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14 Best WordPress Admin Themes for a Personalized and Organized Dashboard

Last Updated on February 28th, 2023


WordPress has shaken up the publishing world with its modern publishing capabilities. Having changed the way people access online content, WordPress allows startups and new businesses to publish their own professional marketing platforms. Now dreamers and bloggers are collaborating to create and publish their artistic vision all over the world.

Why is WordPress the best blogging foundation and content management system? It’s because it’s easy to use, maintain, and publish. WordPress has revolutionized online writing.

However, in a virtual sea of WordPress themes, there aren’t a lot of WordPress admin themes. This is surprising, as they are important in reducing clutter to give your users a smooth, enjoyable experience. A good dashboard plugin will help you create a streamlined website, online store, or app. They can increase traffic and track metrics. You can even set a dashboard admin to schedule, rotate, or delete content to keep your website clean and fresh.

For these reasons, you are going to want to research the best WordPress administration themes. These WordPress dashboard themes presented in this article are worthy of your review. We’ve looked out for themes that are responsive, customizable, and cross-device compatible.

1. Adminify

adminify wordpress dashboard theme

WP Adminify is a powerful tool that makes WordPress dashboard customization an easy and smooth experience. This lightweight plugin comes with 18 super modules that help you manage and organize your WordPress admin panel. Among these modules is the Admin Columns module which lets you transform your admin dashboard into streamlined overviews. Meanwhile, the Google Pagespeed Insights module provides the necessary information that can help you improve the performance of your website.

Here are just some of this plugin’s handy key features:

  • RTL Ready
  • Multisite Support
  • WPML support
  • Dark & Light Mode
  • Admin Footer Customization
  • Memory Limit & Usage in Footer
  • Vertical & Horizontal Dashboard Menu
  • Multiple Menu Style & Mode
  • Google Font For Dashboard
  • and more!

If you’re interested in trying out WP Adminify, there is a free version that provides all the basic features. The paid package unlocks exclusive features, 1 year of updates, and dedicated support. The plans start at $79 for one site, $99 for 3 sites, and $849 for 100 sites.

Go To WP Adminify

2. WPShapere

wpshapere wordpress admin themes

The WPShapere plugin will help you dominate your admin dashboard. You can choose from 16 pre-built templates, and the color scheme is customizable. Check out some of the other key features for this theme:

  • Flat default design
  • Custom logo compatible
  • White label branding & emails
  • RTL Compatibility
  • Custom login theme
  • Dashboard widgets are customizable
  • Unwanted widgets can be hidden
  • Admin Bar elements can be managed
  • Automatic background updates can be enabled/disabled
  • Contact form 7
  • Visual Composer
  • WP Super cache
  • WP Total cache
  • WooCommerce
  • Detailed documentation

This WordPress administration theme will let you customize your admin dashboard with your brand. It has an easy-to-navigate interface, and the elements are manageable.

Go to WPShapere

3. Ultra

ultra custom admin dashboard wordpress plugin

Ultra is a WordPress administration theme with 30 pre-built admin themes. Your dashboard will come to life with its White Label branding features. This plugin has both RTL and LTR modes, so it is translation-ready. Ultra is compatible with all major browsers.

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4. Ultimate Dashboard

ultimate dashboard wordpress admin themes

Ultimate Dashboard has been aptly named. It is one of the best WordPress admin themes out there. It is a lightweight theme that will remove any clutter or bloat from your website. You can then choose the custom widgets that will work best for you, leading to an excellent customer experience.

Ultimate Dashboard has both free and pro versions. Either will let you take control of your WordPress dashboard. Then you can work on getting your content and brand out there.

Go to Ultimate Dashboard

5. Slate Admin Theme

slate admin theme custom admin dashboard wordpress plugin

The Slate admin theme can be used to improve an admin dashboard.  It would create a compact experience so the user can focus on content. There will be no need to manage themes and plugins. Slate focuses on the content, so it’s easy to write and edit with this dashboard. Over 2000 bloggers rank this as an excellent choice for a WordPress admin template.

The default admin dashboard in WordPress can be cluttered, and it can be difficult for beginners to see all their options. The 10up senior front-end engineer, Ryan Sommers, fixed this issue by designing a minimalist WordPress admin theme that helps you focus on writing content. This free WordPress.org theme is highly recommended for good reason.

