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Security Ninja PRO

“Different than other security plugins” – that’s how customers describe Security Ninja PRO. Unlike most plugins that try to implement a “one-click-fix-it-all” approach, Security Ninja strives to educate users, explain to them what’s going on with their site and never make any changes on the site that users didn’t request or understand.

With a single click of a button, Security Ninja will perform 40+ security tests on your site. Momentarily delivered color-coded results and an overall site score will give you an instant understanding of the site’s security state. Each test comes with a detailed explanation and full instructions on how the fix the security vulnerability it tests.


Besides testing, Security Ninja comes packed with additional security modules that provide even more security to your site. If you fear or know your site was hacked testing the integrity of core WordPress files is a crucial operation. Core Scanner module will compare your files with the master, secure copy on in seconds and report any files that have been changed even by one byte.
Ever had a customer that told you “I didn’t make those changes” but you know he did? Now you can know exactly who, when and how made changes to any part of the site. Posts, pages, comments, users, options, log ins and log outs – everything is logged by Events Logger.

Don’t wait for bad things to happen to your site. Be proactive and install Security Ninja now. It’s much easier than repairing a hacked site.

  • 4 years of continuous development & support
  • More than 5,000 happy customers
  • Premium USA based support
  • Perform 40+ security tests on your site with one click
  • Check your site for security vulnerabilities, issues & holes
  • Take preventive measures against attacks
  • Don’t let script kiddies hack your site
  • Detailed explanations of all tests + instruction on how to make your site secure
  • Super easy to use even for beginners
  • Core Scanner module – make sure all your WP core files are intact
  • Malware Scanner module – test themes, plugins & database for malicious code
  • Events Logger module – every single click any user makes in admin is recorded
  • Scheduled Scanner module – runs scanners automatically and emails you reports
  • Auto Fixer module – one click fix for tests your site fails at
  • Site Monitor module – keep an eye on your site from 30 locations around the world
  • Remote Access – control multiple Security Ninja installations from one location