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Transform Your Website with AI: Exploring WordPress AI Website Builders

Last Updated on May 20th, 2024

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AI can make a massive difference to your WordPress site! It can do everything from generating copy, altering images, and creating whole websites for you. AI WordPress builders are worth exploring if you want to reduce the time (and stress) spent creating your website.

But how do you know where to begin if this is your first time using AI? Can AI work with WordPress? What tools are the best to use for experienced and Beginner WordPress Users alike?

A few tools work specifically with WordPress, and they’re perfect for creating (or even editing) websites. Read the next section to see which tool is the best, or keep reading for more details on how each platform works.

Bottom Line Up Front

When it comes to ease of use, you can’t get any better than 10Web. It takes just moments to create a website, using only a few sentences, and the end result is beautiful.

If you want something to adjust your already existing website, Cope WP.ai works really well, and it has a free plan, which is great.

AI Website Builders: An Overview

Here’s an overview of the AI website builders we’ll be looking at in more detail:

  • 10Web – an easy-to-use platform that generates a whole WordPress site – including text and images – with just a few prompts
  • AppyPie – another easy platform that can generate WordPress sites and apps
  • Cope WP.ai – allows you to generate chunks of code, making inserting new features into your WordPress site super easy
  • Elementor AI – an add-on tool to the web builder Elementor, this allows you to adjust your copy and images easily using the power of AI

What to Look for in an AI Website Builder

Here are a few key features to look for in WordPress AI:

Whole website generation

Some of the tools on this list allow you to generate a whole website using just a few prompts. This means you can skip a lot of the processes involved in building a new WordPress site, like comparing different themes, for example.


Some tools offer copywriting, too. This is great if you’re not good with words! You can input certain details (for example, a sentence or two about the kind of services your business offers), and the tool will generate some copy for you.

You can also edit copy, too. You can make paragraphs longer or shorter or change the tone, depending on the tool you’ve decided to go for. This is a great way to create engaging content that will suit your site visitors.

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Image generation

You may also be able to use AI to generate images. This is useful if you don’t have photographs or a logo already. You may even be able to use AI to alter existing images.

Code generation

If you already have a WordPress site, you may just want to adjust it slightly without needing to know how to code. Some tools allow you to input a simple sentence describing a new feature you want for your site, and then it will generate code for you to copy and paste.


Pricing varies depending on the tool you’ve gone for: some offer free plans, others have monthly subscriptions. You can usually grab a free trial so that you can try it out first before you commit to a paid plan.

Top 4 AI WordPress Website Builders

New AI tools are emerging at a rapid pace, but at the time of writing, there are fewer WordPress-specific tools to choose from. Luckily, the following four website builders/code creation tools work brilliantly, so hopefully you’ll find something that suits your needs.

1. 10Web

10Web is the most user-friendly platform imaginable: creating your website using AI is almost startlingly fast. You have to input some basic information, like your company name and a short description of what you do, the services you offer, and the color scheme you prefer.

You can also choose from a few pre-determined layouts (depending on the industry you work in).

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The finished website will include AI-generated written content as well as art. It will, of course, need editing. In our example website, it included an entirely made-up statistic. So while the writing itself is good, it needs careful tweaking to accurately reflect your services.

Editing is very straightforward, however, and it works similarly to any other web builder.

There are three pricing plans for 10Web:

  • Personal – from $10 per month
  • Premium – from $25 per month
  • Agency – from $60 per month

You can find out more on their pricing page.


2. AppyPie

AppyPie is a website and app maker that uses the power of AI to take the stress of coding out of the equation. Putting in a few simple details will bring up a basic website that you can go on to edit yourself:

This is perfect for WordPress users who just want to bypass the stress of finding a template and amending it: AppyPie will generate a website that works for the industry you work in.

The integration between AppyPie and WordPress is simple and easy to understand. You can view your progress on both platforms, and making an adjustment on one side will automatically update on the other.

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The layouts are simple but effective, allowing you to insert your own images and text.

The real power of AI kicks in when it comes to their app creation process. If you’d like to create an app later down the line to go with your website, this is a real plus.

AppyPie has four price plans:

  • Standard – from $12 per month
  • Professional – from $30 per month
  • Business – from $75 per month
  • Enterprise – price on request

You can check out their 7-day free trial to see if AppyPie works for you – find out more on their pricing page.

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3. Code WP.ai

Cope WP.ai is a code generator for WordPress. You can use it to test out chunks of code, see how certain features will run on your website, and install them onto your WordPress site.

It’s a web-based platform, not a plugin, which means you can use it directly in your browser. It’s compatible with other plugins, and it works really quickly, so you can save some time when inserting new features onto your site.

It works by typing in a sentence. For example, in the below example, inputting ‘add an ‘about the company’ section on the homepage which includes an image of a tree and a blurb about Forest Company offering digital marketing services for environmental causes’ creates code:

You can then copy and paste this code into WordPress. The writing it produced isn’t particularly imaginative, but it can be tweaked: the main building blocks are there. The more detail you put in, the more specific the output will be.

This is a good tool for people who already have a WordPress site but want to adjust it in some way or introduce new features easily. 

It could save you a ton of time working out the small details (like in the above example – the prompt ‘add social media buttons to each page’ creates code that can be added into your footer).

CodeWP has three price plans:

  • Free – $0 per month, includes ten generations per month
  • Pro – $12 per month, includes unlimited generations
  • Agency – $36 per month, includes unlimited generations and up to 5 team members

You can try out their free plan to see how it works for you. Find out more on their pricing page.


4. Elementor AI

Elementor AI is the AI-powered part of the popular WordPress web builder Elementor. The difference is that it uses the power of AI to generate images, write code, write copy, and automate translations into different languages.

You can generate custom CSS that works beautifully with WordPress, allowing you to switch up the look of your site to suit your needs.

You can also use Elementor AI to fix spelling and grammatical mistakes, which is useful at the end of the creation process to make sure everything looks professional.

The image creation is particularly clever: you can add other objects to images by typing in a prompt or even extending the dimensions of an image.

As with anything generated by AI, it does need thorough checking before hitting publish, but it’s great in terms of saving time and effort.

Elementor AI has two pricing plans:

  • AI starter – $2.99 per month
  • AI power – $8.25 per month

Both require you to have a website using the Elementor web builder. It works as an add-on tool, which is perfect if you already use Elementor, as the tool will feel familiar and easy to use. You can find out more on their website.

GET Elementor AI

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about WordPress AI website builders:

Can AI create a WordPress website?

Yes! AI can generate a whole WordPress site using some of the AI website builders for WordPress on this list (like 10Web and AppyPie).

Is there an AI website builder?

Yes. 10Web and AppyPie create whole websites, but you’ll need to edit the content to ensure it’s all 100% factual.

How do I create a website using an AI tool?

You will need to write some prompts. Usually, this includes your company name, the services you offer, and a little blurb about what your company does.

How do I clone a website in AI?

AI can accurately clone a website. For example, AppyPie can do this by typing in some prompts. However, it’s worth taking note of any potential copyright issues.

To Sum Up …

10Web is an excellent WordPress AI website builder. It couldn’t be easier to generate a whole website, and it takes just moments to do. The end result needs some editing, but it’s still pretty good, given how quickly it works.

However, Cope WP.ai is worth checking out. While it’s not technically an AI WordPress website builder, it does allow you to use the power of AI to transform your site and makes it much easier if you don’t want to deal with code.

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