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Form Maker

WordPress Form Maker is a highly customizable, user friendly and responsive plugin for generating different kind of forms.You can create simple forms as well as multi-part forms for surveys, questionnaires, applications and registrations.

You can adjust every aspect of the forms such as colors, themes, design, dimensions, fonts, etc. You can make additional changes to the forms’ layout design as its theme CSS is open for editing.  It also includes a list of various pre-installed forms which can be saved as copies and later be edited for any purpose.


Form Maker plugin provides numerous form fields for creating forms such as text input field (name, password, address, email, number, phone form), time and date field, custom select and country select field, checkbox field for selecting from multiple choices, Captcha/ ReChaptcha field, Map, PayPal integration form field with the currency change possibility,  upload field, Required fields, and many other. You can choose the desired file type for file uploading and choose one of the  in PayPal. There is a preview option for the forms and themes and a form pagination feature which is used to cut the form in multiple parts.  The page redirection feature will allow you navigate to other forms or pages, and even to another website. You can move created forms fields within the same page, or move them from one page to another. “Submission” section provides detailed information such as submitter ID and IP address, date of the submission, number of submissions, etc. There is also a possibility for downloading forms and hiding/unhiding specific forms from the “submissions”. There is an option for adding/hiding conditional fields depending on the selection of particular answers. The “submissions” section also provides information about the number of form entries, views and the conversion rate for each separate form.

Key Features

  • Multiple pre-installed sample forms
  • Responsive layout and design
  • Limited up to 7 fields to add
  • Twelve form fields with detailed parameters for creating forms
  • Custom HTML with standard editor
  • Text Input form fields (included 10 different types)
  • Simple text to add a limited input field into the form
  • Password(protected input type form field) for signup forms
  • Text area allowing to shrunk the text form field wherever the text is longer than the field itself
  • Name form field with customizable field labels (this form field includes two formats: Normal (only first and last name included) and extended (with a possibility of adding up to four sections within a single form field)
  • Address form field with a chance to remove some of the fields from the form and possibility of editing field labels
  • Address (Mark on Map) to create an address form field using Google API integration
  • E-mail for providing emails (gets validated for the type during the form submission)
  • Number for numerical form field
  • Phone form field with a possibility to edit the field labels in the backend
  • Hidden fields
  • Time and Date form fields with a possibility of adding date pickers and time pickers for registration forms, booking and similar forms
  • Custom select and country select (drop-down lists)
  • Checkbox for multiple choices questions in the form
  • Radio button for single choice questions in the form
  • Captcha/ReCaptcha for using safer forms
  • Page break for form pagination
  • Section break for creating multi-section forms
  • Map for inserting Google Map into the form
  • Submit, Reset and Custom Button
  • 41 editable themes for different form designs
  • Up to seven field forms for free version
  • Form Layout changing possibility
  • IP blocking possibility
  • Unlimited number of form fields.
  • Add ons support.
  • PayPal form field with currency change possibility.
  • Upload file field.
  • Fully integrated with PayPal: two checkout modes (Test Mode and Production) and five form field types (Amount, Select, Checkbox, Radio, and Shipping)(commercial version of the Form Maker), possibility to use the form as a payment/donation form .
  • Google Maps API Integration, possibility to use the maps in two different form fields of the Form Maker.
  • Possibility to include tax percentage within PayPal options for the localization of the payment.