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Advanced Coupons Review: Is It Good to Make Smart WooCommerce Plugins?

Last Updated on August 31st, 2023

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If you’re fed up with the frustrating lack of options you’re faced with when trying to offer coupons for your eCommerce site, the Advanced Coupons for WooCommerce plugin may be the one upgrade that will make all the difference to the success of your online store. 

A premium add-on to the standard free version of Advanced Coupons for WooCommerce, this lightweight and multi-faceted plugin promises to maximize the customization of your coupons so that you can offer more sophisticated special offers specifically tailored to your customer base. 

It also promises to do all of this while remaining lightweight and easy to use. 

But how well does it actually keep those promises?

To find out, we put this premium plugin through its paces and detailed exactly what we discovered in the review below. 

Advanced Coupons Plugin Review

As any experienced WooCommerce store owner would probably tell you, one of the biggest challenges to overcome is taking advantage of the platform’s native coupons functionality in a way that really works for their business, their store, and, most importantly, their customers. 

By both design and default, the standard WooCommerce coupons offering is kept as generic as possible to cater to the seemingly endless assortment of online businesses that use it.

While that may be a good starting point, it doesn’t take into account the unique needs of those individual businesses and often feels lacking.

Advanced Coupons for WooCommerce is one tool that does take those needs into account and does so at an affordable price. 

The free version alone offers useful features that allow you to offer deals based on certain cart conditions, as well as “BOGO” (“Buy One, Get One”) deals and a few other useful options.

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That said, it’s the premium version we’re most interested in today as this is the version that really allows you to use coupon marketing to its fullest potential. 

That version costs $59 per year for a single site license, $99 per year for use on unlimited websites, or $119 per year for an All-in-One Bundle that also includes the developer’s popular loyalty program that serves as an ideal tool for encouraging repeat business.

If that alone is enough to convince you that Advanced Coupons is the plugin for you, you can download the premium version here

Otherwise, keep reading to see exactly what this add-on can do. 

Advanced Coupons Key Features 

Advanced Coupons Key Features 

One of the many things we love about Advanced Coupons for WordPress is that it’s literally packed full of useful features. 

While it would take us all day to list every single one of them, the highlights include: 

  • Cart Conditions to help you restrict coupon usage and avoid losing money
  • Buy One Get One Deals
  • Share and apply URL coupons
  • Coupon scheduling
  • Auto apply coupons based on cart conditions
  • Shipping discounts
  • Integration with WPML for multilingual translation
  • Multi-currency support with both Aelia Currency Switcher and WPML Multi-Currency integration
  • One-Click Apply Notifications
  • Custom Non-Qualifying Message
  • Coupon priority sorting.

Advanced Coupons Pros and Cons


  • Compatible with your existing WooCommerce coupons tools so that you can continue to use any coupons you already have in place
  • It comes with a 14-day money-back guarantee if you’re unhappy with the product
  • Lightweight design so it won’t slow down your WordPress site 


  • It doesn’t offer copy/reveal functionality for affiliate coupons
  • Must have basic WooCommerce coupons plugin installed to work
  • Yearly renewal fees for support and updates may get expensive. 

Advanced Coupons Installation and Setup 

Before we show you exactly what Advanced Coupons is like to use, we should say that we’re going to assume you already have WooCommerce up and running on your site. 

If you don’t, our complete WooCommerce tutorial may be helpful to you. 

1. Initial Setup 

After downloading the plugin with your preferred license, you can upload it to your WordPress much as you would any other plugin, either via FTP or through the standard plugins menu. 

Advanced Coupons Plugin review

If you don’t already have the free version of this plugin installed, you’ll then be prompted to do that first so that you can be sure everything is going to work.

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From there, add in your activation code, and it’s time to get to work on creating those coupons. 

2. Adding a Coupon 

Adding coupons

Creating a new coupon is as simple as selecting the “Coupons” option from your dashboard menu and selecting “Add New.”

From there, you can generate a coupon code and add a description below before diving into some of Advanced Coupons main features. 

3. Cart Conditions 

Cart Conditions is perhaps the most fundamental and flexible feature as it allows you to create “condition groups” which determine the conditions that must be met in order for a condition to be valid.

You can set conditions based on:

  • Product quantity in cart
  • Product category in cart
  • Custom taxonomy in cart
  • Customer logged in status
  • Allowed/Disallowed customer user role
  • Cart quantity
  • Cart subtotal
  • Length of time since the customer registered
  • Length of time since the customer’s last order
  • Custom user meta
  • Custom cart meta
  • Total customer spend
  • Whether the customer has ordered before
  • Shipping zone and region. 

All of this allows you to set custom rules, such as determining that a coupon is only valid for the first 24 hours after a customer registers or only offering coupons for specific products. 

Of course, the great thing is that you can mix and max all of these conditions to really take control of your special offers. 

4. BOGO Offers 

BOGO (“Buy One, Get One”) offers allow you to activate a specific set of offers such as buy one, get one free. 

There are three different ways that you can create this deal. You can use:

  • Specific products – buy one “blue widget”, get another “blue widget” for free.
  • Combination of Products – buy a “blue widget” and a “red widget”, get a “blue widget” for free.
  • Product categories – buy any product in the “widget” category, get a “blue widget” free.

5. Scheduler 

Another favorite feature of ours is the scheduler, which lets you quickly and effortlessly set up limited-time deals by determining when a coupon becomes active and when it expires.

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This is a terrific feature for building hype to a big sale or event, or simply to take more control over the validity of your coupons. 

6. Restrictions 

Advanced Coupons offers three different ways to add restrictions to your coupons. 

These include:

Usage Restrictions 

Usage restrictions allow you to determine minimum and maximum spend, whether a coupon can be used in conjunction with other coupons, and restrictions on specific products and categories.

Role Restrictions 

Role restrictions allow you to determine whether specific users (customers, managers, administrators, etc.) can or can’t use a specific coupon.

Payment Restrictions 

Payment restrictions allow you to limit your coupons’ validity to certain types of payment. 

Advanced Coupons: The Most Complete WooCommerce Coupons Solution Around

The main features we’ve highlighted above are only the tip of the proverbial iceberg when it comes to everything Advanced Coupons has to offer. 

The ability to apply coupons via URL is particularly effective at encouraging social sharing (and thus expanding your reach), while the One-Click apply feature makes it even easier for customers to use your coupons and, in the process, ultimately helps you deliver an all-round improved shopping experience. 

Combine this with a very user-friendly approach, proactive support, and an attractive price, and it’s clear that Advanced Coupons really does keep its promise of helping you truly use coupon marketing to its full potential. 

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