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WP Automatic – Premium WordPress Automatic Plugin

This WordPress Automatic plugin can help with auto-posting content (including images, text, videos, audios, PDFs, ZIPs, etc.) from the source URL to your website in a couple of seconds. Along with its automated facility, this plugin is capable of content curation with the help of integrated translators and content spinners. The pricing plan starts from only $29 (single domain license), $99 (for 5-domain license), and $299 (for unlimited domains license). Moreover, these licenses come with 1-year of technical support and lifetime free updates.

Key Features

  • Auto-post posts from Social media platforms: Want to import all your posts present on social media on WordPress? Then this WordPress plugin can help in the same way! This single plugin can fetch and post content from Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, VK, Reddit, Flickr, etc. One can post content from a specific account or according to the provided hashtag or keyword.
  • Embed videos from video sharing platforms: Now you can embed any type of video on your website with the help of this plugin. You can auto-embed videos from YouTube, DailyMotion, Vimeo, and other such platforms to your website. The layout is maintained accordingly and all the related properties like published time, description, etc. are displayed as per the chosen settings.
  • Import RSS feeds to WordPress: If you are looking for options to import RSS feeds, then you are at the right place. This WordPress plugin can help in extracting and publishing RSS Feeds on WordPress site as per the selected keywords, exact matched words, banned words, posting date, etc. One can extract multiple feeds and then post them in your chosen templates.
  • Fetch & post articles & web content: Automatic Plugin can help in extracting content from web pages or article and posting it on WordPress while synchronizing with the current layout of the site. One can replace a specific word or strip off the hyperlinks before publishing the content on the website. The action posting can be performed in bulk regardless of content length.
  • Auto-post products from e-commerce sites: If you are an affiliate marketer, looking for an option that can help in posting products from the e-commerce website (including Amazon, eBay, Walmart, etc), then you can definitely choose this plugin. It can help in importing products according to categories and subcategories along with their description, image, cost as well as an affiliate link.
  • WooCommerce support on product extraction: Each product that is imported on the website is published as a WooCommerce product. It means that all the functionalities that you have implemented on your WooCommerce platform are compatible with your products and you don’t need to put in extra effort for the same. The extracted products can be added to the cart, sorted by price, etc.
  • Rewrite & translate any content: The extracted content can be rewritten uniquely so that the content can’t affect the SEO. One can even replace certain words accordingly. Moreover, the WP Automatic plugin comes with amazing translators that can help in translating any extracted content in the preferred language and retaining the context of the text.
  • Advance features to control auto-blogging: If you want to generate and maintain the content automatically, then this plugin can help in the same while providing some advanced control features. These features allow the user to control content posting and include options like frequency of the posting, retaining the HTML tags, extracting data on certain conditions, etc.
  • Auto-scrape & post from any website:  So this WordPress Automatic plugin is able to scrape and post content from any website regardless of the structure and type of the website. You just need to provide the URL & the work is done. This plugin can help in extracting any type of content including images, audios, text, PDF files, videos, etc. Also, the plugin can create unique content by concatenating two different posts in one post.

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