Go to Slate Admin Theme

6. Client Dash

 client dash wp admin theme

If you need to customize your WordPress dashboard, Client Dash is the plugin for you. Using the Client Dash Customize Admin tool, you can add, remove, rearrange, and customize your dashboard widgets. Customizing your dashboard has never been easier, and your users will notice the difference. The designers of Client Dash are open to suggestions in their effort to continue improving this theme.

Go to Client Dash

7. Flatty – Flat Admin Theme

 flatty – flat admin theme wordpress dashboard customize plugin

Flatty-Flat Admin Theme is a modern minimalist admin plugin. Besides improving your admin dashboard, this theme also restyles your login page.

This free WordPress admin template allows you to use a custom login logo and login backdrop, which will help you build your brand. Flatty is a Bootstrap theme that features WordPress white-labeling, and has been tested with the below popular platforms:

  • Jetpack
  • Akismet
  • Yoast SEO
  • W3 Total Cache
  • Woocommerce
  • Broken link checker
  • Yoo Theme Professional
  • Divi Theme
  • Ninja Forms

Your customers will appreciate the customer service help box, and you will be thrilled with the strong code and responsive user interface.

Go to Flatty – Flat Admin Theme

8. Tamed

tamed wordpress dashboard customize plugin

If you’re a blogger looking for a modern WordPress admin template, then this is a good plugin. It incorporates an eye-catching design into the dashboard sidebar and is a good theme for new users, as it is easy to navigate.

Tamed is a free WordPress dashboard theme but there is now a pro version with extra features and design improvements. The pro version also provides support and updates. 

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9. Crown

 crown wordpress dashboard theme

Crown can help you to create a powerful dashboard. It boasts quite a few features to spruce up your admin area, including these:

  • Over 30 jQuery plugins
  • 23 HTML pages
  • 10 Preloaded backgrounds
  • Wizards
  • 10 Button colors
  • Validations
  • Over 15 Content widgets
  • WYSIWYG uploaders

Go to Crown

10. Firstr

firstr wordpress admin themes

Firstr allows you to make customizations to your admin bar and dashboard. Check out just a few of the features you will receive with the Firstr:

  • Custom admin logo
  • Hide admin name
  • Hide quick links
  • Rename/remove the menu/submenu on the left
  • Custom login page logo
  • Change page background color/image
  • Change admin footer text and version
  • Change the icons and colors
  • Disable open-sans font from Google Webfont api
  • Import/Export

Go to Firstr

11. AG Custom Theme

ag custom theme wordpress dashboard customize plugin

Absolutely Glamorous Custom Admin is a WordPress dashboard theme that lives up to its name. It would be a good fit for a blogger wanting to customize their admin panel, admin menus, admin bar, or login web page.

Branding is vital for a successful blog and Absolutely Glamorous will help you create and maintain your brand. You can use the built-in colorizer to spice up the color of your background and content. All of these features, and many more, come with this free WordPress admin theme.

Go to AG Custom Theme

 legacy admin wordpress dashboard theme

An impressive selection of fully customizable themes, unlimited styling options, and access to hundreds of fonts are among the Legacy Admin’s highlights. 

Aside from using pre-designed themes, you can also create a custom theme and choose the layout that best fits your dashboard. Legacy Admin offers a variety of white labeling options that allow you to customize the Admin top bar, footer, and login window.  

Moreover, you can easily upload your logo and use it as a favicon on the website’s backend. Legacy Admin’s users can drag and drop menus to change their position, create custom menus or remove them from the dashboard. 

Other noteworthy features this theme offers are: 

  • Multisite compatibility 
  • Importing and exporting the settings 
  • CSS customization for the admin menu
  • Built-in login screen 
  • Font and line adjustments 

Using this admin theme for free isn’t an option, and you must either purchase the regular license for $23 or the extended license for $120 if you want to install it on your website.

Go Legacy Admin

13. Metronic

material wp admin theme

Metronic is much more than a simple theme that lets you customize the appearance of your website’s dashboard. It offers more than forty layout options and a layout builder that lets you create a unique dashboard. 

Metronic is compatible with HTML, React, Angular, Vue, and countless other frameworks. You can use it to build dashboards for healthcare, digital marketing, and membership websites, The theme is built on Bootstrap 5. 

