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Internal Link Juicer – Auto linker for WordPress

When it comes to internal linking, manual processes can be time-consuming, need to be tracked regularly and carry the risk of overlooking potential over time.

The Internal Link Juicer automates the whole process while providing a maximum of control over your built-up internal links. It is a powerful tool for your daily SEO work and additionally increases the usability of your website by pointing your audience to relevant content.

Once you have added potential keywords to your content, the Internal Link Juicer becomes active and takes care of the rest.

Try it out: The Internal Link Juicer is available in a free basic version. For those who want to achieve even more, there is a Pro version with a variety of additional tools for perfect internal linking of your website.

Key Features

  • Automated linking: set keywords for your posts and watch them automatically get linked
  • Diversify: a wide range of individual settings and an intelligent gap feature allows maximum diversity of built links
  • Speed matters: the plugin works with its own index – this ensures always fast loading times on your frontend
  • Stay on track: the statistics dashboard always keeps you up to date on the links that have been created
  • Full control over links: Individual posts that shouldn’t contain generated links can be added to the blacklist. Post types, which should be used for linking, can be whitelisted. Even manual placed links can be considered for automatic linking.

Key Pro version features

  • Custom link targets: Link to internal and external pages that are not managed by WordPress. With this, you link to affiliate links in no time at all.
  • Enabled taxonomies: Enables links from and to category and tag pages. With this, you cover 100% of your internal linking.
  • Supports manual optimization: With the Pro version, you can take your manually created links into account and exclude them from automatic linking on affected pages.
  • Ready for teams: Role-based access to keyword configuration allows you to let your editors work with the Internal Link Juicer.
  • Full support: You will receive prioritized premium email support from our experienced SEO and development team.