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Display Flickr Photos on Your Site Using These 14 Best WordPress Plugins

Last Updated on August 24th, 2023

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Do you want to put your Flickr photos on your WordPress site?

Then, there’s no need to look elsewhere. These WordPress Flickr plugins will undoubtedly assist in displaying your Flickr photos on your WordPress site. It’s a fact that users prefer websites that demonstrate creativity and focus on design. And, if that’s what you’re looking to achieve, WordPress Flickr plugins are an excellent way to improve the look and feel of your website. 

Each Flickr plugin has its own set of features and functionalities. You can redesign and reshape your website with the help of WordPress Flickr plugins to give it a new look. This method will help you get more user engagement for a longer period of time.

Check out the WordPress and Gallery Plugins with Flickr options, and choose your favorite from the list below.

But, before we look into that, let’s look at some common reasons to include a Flickr plugin on your WordPress site.

Reasons to Add a Flickr Plugin to a WordPress Website

Did you know all free legacy WordPress websites have just 1GB of storage? 

You’ll get 6GB if you upgrade to the Personal plan, but this isn’t enough if you want to upload hundreds of photos to your site. 

That’s where Flickr plugins come in, as they allow you to save space on your server by displaying images stored on this photo-sharing platform. 

You can upload up to a thousand photos (under 200MB) or videos (under 1GB) to your Flickr account even if you’re on the platform’s free plan. 

Hence, installing a WordPress Flickr plugin will enable you to add high-resolution images to your site without sacrificing valuable storage space on the server. 

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These plugins aren’t only useful for photographers who want to showcase the best work on their websites. They allow bloggers and WP site owners to source images, and create galleries with photos stored on an external server. Don’t forget that you can only feature Flickr photos with privacy settings set to public on WordPress websites.

nextgen image gallery wordpress flickr plugin

Since 2007, NextGEN Gallery has been the industry’s standard WordPress gallery plugin, with over 1.5 million new downloads per year. It’s simple enough for basic photo galleries but powerful enough for photographers, visual artists, and imaging professionals. 

NextGEN provides a complete WordPress gallery management system on the back end, including the ability to batch upload photos, import metadata, add/delete/rearrange/sort photos, edit thumbnails, group galleries into albums, and more.

On the front end, NextGEN’s free version includes three gallery styles (slideshow, thumbnail, and image browser galleries), and two album styles (compact and extended), each with a variety of controls for controlling size, style, timing, transitions, controls, lightbox effects, and more.


  • Starts at $79


  • Proofreading for the client.
  • Selling physical prints or digital downloads. 
  • Heavy-duty image management, including the ability to upload images via FTP rather than the WordPress dashboard.
  • The automated Print Fulfillment option is available on NextGEN Pro.


  • The main problem is that NextGEN Gallery has a steep learning curve due to its incredibly non-intuitive user interface.
  • Free version limited to two styles for galleries and albums

Go to Nextgen Image Gallery

envira gallery flickr plugin for wordpress

One of the most popular and high-quality photo gallery plugins in the WordPress plugin repository is Envira Gallery, a responsive WordPress plugin. This easy-to-use, fast, and powerful drag-and-drop photo gallery plugin has a simple user interface. You’ll also get several templates to help you with your gallery editing. 

Envira will add the “Envira Gallery” option to your WordPress dashboard after installation. Setting up and adding photos to your gallery is easy and fun. A gallery theme is available in the free version. The plugin focuses on image and gallery load times, web and server performance, SEO, and conversion. 


  • Basic plan – $14/year
  • Plus – $34/year
  • Pro – $49/year
  • Lifetime – $269/year


  • The gallery dashboard is simple and easy to use, with tabbed controls. 
  • WooCommerce monetization integration.
  • Watermarking and password protection are used to protect images.
  • The plugin offers video support.


  • The free version isn’t exactly packed with features. 
  • The cheapest premium version also doesn’t provide much.

Go to Envira Gallery

3. Global Gallery

You don’t have to be a professional website designer to create an image gallery with Global Gallery. This WordPress Flickr Gallery plugin features seven lightboxes and four gallery layouts you can easily adjust to your website’s visual style. 

It also allows you to source images from Google Drive, Pinterest, Twitter, local servers, or Flickr. Moreover, adding tags to photos, watermarking images, or creating image paginations are among the features this simple and powerful plugin offers. 