In addition, Metronic can help you automate tasks, create dynamic HTML tables or make event calendars. Its features also include traffic analytics, finance analytics, and email marketing. It comes with 46 ready-to-use demos you can easily add to a WordPress website. 

Metronic’s regular license costs just $49 but you cannot use it on sites that charge end-users for their products. The extended license is considerably more expensive, and you must spend $969 if you want to implement Metronic on a site that charges its users for products or services.

Go Metronic

14. Material WP

Arguably, the theme’s biggest downside is that you cannot test it for free. However, you’ll get a 30-day money-back guarantee when you buy one of Material WP’s plans. The Starter plan costs $19 per year and gives you permission to use the theme on just one domain. 

The Plus package enables the user to install the theme on three domains and it costs $39. The Pro and Lifetime plans come with a license to use Material WP on unlimited websites and you can get them for $69 per year or a $139 one-time payment. 

Each plan includes the theme’s core features and updates which means that your ability to customize the theme’s colors or rearrange menus on the dashboard won’t depend on the plan you choose. 

Besides changing the theme’s colors, you can also upload a background image and your brand’s logo, or export settings. Material WP is responsive and it offers RTL support. 

The theme allows admins to apply the same styling options on multiple websites, but you must buy the Pro plan if you want to use Material WP on more than three domains.

Go Material WP

Frequently Asked Questions about WordPress Admin Themes

How Do I Create an Admin Theme in WordPress?

The dashboard, like all other parts of a WordPress site, is customizable. You can change its appearance by either installing a theme or altering the CSS code. 

A theme like Material WP or Ultimate Dashboard lets you choose the color pattern you like, disable menus you don’t use, and create new ones. Moreover, these themes allow you to remove WordPress branding and replace it with your own logos and favicons. 

Alternatively, you can try inserting custom code into the Admin Stylesheet but you shouldn’t attempt to edit this file unless you have considerable coding experience.

Can I Customize the WordPress Admin Panel?

All sections of the WordPress admin panel are customizable. If you’re fluent in HTML and CSS you can add background images, change the menu order or add your company’s logo by altering the website’s core files. 

Plugins and themes enable you to customize the dashboard without touching the code. Still, over-customizing the admin panel isn’t advisable because you may end up slowing down the website’s backend. 

In addition, you can use the dashboard’s Screen Options to choose which features are displayed in each menu. However, Screen Options don’t allow admins to hide menus or change the admin panel’s colors.

What is the Best Admin Template?

To answer this question you must first know how and why you want to use an admin template.

A framework like Metronic that offers a variety of demos is probably your best option if you want to build a custom admin panel for a niche website. But, Metronic isn’t a good solution for members of the WP community that don’t have a lot of coding experience. 

Ultimate Dashboard and Material WP themes give you full control over your site’s backend and they aren’t as difficult to use as Metronic. 

Hence, you can easily change the dashboard’s color pattern, remove all WordPress branding and create a custom login page for members of your team by installing these admin templates. 

How Do I Change My Admin Theme?

The fastest way to change the admin theme without writing code or installing a plugin is to choose a different color scheme. Here’s what you need to do: 

  • Open your site’s admin panel and navigate to the Users menu
  • Go to the Profile page and find the Admin Color Scheme option 
  • Choose the color scheme you like and click the Update Profile button to save the changes

Selecting a new color scheme won’t remove WordPress branding or affect the order in which menus appear on the dashboard. You must install an admin template or a plugin if you want to have access to white labeling options and delete menus you’re not using. 


These 14 WordPress admin themes have shown the power of having a good dashboard plugin and can help you remove bloat and create an improved user experience. They can help you to track metrics and keep your content fresh and interesting.

Modern users want to see a brand theme maintained on all devices and browsers, so look for this feature in your dashboard plugin choice. The right dashboard will be customizable and fully responsive. If you are new to WordPress admin themes, look for one that is easy to use, perhaps one that doesn’t require you to learn too much code.

Once you have the right WordPress administration theme, you will see your metrics start to soar. You can focus on interesting and eye-catching content. Your WordPress dashboard theme will help you to track these numbers. It will calculate the revenue generated, total sales, and new users registered. Use these metrics to decide how to continue to customize and improve your dashboard.

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