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Woocommerce Is Now Woo: A Fresh And Catchy Rebranding

Last Updated on November 1st, 2023

What originally began as ‘Domainween’ by David Callaway, (which he still prefers to call it as) WooCommerce has come a long way! With a bevy of offerings ranging from platform integration products to agency programs and partnerships, WooCommerce has evolved to be the unified solution for a whole lot of WordPress websites out there!

In view of taking the next step as a be-all, end-all solution to e-commerce, WooCommerce recently changed its brand name to a shorter, Woo. The handy, punchier moniker is what their customers have been calling them for years now. And thus, going ‘Woo’ was already on the horizon of the company!

Beginning with WooCommerce Payments now would be known as WooPayments, all of their other products are in queue to be shortened in much similar fashion, for better connecting their core software, extensions, and programs!

This simplified naming system is just to make communicating in much simpler terms, with no impacts on any product’s performances or implementations. Should there be any such issue, Woo is already in the process of setting up a “Happiness Engineers” division to look into resolving your problems in no time!

At most here is what you can expect after the rechristening to “Woo”:

They’re tackling all of the technical changes as required.

Changes to extension names are automatic, without requiring any or no action at all!

Woo merchants may see a note about the domain name change in their dashboards or emails, which doesn’t require any necessary action.

Woo’s partners, vendors, and developers have already been notified about the change.

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