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B2B & Wholesale Suite

B2B & Wholesale Suite is a complete wholesale plugin for WooCommerce with over 100+ features across 20 plugin modules. The extension bundles together dozens of plugins, turning a regular WooCommerce store into a fully-featured business-to-business shop. Furthermore, this extension bundles together dozens of small plugins, saving you money, and ensuring your shop runs smoothly and with a great performance as everything is controlled from a single central dashboard.

The suite will allow you to do everything a wholesale store needs, from hiding prices for guests, receiving quote requests, and negotiating with customers, to exempting users from tax, approving registrations, and setting up custom fees. Set up different shipping costs for business users, or show different terms and conditions to business and individual users. B2B & Wholesale Suite was built for versatility, aiming to fit every wholesale store, and equipped with hundreds of different functionalities for the price, discounts, tax, and store management.

Set up different payment and shipping methods for different user groups, create product bundles, or set up product visibility. For instance, the plugin will allow stores to show a single product to individual users but show cartons/packs to business users. Another powerful feature of the plugin is its ability to create tiered pricing setups, where users are incentivized to purchase in bulk by getting tiered discounts. Furthermore, the plugin automatically generates a tiered-price table, easily displaying the price setup to your customers.

B2B & Wholesale Suite has been vetted by the team and is sold in exclusive partnership with the official WooCommerce website. Furthermore, the extension comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, that will give you time to make sure the plugin is a great fit for your store and project.

Key Features:

  • Extended Business Registration & Custom Fields
  • Request a Quote with Customizable Forms
  • Tax Exemptions and VAT Validation
  • Wholesale Order Form – Bulk Order
  • Wholesale Prices & Discounts
  • Prices Including and Excluding Tax for B2B / B2C Users
  • Invoice Gateway – Buy Now, Pay Later
  • Content Restriction – Different Content for Different Users
  • Tiered Pricing and Automatic Tiered Price Table
  • Minimum Order, Custom Fees, Free Shipping, and many other rules
  • Different Prices for Different User Groups
  • Messaging and Discussions – Negotiate with Customers