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Google Analytics WD

Responsive, user-friendly and extremely feature-rich. That’s how we can best describe WordPress Google Analytics WD plugin. Being an official member of Google Analytics Technology Partners Program, it comes as the most advanced website tracking tool which is also easy to manage and monitor.  The outstanding functionality of the plugin allows you to get custom reports, track custom dimensions, set and manage goals for targeted activities,and configure data filters. It comes with all the necessary features for getting valid data statistics on your website audience.

Google Analytics WD provides the following report types:

  • Real time visitors
  • Audience
  • Demographics (age and gender)
  • Interests
  • Geo locations (countries and cities)
  • Behavior (engagement, new and returning visitors)
  • Technology (operating systems and browsers)
  • Mobile (mobile and desktop devices used)
  • Site content (all pages, landing pages)
  • Site Speed
  • Events
  • AdSense
  • AdWords
  • Ecommerce

Ecommerce reports provide data based on purchasing time, Transaction ID, sales performance, product SKU, category and name. It’s a great option for business websites and online stores.

Apart, from the above mentioned reports the plugin also enables you to get custom reports based on any metric and dimension. For example,  you can set users as a metric and country as a dimension, and get a report that will show you what countries your visitors came from on the specified period.
Also, you can enable the tracking of custom dimensions to see stats for logged in users, post types, categories, tags, published years, and track which author posts are read the most.

The reports are presented in comprehensive colorful charts,which can also be exported to CSV and PDF files, or emailed to specified recipients. Another great feature in the reporting is that you can compare data from two periods with each other.

To get a valid picture of your stats you can filter out the traffic from specific IP addresses, countries, regions and cities. Also, you can exclude data trackings by roles and for specific users.

Another useful feature of Google Analytics WD is its goal management functionality. You can set various types of goals, such as destination, duration, or page session, and track the activities based on your configurations.

The plugin comes with configurable alerts and pushover notifications, which you can set to get notified when the average session duration,bounce rate, or traffic goes up or down from the specified condition.

Key Features

  • WordPress 3.5+ ready
  • Overview reports
  • Analytics on WordPress dashboard
  • All Analytics reports
  • Metrics report comparison
  • Date range report comparison
  • Line, Pie and Column chart reports
  • CSV and PDF export
  • Scheduled email notifications
  • Page and post reports
  • Frontend reports
  • Google Analytics tracking code and options
  • Goal management
  • Google Analytics Filters management
  • User and Role permissions to access reports
  • Custom Dimensions
  • Custom Reports
  • Ecommerce reportsGoogle AdSense report
  • Google AdSense reportGoogle AdWords report
  • Google AdWords reportTracking exclusions by roles and users
  • Tracking exclusions by roles and usersGoogle Analytics alerts
  • Google Analytics alertsPushover notifications
  • Pushover notifications