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Global Gallery doesn’t limit the number of galleries or images you can add to a WordPress website. 


  • $35 for the regular license
  • $79 for the extended license


  • Users can import images from various sources.
  • The SEO deeplink engine powers the plugin’s gallery and collection systems.  
  • It integrates with Divi, Elementor, and WPBakery. 
  • Straightforward image watermarking system.


  • Short trial period.
  • Automated updates are not included in all subscription plans.

Go to Global Gallery

photo gallery by 10 web wordpress flickr plugin

It is one of the best WordPress Flickr plugins if you’re looking for a user-friendly and feature-rich plugin for adding responsive galleries and albums to your website. It’s easy to use but powerful, allowing you to make everything from simple to complex photo galleries.

Photo Gallery includes a variety of stunning layout options, gallery and album views, multiple widgets, and a number of extensions to expand its functionality. WordPress Photo Gallery is an excellent choice for photography websites and blogs, as well as sites that require large image galleries with simple navigation.


  • It offers a free version.
  • Premium version starts from $ 30 / year for single sites.


  • The Photo Gallery plugin includes a lightbox with 15 transition effects, full-width view options, and filmstrips that can be customized. 
  • Thumbnails, Masonry, Mosaic, Slideshow, Image Browser, Carousel, Blog Style, and more are available in the premium version of Photo Gallery. 
  • Photo Gallery organizes your photos by tagging them and displays multiple galleries in well-organized gallery groups.


  • The cheapest premium option only provides support for 6 months.
  • External image repository upload options depend on the subscription plan

Go to Photo Gallery by 10 web

There are also a few free WordPress Flickr Plugins on the market. 

flickr album gallery plugin for wordpress

Flickr JS API is used to power the Flickr Album Image Gallery. To embed Flickr album on your WordPress blog site, use the Flickr image gallery plugin. To publish Flickr Albums on your WordPress Blog website, you can use your own Flickr API and Flickr Album ID.

The Flickr album gallery plugin uses a smooth transition to display your Flickr album images on your WordPress website, giving your visitors a relaxing experience. Enough time, effort, and money have been spent developing this plugin, showing customer satisfaction and positive feedback. The Flickr Album Gallery plugin is straightforward to use, and comes with extensive documentation.


  • There’s a free version
  • Premium version – $10 


  • Layout for a Responsive Bootstrap Gallery. 
  • On album thumbnails, there are eight mouse hover effects and animations. 
  • An album that is SEO friendly


  • The free version of the plugin doesn’t allow users to adjust the thumbnail image size.
  • Masonry layout is only available with the plugin’s Pro version.

Go to Flickr Album Gallery

6. Album Photostream Profile for Flickr

album photostream profile for flickr plugin for wordpress

This WordPress Flickr gallery plugin is based on PHP API and built with bootstrap responsive CSS. This plugin can display your Flickr account’s albums and photostream.

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You can customize how your profile appears on your website using the WordPress plugin, and you can use the built-in Widget in the theme’s sidebar area to paste the shortcode into the text widget. Simply fill out the API Setting page with your User ID and API Key, and you’re ready to start creating galleries. The plugin is simple to use for both new and experienced WordPress users.


  • FREE
  • $25 for a personal license 
  • $99 for a business license 
  • $149 for a developer license


  • Several columns to support large desktops, desktops, tablets, and smartphones
  • With a custom CSS field, you can make it as unique as you want
  • Create a slideshow with multiple galleries on the same page
  • Great technical support


  • Limited customization option 
  • Users cannot choose how many images they want to include in a photostream

Go to Album Photostream Profile for Flickr

7. Meks Simple Flickr Widget

meks simple flickr widget for wordpress

It is a Flickr widget for WordPress that works inside the widget section. It isn’t necessary to obtain permission before using it; you only need to provide your user ID.

You can also change the thumbnail size to suit your needs. Cashing systems have also been integrated for optimal performance. It is compatible with WordPress versions 3.0 and higher, and the plugin has been thoroughly tested up to version 6.1.3.


  • FREE


  • There is no need for authorization (only provide your user ID).
  • Supports both individual Flickr users as well as Flickr group.
  • Change the size of the thumbnail.
  • For improved performance, a caching system has been integrated.


  • Fewer features than some other paid options.

