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YayCurrency – WooCommerce Multi-Currency Switcher

If you’re looking for a fully compatible way to provide multi-currency support for your WooCommerce online store, try YayCurrency

It is an all-in-one solution for WooCommerce Multi-Currency Switcher that includes all the capabilities to convert product retail and wholesale pricing, accept orders in foreign currencies, or even view WooCommerce analytics and reports based on used currencies so that you can find out which brings the most revenue benefits.

YayCurrency adds full support for 160+ national currency units and allows your customers to shop in their familiar currency. In addition, you can use the currency switcher right on product pages, on header, footer, WooCommerce sidebar, and other WordPress widgets.

It also comes with smart rounding functions to handle your multi-currency prices. It is a clever way to retain $n.99 prices if you prefer, rather than showing whole numbers.

Key Features

  • Simple to set up currency formatting and display options
  • Permissions to allow checkout in different currencies and payment gateway/methods
  • Fixed product price based on each currency
  • Manually or automatically update foreign exchange rate
  • Bitcoin and cryptocurrency manual rates supported
  • Shortcode supported
  • Currency switcher has a super cool design with crisp flags, symbols, and currency codes