded almost anywhere in WordPress via shortcode
  • AJAX lazy loading ensures large amounts of data do not affect page load times (loading of content only occurs when it is displayed)
  • Display custom fields, taxonomies, or multimedia content
  • Display multimedia content directly in the table – brilliant for creating audio libraries, photo galleries, etc.
  • Support (email or priority depending on the plan purchased)

Pricewise, Posts Table Pro starts at $59 per year for a single site and $99 for five. An ‘Agency’ plan is also available, costing $249. That covers twenty sites and bundles a password protection plugin, plugin audits, and advice directly from the developer. All plans come with a 30-day moneyback guarantee. Lifetime plans are also available starting from $179.

Get Posts Table Pro

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wpDataTables is another excellent table plugin for WordPress and is available in full-featured premium and stripped-down ‘lite’ (free) versions. If you just are looking to add some simple but tidy-looking tables to your site, the free version may suit your needs perfectly. However, the premium will provide greater customization and functionality with plans starting at €53 per year for a single site.

Taking the free version first, expect to find the following features:

  • Ability to merge cells
  • Add/remove and resize/reorder columns and rows
  • Custom cell formatting
  • Undo/redo
  • Ability to add a star rating, custom links, media, custom HTML
  • Shortcode in cells
  • Create 14 different chart types via the Google Charts rendering engine, e.g., line, column, pie, donut, scatter, bubble, etc.
  • Supports data tables created in Excel, CSV, JSON, XML, or Serialized PHP array

The Premium version extends the list of features to include:

  • Table constructor wizard offering step-by-step table generation
  • Front end editing of tables, including an Excel-like editor
  • Support for MySQL-query based tables
  • Create tables from Google Sheets files
  • Manual table creation
  • Responsive mode
  • Table filters
  • Customization options for each table
  • Supports advanced HighCharts and Chart.js data tables
  • Unlimited tables and charts
  • Conditional formatting
  • Premium support and updates

Over 50,000 active installations of wpDataTables exist, and users have rated it at 4.4/5.0 stars in the WordPress plugin directory. Lifetime plans are also available, prices for which start from $166.

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JetEngine Tables Builder

JetEngine Tables Builder

The main difference between the JetEngine Tables builder and the plugins in the list is the availability to build dynamic tables in Gutenberg editor or Elementor page builder. This plugin allows you to create tables for any purpose: WooCommerce products table, comments & reviews table, SQL tables, Rest API tables, etc. 

Key features JetEngine Tables Builder include:

  • Build the table from dynamic data
  • Show custom fields data
  • Display the post, comments, products, or SQL data
  • Table styling options
  • Preview the table before publication
  • Get professional support via chat, ticket, or Zoom call.

Pricing starts from $26 per site or $54 for unlimited websites per year. The subscription plan is also available, as a Crocoblock subscription, starting from $130 per year. Indeed, all plans have a 30-days money-back guarantee.

Get JetEngine Tables Builder



TablePress is the most popular table plugin for WordPress by far, with a massive 800,000 active downloads in operation and an unbeatable 5.0/5.0 star user rating. Best of all, though, it is entirely free.

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Even though this plugin will not cost you a single cent (not even a premium version is available), it comes bundled with some very impressive, useful features:

  • Ability to merge cells
  • Tables can be edited and managed in the WordPress dashboard
  • Shortcodes to embed tables in posts, pages, or text widgets
  • Template tag function for displaying tables anywhere in your theme
  • A wide range of table features, for example, Excel-like formulae, connected or merged cells, set the first row as the header, alternating colors, and more
  • Individual table styling via CSS code
  • Full functioned editing interface
  • Ability to import/export tables from Excel, CSV, HTML, or JSON format
  • Upload tables via file upload, URLs, server location, or direct input
  • Bulk table import and export
  • Editable table data and structure
  • Embed links or images from your WordPress media library into tables
  • Functions to copy, duplicate and delete tables
  • Table preview

This is definitely a plugin to check out if you need fully featured tables on your website, but you have absolutely no budget available. Even if you do have funds to spare, that does not mean that you should overlook TablePress entirely. Let’s face it, 800k people cannot all be wrong.