Go to Meks Simple Flickr Widget

8. Animated Live Wall

animated live wall flickr plugin for wordpress

If you want to display your photo feeds from social platforms like Instagram and Flickr, or show your artwork with a great-looking animated gallery, then an Animated Live Wall wall is the perfect solution for you. It can display your feed album in an eye-catching animated layout on any page. 

With CSS animations such as fade, scale, and hide show, the animated live wall can create animated switching photos with a specific time interval. 

With a masonry layout, you can also display your Instagram gallery or Flickr feed. The Animated Live Wall also includes a lovely Lightbox that allows you to view your gallery in a larger popup mode.

The Animated Live Wall is a fantastic responsive gallery that adapts to your device’s display resolution, i.e., it can automatically adjust its size to fit your screen. You can choose from various thumbnails and column sizes with this plugin. You can add video, text, and links to your animated wall in addition to images. 


  • There’s a free version
  • $29 for a personal license ( 1 website)
  • $116 for a business license (up to five websites)
  • $261 for a developer license (up to ten websites)


  • You can easily change image titles with this WordPress plugin, and you can choose between “gap” and “no gap” options to display or hide spaces between your media. 
  • Advanced users can also use the Custom CSS field to make changes according to their requirements and needs.
  • Add unlimited images from Instagram, Flickr, or your own site.


  • For more professional sites, the animation may be too exotic.
  • The plugin might slow down your website

Go to Animated Live Wall

photonic gallery wordpress flickr plugin

Photonic takes the WordPress gallery and boosts it with a slew of new features. It adds support for several new sources and parameters, allowing you to improve the content and appearance of your galleries.

Flickr photos, albums, galleries, and collections are supported, as are Google photos and albums, SmugMug folders, albums, and images; Zenfolio photos, Photosets, and Groups; and Instagram photos. Authentication can also be set up so that visitors can see private and protected photos from each provider.

The plugin features a broad spectrum of JQuery-based and Pure JS libraries, allowing you to create lightboxes quickly. 


  • FREE


  • You can grant the user the ability to make some photos private or public.
  • It’s compatible with the Gutenberg editor as well as gallery shortcodes. 
  • It is compatible with WordPress versions 4.9 and higher.
  • The plugin offers support for externally hosted videos.


  • A bit difficult to use.

Go to Photonic Gallery

10. Flagallery Photo Portfolio

flagallery photo portfolio flickr plugin for wordpress

Flagallery Photo Portfolio is yet another competitive and powerful WordPress gallery plugin. It also has the capability of making audio playlists. This doesn’t apply to every type of website, but it’s a nice addition to a feature-rich package.


  • 1 site – $29


  • For easy image management, there’s a batch upload option. 
  • In the free version, there are some appealing basic display options. 
  • Extra display options abound in premium. 
  • It’s simple to use and has a low entry barrier. 
  • Premium includes well-known sliders.


  • Issues arise from time to time putting the gallery together.

Go to Flagallery Photo Portfolio

11. Modula

modula wordpress flickr plugin

Photographers, designers, and creatives can use Modula to create photo and video galleries highlighting their work. 

The plugin is free to download from WordPress.org, or you can upgrade to the premium version, which is recommended for professionals. For example, the premium version allows you to watermark your photos automatically, and disable right clicks, preventing others from saving (and stealing) them.

The plugin is compatible with Gutenberg, and supports Elementor and Divi integrations. It offers three gallery styles and allows users to adjust image size, border radius, and countless other gallery and image settings.


  • Starter Plan – $34/year
  • Trio Plan – $64/year
  • Business Plan – $94/year
  • Agency Plan – $124/year


  • Choose from various hover effects to make your photo collections and albums more dynamic for prospects and clients. 
  • Use the right-click protection and watermark features to prevent your work from being stolen.
  • By enabling the SpeedUp extension, you can display your visual content from your site without sacrificing site speed. 


  • Password Protect and SpeedUp are not available on the Starter plan.

Go to Modula

gmedia photo gallery flickr plugin for wordpress

Gmedia Photo Gallery deserves a spot on this list of the best WordPress Flickr plugins simply because of its mobile app. When you combine powerful display features, various image options, Gutenberg block integration, a related gallery posts option, a widget, comments, and support for music within galleries, you have every reason to give this plugin a try. 

You can create galleries, upload unlimited images, play audio within the gallery, create multiple albums and galleries, and manage them with tags in the free version of Gmedia Photo Gallery.

