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GloriaFood Restaurant

GloriaFood Restaurant is a free WordPress theme for restaurants with online ordering capabilities. It enables restaurant owners, without any knowledge of web development, to create a great WordPress restaurant and start receiving online orders, as well as table reservation requests in no time.

The theme was specifically designed to help customers place easier online orders, by accommodating their needs and simplify the entire ordering process – hungry customers don’t want to spend too much time ordering. So the theme has a sales-focused designed that keeps your customers happy. Because happy customers are paying customers.

Key Features

  • Simple installation process.
  • The theme editor enables you to fit your brand within the website.
  • Free unlimited table reservations & online orders.
  • No special order-taking device needed: you can use your own smartphone to receive and confirm orders.
  • Great thermal printing functionality, which enables you to print your restaurant receipts straight from the app.
  • WordPress website analytics and extensive online ordering and sales reports available