Portalic is a WordPress plugin that allows a newbie web designer to build advanced web portals similar to eBay, Amazon, Freelancers just to name but a few. This portal builder is fairly simple and requires little effort to learn, understand and use. It considerably reduces the time and energy required to build advanced sites such as auction sites, notice boards, job search sites and many more.


Key Features

  • It is both flexible and diverse thus allows web portals of various types and complexities.
  • It offers freedom in the design phase while handling functionality
  • Has a couple of functions and customizations that save a lot of resources that would have been spent in matching various plugins.
  • Full control over your site in a familiar WordPress environment.
  • ¬†Create user friendly interface to manage data both at user and admin panel level.
  • Create and manage various data types for communication between data structures
  • Present data in any way you want it
  • Estimate data access levels and much more.

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