The premium version includes a WaveForm music player, GMediaCloud tool, and a mobile app that allows you to upload and manage galleries, use Google Maps for geolocation, protect images, allow commenting, and much more.


  • There’s a free version.
  • The premium license starts at $23.99 per year.


  • Admin panel allows you to share images, albums, tags, and galleries. 
  • Create custom gallery query filters based on your preferences. 
  • Album Cover Gallery is mobile-friendly and responsive.


  • Gmedia Photo Gallery has a steeper learning curve than some others.
  • There is no eCommerce option.

Go to Gmedia Photo Gallery

gt3 photo and video gallery flickr plugin for wordpress

With its custom Gutenberg blocks, GT3 Photo Gallery is fully compatible with the Gutenberg editor. It’s a free WordPress photo gallery plugin that lets you enhance the functionality of the standard WordPress image gallery. Using the global GT3 photo gallery settings panel, as well as the custom settings of each gallery, you can easily customize the look and feel of any photo or video gallery. 

With ease, create a fantastic look for your photo galleries. The current version of the GT3 photo and video gallery plugin is compatible with the latest Gutenberg block editor versions. You can easily add image and video galleries to your website using GT3 Gutenberg blocks.


  • There’s a free version.


  • The photo and video galleries are fully responsive on all devices. 
  • The gallery is integrated into the pages, blog posts, and other areas of the site. 
  • In the settings, you can choose from a variety of style options.


  • Freemium forcing you to buy the pro version. 
  • Limited features in the free version.
  • Image optimization is premium only.

Go to GT3 Photo and Video Gallery

wordpress photo gallery plugin by gallery bank

One of the most popular WordPress gallery plugins is Gallery Bank’s WordPress Photo Gallery Plugin. It has many features, including various gallery and album options, Ajax compatibility, shortcode editing options, unlimited images and galleries, and the ability to build out the gallery using image metadata.

Most importantly, the plugin supports video and photo uploads from external sources, including Flickr, YouTube, and Facebook.


  • It has an impressive free version.
  • Premium version – €29.99 
  • Agency – €99.99


  • There are more features in this plugin than in most other WordPress photo gallery plugins. 
  • The free version has an impressive feature set. 
  • It is user-friendly.
  • Powerful gallery management option 


  • It may take some time to get your head around all of the features.

Go to WordPress Photo Gallery Plugin by Gallery Bank

Frequently Asked Questions about WordPress Flickr Plugins 

How Do I Embed Flickr Photos in WordPress?

You don’t need a Flickr account to embed a photo published on this platform on your website. Moreover, you won’t have to install a WordPress Flickr plugin if you already have the Gutenberg block editor. 

You can also use the WordPress Block Editor’s Embed option. In either case, you’ll have to take these steps: 

  • Find a Flickr photo you want to embed and copy its URL 
  • Go to the WordPress dashboard and create a new post or page
  • Click on the Plus Once the Block Editor screen loads 
  • Search for the Flickr block, place it on the new page and paste the photo’s URL into the textbox
  • The editor will show you the image preview if you successfully embedded the picture 

How Do I Add a Flickr Album to WordPress?

The Flickr Embed block allows you to embed images and albums you discover on this photo-sharing platform. 

Once you find an album, you want to add it to your WordPress site, copy its URL, and go to the WordPress Block Editor. Find the Flickr block, insert it to a page or post, and paste the link into the block’s textbox. The editor will display the album’s first image, but you can use the Next and Previous arrows to browse the photos.

What’s your favorite WordPress Flickr Plugin?

Our favorite plugin is Flickr Gallery. It is a simple, quick, and light plugin for creating a photo gallery on your computer. On your WordPress-enabled website, create a gallery of your Flickr photos. This plugin aims to provide a simple yet customizable way to create professional-looking Flickr photos.

Wrapping Up!

So, above are some of the best Flickr WordPress plugins that you can use to display images from your Flickr account on your website. Some of the plugins mentioned in this article are free to use, while others require a fee. 

Some of them allow you to add Flickr images to a slider to showcase them in a better way. There are also other WordPress Flickr plugins that assist you in creating a gallery of your choice. 

Apart from that, you can use the other add-ons mentioned in this article to display the images and videos from your other social media accounts.

All we ask is that you try these plugins with an open mind, and choose the best one for your needs! Let us know if you have any questions! :)

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