Get TablePress

Ninja Tables

Ninja Tables WordPress table plugin

You will only have to work with Ninja Tables for a short time to realize where it got its name. It is a powerful, dynamic plugin that is so simple to use that you will barely know it is there. In a few clicks, you can create pretty much any type of table, but best of all, there will be no discernible impact on your site’s page loading speed.

Even in its free guise, Ninja Table still gives you some great features:

  • Over 100 table styles to choose from
  • Three CSS libraries with unlimited color schema
  • Easy table configuration
  • Table data import and export (CSV, JSON)
  • Import from TablePress, Unlimited Tables, and Data Tables Generator plugins
  • Ninja Charts and Fluent Forms integration
  • Extensive video and written documentation
  • Support

Upgrading to Pro will cost between $49 and $199 per year, depending on how many sites you need to use it on. Lifetime plans cost between $199 and $599. All Pro plans bring the following extra features:

  • Unlimited customization options, including table colors
  • Live connect with Google Sheets
  • Create WooCommerce product tables
  • Integrates with WordPress posts and custom post types
  • Media integration
  • Conditional column formatting
  • Frontend table editing and exporting (CSV, PDF, and print)
  • Display data from custom SQL tables and queries
  • Updates

A 14-day moneyback guarantee backs all premium plans so you can test them out without worrying.

Ninja Tables is a hugely popular WordPress table plugin, with over 60,000 active downloads and a user rating of a very respectable 4.6/5.0 stars.

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Visualizer WordPress table plugin

Visualizer is another plugin that is available in both free and paid Pro versions.

Given the list of features it has, it is hard to dispute the developer’s claims that this is one of the best table plugins for WordPress. As well as fully responsive charts and graphs, it is also possible to customize and embed responsive tables within posts and pages. Best of all, the tables can be searched and sorted too.

The free version of Visualizer has the following key features:

  • Create, embed, and manage interactive tables and charts tables into posts and pages.
  • Responsive to all device and browser types
  • Create line, area, bar, column, pie, geo, table, bubble, and scatter charts from tables
  • Tables and charts are highly customizable
  • Ability to use Google Charts tools
  • Import data from CSV, Excel, Google Sheets, etc.
  • Gutenberg support

Visualizer Pro costs between $59 and $299 per year, depending on how many domains you have. If you prefer a lifetime subscription, those too are available for $159 to $799. Pro subscriptions give you access to the following extra features:

  • Import data from other charts, tables, and graphs
  • Excel-like data editor
  • Additional chart types: combo, timeline, candlestick, gauge, radar/spider, and polar area
  • Data import from any database
  • Periodic data synchronization
  • Private charts with customizable permissions
  • Allow site visitors to edit charts
  • Create charts from posts, pages, products, etc.
  • Support and updates

Purchasing the premium plans is risk-free, thanks to a 30-day moneyback guarantee.

Visualizer scores an impressive 4.5/5.0 stars with users, and over 40,000 active downloads are currently in operation.

Get Visualizer

League Table

League Table WordPress table plugin

Although its name suggests it is for sports-type league tables, this plugin is also very well suited to various other applications. That is reinforced by the fact that it comes with an impressive range of customization options – 135 in total. Therefore, you have no excuse for having shoddy-looking tables on your website.

Cool features of the free version of League Table include:

  • An editor that allows you to copy and paste directly from your favorite spreadsheet program
  • Multicolumn sorting
  • An extensive range of customization options: 105 options per table, 17 per cell, plus 13 general options
  • Responsive to all types of device and browser
  • Cell properties including highlight specific cells, formulae, custom HTML, and Javascript
  • Import and export (XML)
  • Automatic and manual sorting
  • Add images to cells
  • Multi-language and multi-site ready

League Table Pro is excellent value at just $39 per year, plus an extra $12.75 if you want to extend the support from six to twelve months. That makes it a perfect fit even for the tightest budgets. Pro brings the following extra features:

  • Import and export function to create backups or transfer plugin data between different WordPress installations
  • Up to five sorting criteria
  • Merge cells
  • Create cell formulas for Sum, Subtract, Minimum, Maximum, Average
  • Further customization possibilities
  • Insert custom HTML content into cells
  • Specify and display the table caption
  • Links can be added to images and text embedded in the cells
  • Gutenberg block for adding tables to posts
  • Six month’s developer support (extendible to a full year for an additional $12.75)

League Table has sold just under 3,000 downloads on Code Canyon, and the free version has over 2,000 active downloads from the WordPress plugin directory. It has achieved a very respectable average user rating of 4.8/5.0 stars.

Get League Table Pro

WP Table Builder

WP Table Builder WordPress table plugin

Suppose you like the simplicity of drag and drop page builders and editors. In that case, you will be glad to know that WP Table Builder uses the same method for creating tables in your WordPress site, whether they are pricing tables, product comparisons, lists, or any other type of table.

The free version of WP Table Builder has:

  • Seven drag and drop elements: text, image, list, button. star rating, custom HTML, and shortcode
  • Each element is individually customizable
  • Cell management mode with options to add new rows or columns, split or merge cells, etc.
  • Import/export single and multiple CSV or XML files.
  • Import tables from TablePress

WP Table Builder is also available in various premium versions. The ‘Starter’ plan costs $39.99 per year and adds these features to a single site:

  • Create unlimited tables
  • Five advanced elements
  • Prebuilt table templates or use your own tables as a template
  • Full duplication and separation for columns and rows
  • Drag and drop sorting and ordering
  • Tooltips for list items
  • Configurable border colors
  • Settings for margins and padding
  • Priority support and updates
  • Import tables from TablePress

If you have more than one site, the Pro version costs $99.99 per year and covers up to a thousand domains. The Lifetime plan costs $299.99 and, you guessed it, lasts a lifetime.

WP Table Builder has an impressive user rating of 4.9/5.0 in the WordPress plugin directory, and over 30,000 active downloads are in operation.

Get WP Table Builder

Pricing Table

Pricing Table WordPress table plugin

As the name suggests, Pricing Table mainly targets sites that need to include price comparisons, such as eCommerce sites, affiliate sites, or shopping blogs.

Creating your pricing tables is refreshingly simple – all you need to do is choose a template, edit the content using the built-in table builder, and publish it on your website.

The free version of this plugin has excellent features which allow you to create superb looking pricing tables, such as:

  • Drag and drop table builder
  • Online pricing table builder
  • Prebuilt table templates
  • Custom headers, features list, and button style
  • Various settings for text and background color, font, etc.
  • Tables are responsive to different device types and browsers
  • Create unlimited tables of any size
  • Ability to include text, images, icons, videos, and buttons
  • Hover animations
  • Import and export tables
  • CSS editor

The Pro version costs between $46 and $149 per year, depending on how many domains you need to cover. Pro just adds a pack of premium table templates and the ability to restrict roles.

If you are willing and capable of translating the plugin into another language, the developer will give you the Pro version for free!

Pricing Table has an average user rating of 4.2/5.0 stars over more than 40,000 active downloads, so it is very popular.

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What is Your Favorite WordPress Table Plugin?

So, here are our recommended best WordPress table plugins to organize & present your data attractively.. These will all allow you to smarten up pretty much any website with professional-looking tables that look like they had taken ages to create and not just with a few mouse clicks.

Does your website or blog have tables embedded in it? If so, what kind of tables do you have, and are you already using a plugin to create them? Or do you simply cut tables from spreadsheets into paste them into posts and pages? If that is what you do, have you encountered any problems with lost formats or data? Have any of the plugins we suggested given you the urge to try one of those out instead?

We always love to hear what you are doing with your websites and what advice you can offer other WPLift visitors and us. Also, please don’t hesitate to tell us about any problems you encounter, as we will endeavor to find solutions to those in our future articles.

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