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Abandoned Cart Pro for WooCommerce

It’s a persistent worry among sellers online – abandoned orders. How to ensure that people don’t abandon their cart, and if they do, they return to it? While the reasons for cart abandonment are many, from higher-than-expected prices to complicated checkout processes, we now have a solution.

The Abandoned Cart plugin for WooCommerce helps customers recover potentially lost sales by sending reminder emails and messages via text or Facebook, to customers after they have abandoned their orders. Sellers can do everything, from capturing their email addresses and phone numbers, to creating fixed schedules and templates for the emails and messages, as also including coupon codes and discounts to incentivise customers to complete their purchase.

Available in a lite and a premium version, this plugin has helped over 30000 sellers to not just cut losses but also track which of their products are most likely to be abandoned and recovered and take steps accordingly, with respect to product modification or stocking.

Key Features

  • Send abandoned cart emails to customers, admin or to external email addresses
  • Identify and track all information about the abandoned carts
  • Capture emails early with the add to cart popup
  • Recover carts from anywhere with cross-device rebuilding
  • Add custom variables like customer name, cart information and coupon codes in the email templates