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Metrilo helps eCommerce brands grow by making marketing and customer data actionable, and focusing on retention and higher CLTV. The tools include real-time reporting, traffic reports (track your ads & influencers), customer database (CRM), segmentation, email marketing and automation. Integration for major ecommerce platforms is seamless. Free 14-day trial available.

Key Features

Reporting & Analytics
LTV, AOV, retention analysis, traffic reports, marketing performance, revenue analysis, product reports, conversion funnels

Marketing Performance
Where are your customers coming from? How much can you spend to acquire a customer via Facebook vs Google? Do your influencers really drive traffic?) Before Metrilo, our customers used Google Analytics to decipher how people get to the website. With Metrilo, we attribute all the inbound visits back to an individual customer profile (whereas Google analytics does not).

Metrilo tracks anonymous visitors and customer behavior automatically and creates customer profiles to help you understand buying habits better. Each customer profile contains complete order history, acquisition source, product interactions & on-site behavior (event by event).

Email Marketing
From simple cart abandonment emails to more advanced cross-sell drip campaigns, Metrilo can automate the email marketing for any online store. The trigger events are based on customer actions and timing can be adjusted down to the minute so your emails fire at the best possible moment. Contextual emails have amazing open and conversion rates.