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Advanced Coupons for WooCommerce

Advanced Coupons for WooCommerce will extend the coupon features in your store so that you can run any kind of deal you want.

It enhances the feature set of the standard WooCommerce coupons which enables you to do interesting things like:

  • Test for certain conditions prior to applying a coupon (Cart Conditions)
  • Easily create schedules for coupons and define messages if customers are too early/late in using it
  • Run Buy One Get One (BOGO) style deals easily (a deal you can’t easily do in WooCommerce normally!)
  • Automatically apply coupons based on whether the customer’s cart satisfies the conditions
  • Show one-click apply notifications where customers see a nice message and a button to apply the coupon
  • Restrict coupons to certain user roles
  • Apply coupons via visiting a unique URL
  • … plus much more!

Imagine being able to enforce whether a customer can use a coupon or not based on what they have in their cart, whether they’re logged in or not, what their user role is or even whether they’ve purchased some particular product in the past!

Combine our plugin with automated emails to target customers and watch your conversion rate on coupons literally EXPLODE. Nothing excites customers more than targeted deals that are specifically given to them based on their activities.

Now you can finally get creative with the deals that you run on your WooCommerce store.

Get this WooCommerce Advanced Coupons extension today and you’ll be up and running within minutes.

Key Features

  • Run any kind of deal in WooCommerce
  • Extends the standard WooCommerce coupon features with new features
  • Restrict usage of coupons by cart conditions
  • Run BOGO style deals
  • Auto apply coupons
  • And much more!