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Password Protected Categories

WooCommerce Password Protected Categories is the ultimate plugin to hide categories and products in your WooCommerce store.

You can hide WooCommerce categories using a choice of 2 methods:

  1. Password protect your product categories by adding one or more passwords for each category. The category, its products and sub-categories are automatically unlocked when a customer enters the correct password.
  2. Hide categories from everyone except for specific user levels by marking them as private. Users with the correct privileges can automatically see your private categories and products, while they remain hidden from your public WooCommerce store.

It’s a simple but effective way to protect WooCommerce. Hide categories for many different purposes, including:

  • Create a public WooCommerce online shop with a hidden wholesale area. Your trade customers can enter the password to access the wholesale area which you can hide from public view.
  • Create customer-specific WooCommerce categories with a different password protected category for each customer. Hide these categories from the main shop page and give the hidden links to your customers.
  • Integrate WooCommerce with WordPress membership plugins by creating private hidden categories and making them visible to members with the correct user role.

Key Features

  • Password protect WooCommerce categories
  • Automatically protects products and sub-categories with the same password
  • Add multiple passwords for each hidden category
  • Private categories – lock down categories to specific user levels
  • Easy to use – you can hide WooCommerce categories just as easily as protecting normal pages & posts in WordPress
  • Visibility settings to choose how you hide the categories
  • Choose whether to hide protected categories from the main Shop page, menus & widgets
  • Customize the text and button on the password entry page
  • Choose whether or not to prefix hidden WooCommerce categories with ‘Protected:’ or ‘Private:’
  • Designed to work with any theme
  • Free setup support & advice
  • Developed & supported by top UK WordPress agency Barn2 Media

Note: WooCommerce Password Protected Categories is designed to protect parts of a WooCommerce store. To create a completely hidden WooCommerce store, check out the WooCommerce Private Store plugin instead.