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Cardinal Store Locator

Cardinal Store Locator is a WordPress plugin that gives customers the ability to add a fully functional locator to a WordPress website. It is built on top of the jQuery Store Locator plugin and offers all of the same features as the jQuery plugin along with a WordPress dashboard settings page, the ability to add locations as a custom post type or other data source of your choosing and set up filtering based on taxonomies.


The plugin is aimed at developers with the amount of options and functionality available, but is accessible enough for non-developers to understand.

Key Features

Add locations with a new or existing custom post type
Use location data from existing KML, XML, or JSON on the local or a remote server
Map existing address and coordinate meta fields
Add search filters with address attributes and custom taxonomies
Add country select drop-down field
Implement custom map styling from Snazzy Maps or other source
Use custom category marker images
Use custom origin marker image
Inline directions from origin to destination
Display the locator in a modal window
Display paginated results
Feature specific locations in results
Override location list and infowindow markup with custom Handlebars templates
Add a maximum distance select drop-down field
Add a field to search locations by name
Select miles or kilometers as the unit of length
Choose between the four Google map types
Only display locations in the locations list that are visible on the map