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Weekly WordPress News: WPLift Officially Joins the UnlimitedWP Family

Last Updated on October 19th, 2023


UnlimitedWP has announced the acquisition of WPLift, a popular WordPress media site renowned for its news, reviews, and tutorials related to WordPress, which attracts thousands of daily visitors.

This move is aimed at allowing the brand to give back to the WordPress community, which has been instrumental in establishing UnlimitedWP as a leader in white-label WordPress development services.

According to Ronik Patel, the founder of UnlimitedWP, the acquisition is a testament to the company’s commitment to the WordPress community. Having built a thriving business with over 90 team members solely on WordPress, the brand has developed a strong affinity for the people and brands that constitute the WordPress ecosystem.

As such, they have been actively seeking ways to give back to the community, and what better way than by sharing their experience and expertise through a media platform?

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