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Product Redirection for WooCommerce Pro

Having inventory problems can be frustrating, sometimes you may think it’s simply easier to delete the product, but this can hurt your SEO. With Product Redirections for WooCommerce Pro, we make managing your redirects for your WooCommerce products easier. Stop redirecting your WooCommerce products through htaccess! In fact, redirecting can result in a lower page rank as well as an increase in bounce rate. When customers come to a product from a search engine that you redirected, they may think your site is broken, and “bounce” back to the search engine. Instead, give the customers a notice that grabs their attention. By doing this, you’ll make them aware that not only is the product out of stock but that you have similar products in the product’s category.


  • Popup on the deletion of product advising to setup redirect or notice
  • Redirect, display a notice, or add a landing page for products
  • Option to display recommended products below the notice
  • Option to display a notice for out of stock products
  • Option to display recommended products for out of stock products
  • Build around Advanced Custom Fields, which means if you already have this installed you won’t have to worry about additional logic for handling redirects.