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Logic Hop

Logic Hop brings the power of content personalization to WordPress.

Working with your existing theme and plugins, Logic Hop allows to display the right message, at the right time, to the right person.

Easily create goals and powerful conditions with only a few clicks. Our real-time content personalization works with almost any WordPress content element and widget, while adding advanced redirects and event tracking.

With Logic Hop you can:

Track users based on query strings, UTM codes and referring URLs – Not only on current visit but on future visits, as well. Did a user visit from an ad banner and then from a social media post? Now you can show them relevant content and messaging.

Know which pages a user has viewed, and how many times. Has a user viewed your FAQ page and your contact page? Now you can display custom messaging based on their viewing history.

Set goals based on user actions. Did a user signup for your newsletter or click an affiliate link? Now you can track the event and identify the user when they return to offer related content.

Create intelligent funnels. Has a user visited your landing page, then your pricing page and then your FAQ page? Now you can display relevant messaging based on their path or even redirect them to a new page.

And much more!

Try Logic Hop risk free for 14-days – Get up and running fast with our 5-minute quick start guide.

Key Features

  • Real-time content personalization
  • Display the right message, at the right time, to the right person
  • Click-and-build powerful conditions for content personalization
  • Control almost any WordPress content element & widgets
  • Goal tracking with event-based goal triggers
  • Set goals to track & identify users on future visits
  • Effortlessly display content to users based on query strings
  • Build powerful funnels & dynamic site paths with just a few clicks
  • Display content to users as funnels are completed
  • Redirect users to the right page at the right moment
  • Custom Insights for page, goal & referral tracking
  • IF, AND & NOT logic for advanced algorithms
  • Effortless Google Analytics Event integration
  • Pre-page level functionality for fast performance
  • Conditional CSS for custom integrations
  • Javascript events & optional post-load integration