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YaySwatches Review: Give Your WooCommerce Products an Extra Edge

Last Updated on January 4th, 2024

Does your WooCommerce product showcase consist of items with different attributes? Then you should consider using variation swatches to ensure you aren’t leaving any gaps in the customer experience. These elements help store owners attract more customers with color options and images. 

A customer might want to see your product from a different angle before making a purchase decision. Or, they might prefer your product in a different color than the one showcased on the product detail page. With swatches, you can impress customers and make them purchase items that excite them on impulse.

Although WooCommerce offers a direct way to display color options on product pages, the setup isn’t as user-friendly as it could be. That’s where YaySwatches comes into the picture.

YaySwatches Pro

YaySwatches is a WooCommerce variation swatches plugin by YayCommerce that takes the pain out of configuring attribute variations for your products. It has a modern and simple interface, making it easy to navigate the various swatch options available. With YayCommerce, you can replace bland variation dropdown lists with beautiful colors and image swatches.

YaySwatches – Overview and Key Features

YaySwatches – Overview and Key Features

YaySwatches gives you the ability to display different variation selectors such as newly uploaded images and add color variations to your WooCommerce store.
You can customize swatch profiles to fit with your website’s appearance while previewing the changes on the same setup page. The plugin lets you adjust various elements, including size, shape, border color, style, positioning, image resolution, and variable value tooltip.

Plus, YaySwatches accommodates the displaying of global attributes of various kinds, including an image, variation image, color, button, and radio. 

Key features:

  • Provides various design options for swatch bubbles
  • Automatically populates swatches with existing images
  • Supports existing and custom product attributes
  • Offers buttons for attributes like size, material, model, etc.
  • Works on single product page, shop page, and catalog/category page

Hands-On With YaySwatches

In this section, I’ll show you how to install and use YaySwatches on a WooCommerce store.

The first step is to download the plugin from YayCommerce’s website or YaySwatches’ WordPress.org page. Once downloaded, go to the plugin section in WordPress and upload the .zip file. You’ll then need to install and activate the YaySwatches plugin to be able to access its features.

After you’ve taken these steps, go to the WooCommerce tab inside your WordPress admin. Here, you should see a new menu for YaySwatches—click it to start configuring the plugin.

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woocommerce to yayswatches tab inside the wordpress admin

Variation Option Setting

This is the section where you will see attributes and number of products available for swatches.

I had the color attribute and one product available for it, so I selected that option. 

Then I had to choose from one of these variation options:

  • Dropdown List
  • Color or Custom Image Swatch
  • Automated Variant Image Swatches
  • Button
  • Radio

I chose the second option: Color and Custom Image Swatch.

variant option setting yayswatches review

Upon my selection, YaySwatches presented me with a list of all the colors. Additionally, it gave me options to add a “Dual color” and custom image for each color. 

Swatch Customizer 

The Swatch Customizer is the fun section of YaySwatches. Here, you can customize all of the following:

  • Swatch style: Choose from Circle or Square for the style. (My selection: Circle)
  • Swatch size: Pick from Small, Medium, and Large or define a Custom size. (My selection: Small)
  • Border color: Choose any color for the Normal and Active border color. (My selection: Black for normal, white for border) 
  • Variant name tooltip: Enable or Disable it based on your preferences. (My selection: Enable)
  • Image position: Options include Fit, Top, Bottom, and Center. (My selection: Fit)
 swatch customizer yayswatches

Button Customizer

This setting lets you customize the swatch button on your product page. Here, you get the following options:

  • Button size: Choose from Small, Medium, and Large (My selection: Medium)
  • Button color: Select any color for Normal and Active (My selection: Black for normal, White for Active)
button customizer yayswatches

Single Product Sold Out Customizer (Pro Only)

This area contains customization options for out-of-stock variants. It lets you:

  • Show/Hide out-of-stock variants (My selection: Show)
  • Choose from Cross, Gray Out, Opacity, and No Effect for the style (My selection: Cross)
single product sold out customizer yayswatches

Shop/Categories Customizer (Pro Only)

This section lets customize swatches on your shop/collection page. Here, you can select:

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  • The attributes you want to display on the pages (such as color and size)
  • Use the sold out customizer like in the previous section
  • Choose the out-of-stock variant swatch style like in the previous section
  • Pick a swatch size (Small, Medium, Large, or Custom)
  • Select a picture size (Thumbnail, Medium, or Large)
shop/categories customizer yayswatches

Once you’ve saved the settings, the swatches will appear on your product/shop page.

shop/categories customizer preview yayswatches

YaySwatches Pricing

YaySwatches is a free plugin for WooCommerce stores looking to improve their customer experience.

But to access premium features like out-of-stock variation visibility, you’ll need to get a license for YaySwatches Pro (YaySwatches’ advanced version). 

YaySwatches Pro licenses cost:

  • Single site – $59 yearly, $199 lifetime
  • 3 sites – $139 yearly, $299 lifetime
  • Unlimited sites – $199 yearly, $699 lifetime

Final Verdict

There’s no denying that customers love variety. Research states that it makes them feel like they’re in control. So if your online store displays attribute variations for different products, it will certainly not go unseen.

With YaySwatches, you can pair variable items with amazing swatches to create a product showcase that people can’t ignore. Compared to generic, text-based dropdown menus, color and image swatches are visually attractive and worth a click for your shoppers.

If you have even one variable product, YaySwatches can help make it attractive for the customer. It’s time that you provide customers with a highly personalized shopping experience.


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