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Pie Register – WordPress Registration Plugin

Pie Register is an all-in-one WordPress Registration plugin. It helps you create registration forms in minutes with a simple Drag and Drop form builder. No coding required. You can build simple to the most robust forms, and registration flows using various fields and UI controls. You can customize the registration process using the many Add-ons included with the premium version to make your website exclusive, spam-free, and secure.

Advanced Fields: Pie Register has over 30 different fields to choose from. Basic fields to capture personal information like Address, Phone Number and so on, to more robust fields like Profile Picture and File Upload, to the Terms and Condition.

Invite Based Registrations for Exclusive Websites: The Invitation codes feature of Pie Register helps you restrict user registration based on invites. Admin can set up multiple codes with an Expiration date. It protects your site from fake registrations, helps refine the user base, and strengthen your website’s security.

Spam Protection: Pie Register offers various security features to keep your registration process spam-free. You can use ReCaptcha, Math Captcha, and Honey Pot in the forms to prevent spam, trolls, and bots. The plugin allows you to Block the users based on IP addresses, subnets, domain, email address, and even their username patterns.

Secure Payment Gateways for Membership Fees: You can collect payment from the users at the time of registration using PayPal, Stripe, or using Pie Register. It allows you to send Custom Email Notification to keep your users in the loop with the payment process and other account activities.

Pro-Marketing Features and Add-ons: Pie Register has features and add-ons that will increase your sales among the right target market with zero hassle. The MailChimp and BulkEmail add-ons for accelerating your email marketing campaigns, GeoLocation add-on to keep track of user location on form submissions, and the WooCommerce add-on synchronize your online registration form with the WooCommerce plugin.

The plugin comes in two versions, Community and Professional. The Community version is free, has limited features, and is supported by the plugin community and developers via the forums; the Professional version has more advanced features and comes with ticket-based support with the development team. Best of all, Pie Register offers perpetual licensing – purchase once and use for a lifetime, no-hassle or recurring periodic payments.

Key Features

  • Verify and Moderate
  • Conditional Logic
  • Spam Protection (HoneyPot and Google CAPTCHA)
  • Membership Fees (3 Payment Gateways)
  • Role-Based Redirection
  • Content Restriction
  • Field Visibility
  • Twilio
  • MailChimp
  • WooCommerce
  • bbPress Add-on
  • Community Support
  • And More.