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WooCommerce Private Store

WooCommerce Private Store is the easy way to protect and hide WooCommerce. Activate this WordPress plugin and password protect your WooCommerce shop in less than 2 minutes!

There are many reasons to create a WooCommerce private shop. Perhaps you want a WooCommerce members only store that is invisible from the public parts of your website. Maybe you’ll use it as a WooCommerce wholesale plugin for your trade customers. Do you have another reason to hide WooCommerce products so that only people with the password can see them?

Whatever your reason for wanting to password protect WooCommerce, the Private Store plugin is for you.

The plugin works by hiding WooCommerce behind a simple login page, similar to password protected pages and posts in WordPress. All elements of WooCommerce are protected including the main Shop page, product category archives, single product pages, tag archives, WooCommerce-related menu items and widgets. These are all hidden from the public areas of your website and if anyone tries to access the link directly, they are directed to the WooCommerce login page. After entering the password, your WooCommerce store is fully unlocked so that customers can find and buy products in the usual way. No one else will even know your hidden WooCommerce store exists, unless you choose to link to the store login page.

Key Features

  • WooCommerce private access plugin with easy-to-use password protection.
  • Whenever someone tries to access any part of your private shop, they’ll be directed to the WooCommerce store login page. Entering the password will unlock the hidden products, shop page, categories, tags and other content within.
  • WooCommerce login page with customizable content and submit button.
  • WooCommerce menu items and widgets are hidden until a user enters the correct password.
  • Hides ALL WooCommerce private content from search engines, sitemaps and the on-site WordPress search.
  • No need to create maintain separate logins for each customer – you can protect WooCommerce with one simple password.
  • Works with any WordPress theme.
  • Developed and supported by top UK WordPress agency Barn2 Media (est. 2009).

Note: This WooCommerce private shop plugin hides your entire store. If you just want to password protect parts of WooCommerce or make specific categories private, check out the WooCommerce Password Protected Categories plugin instead.