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SalesKing – Ultimate Sales Team, Agents & Reps Plugin for WooCommerce

SalesKing is a powerful sales reps and sales agents solution, ideal for any B2B or B2C WooCommerce store. The plugin introduces a versatile agent dashboard that allows each sales agent to manage their own customers, coupons, affiliate links, place orders, send messages, earn commissions, view payouts, and much more! There is a dedicated login page that serves as the center from where agents can manage the day-to-day sales activities of the shop.

There are dozens of powerful features, from an advanced commissions structure to the ability to shop as the customer (with the customer only receiving a payment link via email), or the ability of agents to recruit subagents and earn commissions, thus forming their own sales team. The commissions structure is highly flexible and it allows fixed and percentage commissions, as well as conditions such as commissions earned only for the first X orders of a customer.

On the admin side, everything is managed in a single place, and the shop manager can easily view earnings, payouts, messages, as well as release announcements, and organize agents into agent groups. 

If used within a B2B ecosystem, SalesKing also has useful integrations with the B2BKing plugin: for example, multiple B2B customers can be organized in a group, which can then be assigned to a sales agent for management. Agents can also act as order managers, with the ability to manage an order’s backend, mark it as complete, or send out invoices. 

Key Features

  • Dedicated Dashboard for Each Sales Rep
  • Powerful Commission Structure & Plan
  • Announcements and Messaging Systems
  • Earnings and Payouts Management
  • Shop as Customer Functionality
  • Cart Sharing Feature
  • Affiliate Links for Registration & Products
  • Agents can Negotiate and Edit Prices
  • Agents can Manage Coupons
  • Agent Groups and Promotions
  • Email Notifications
  • Sales Team & Subagents