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NameHero Review: Is It the A Worthy Host For WordPress Sites?

Last Updated on August 31st, 2023

Are you on the hunt for a WordPress hosting provider that doesn’t make you want to scream into a pillow? Believe me, I feel your pain. A lot of providers make some pretty fancy claims but fail to deliver the goods. 

But don’t you worry, because NameHero is here to save the day (and your website). This hosting provider is like a secret weapon in your arsenal, with features that are so easy to use, it’ll make your head spin. And their speed? It’s like they’ve got a secret stash of caffeine that they inject directly into their servers.

In this hands-on review of NameHero, we’ll go over everything you need to know to make an informed decision about hosting your site with them. Plus, I’ll share the deets on a new package they’re launching in a few weeks’ time. So, let’s see what this hosting company has in store for WordPress users.

Ease of use

Navigating NameHero’s interface is a breeze with its clean and simple layout. As soon as you log in, you’ll find your essential account information, contacts, and quick links to essential settings.

One aspect that I appreciated was the middle panel displaying my active services and support tickets, making it easy to keep track of ongoing tasks.

namehero cpanel

NameHero’s cPanel is also a welcome sight, similar to other hosting providers like ChemiCloud and FastComet, and comes with all the necessary features to manage your hosting. Plus, with the Softaculous application installer, setting up WordPress or other popular CMS platforms like Joomla and Magento is a snap.


NameHero offers a bunch of features to make your life easier. These include:

Auto WordPress installation

NameHero makes it incredibly easy to get up and running with WordPress.  Upon purchasing your WordPress Hosting package, WordPress is auto-installed and your login credentials are emailed to you for convenience.

Free Website Migration 

Switching hosts? No problem. NameHero offers free website migrations without any downtime. Just request a migration and let NameHero take care of the rest, including setting up SSL for your site. It’s hassle-free and ensures a seamless transition to your new hosting home.

NVMe Drives for Lightning-Fast Speeds

NameHero goes above and beyond with their SSD storage service, powered by NVMe drives. These cutting-edge drives double the storage capacity and make resource-intensive sites like WordPress run lightning-fast. Say goodbye to slow loading times and hello to an optimized website experience.

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Dynamic Server Caching

Don’t settle for slow-loading sites! NameHero sets itself apart by offering server caching on all of their shared hosting plans for free. With their LiteSpeed server and LiteSpeed Cache WordPress Plugin, you can enjoy lightning-fast performance without sacrificing security. It’s a rare and valuable feature that sets NameHero apart from the competition!  To make it even easier, the LightSpeed WordPress Plugin is auto-installed as well so you just need to activate it upon initial login.

Free Domain Name for Extra Savings

With NameHero’s higher-tier plans, you get a free domain name for a whole year! This cost-effective feature sets NameHero apart from other hosting providers and helps you save on domain renewal fees. It’s just one of the many ways NameHero makes hosting easy, fast, and affordable!

Speed and Performance

NameHero claims to offer one of the fastest web hosting services around. And you know what? I decided to put them to the test!

I used GTmetrix to test the performance of the website I had hosted on NameHero’s servers. It returned a 100% performance score, which can be linked to NameHero’s use of Lightspeed web servers. These are a huge upgrade to Apache in terms of speed and have concurrent connection and transaction limits.

namehero speed and performance

Not to mention, Litespeed is replacing proxy configurations like NGINX, and opting for an event-driven build to reduce RAM requirements. For anyone who’s tired of sluggish websites and prolonged page load times, Litespeed in NameHero is like a breath of fresh air!

Additionally, NameHero has a 99.99% uptime, which is one of the highest in the web hosting industry. 

Cloudflare CDN, Quic Cloud CDN, and Maria Databases

NameHero goes the extra mile to optimize website performance with their use of Cloudflare CDN/Quic Cloud CDN and Maria Databases. Cloudflare is an essential tool for boosting website speed and protecting against bot traffic. And with the option for QUIC Cloud CDN, NameHero takes it up a notch, leveraging the latest protocols for lightning-fast performance.

But that’s not all! NameHero also offers unlimited Maria (MySQL) Databases with php-MyAdmin Access. MariaDB serves as a seamless replacement for MySQL, maintaining compatibility with scripts and software that require MySQL while providing safer and faster data replication. This means your website can enjoy optimal performance and reliability, thanks to the advanced technology employed by NameHero.

Security and Backups

In the fast-paced digital world, security should never be taken lightly, and NameHero understands this perfectly. With a keen focus on safeguarding your website, NameHero offers a comprehensive suite of security features and backup solutions to keep your data safe and sound.

The core of the suite is two-factor authentication, which helps ensure only you and your team can access your account. Additionally, the provider offers a malware removal tool to swiftly detect and remove any bug or code that may pose a threat to your site. Plus, NameHero provides a free SSL certificate to secure your website and establish trust with your visitors.

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namehero security and backups

NameHero also understands the importance of regular backups. Their system will back up your site’s content daily and allow for easy restoration if needed. This is implemented for all plans, giving you peace of mind that a copy of your site will be stored somewhere.

NameHero WordPress Hosting Plans

NameHero has got you covered with four different plans. Each of these plans comes packed with free Litespeed servers, unlimited SSD storage, and unmetered bandwidth, making them a solid choice for any website owner.

But that’s not all – NameHero also offers a range of additional speed, performance, and security features that really set them apart from the competition. With free SSL certificates,  NVMe storage, and Litespeed caching included, you can rest assured that your website will be fast, reliable, and secure.

So what are the pricing options for these plans? Take a look at the table below:

Hosting PlanPricing/MonthWebsites AllowedRAM/MemoryFree SSLFree LiteSpeed
Starter WordPressFrom $3.4011 GBYesYes
Plus WordPress$6.4872 GBYesYes
Turbo WordPress$9.98Unlimited3 GBYesIncludes Speed Boost
Business WordPress$14.98Unlimited4 GBYesIncludes Speed Boost

As you can see, NameHero’s plans are priced to fit a range of budgets and website needs. The Starter WordPress plan is a great choice for those just starting out, with 1GB of RAM and a price of just $2.69 per month for a 3-year plan. The Plus WordPress plan offers a bit more RAM at 2GB and allows up to 7 websites, all for a monthly price of $5.18 with a 3-year plan.

If you’re looking for even more power and speed, the Turbo WordPress and Business WordPress plans offer 3GB and 4GB of RAM, respectively, along with additional speed-boosting features. While these plans are a bit more expensive at $7.98 and $11.98 per month for a 3-year plan, they may be worth the investment for e-commerce websites or other high-traffic sites.

Final Verdict

NameHero continues to establish its name in the web hosting world. Its LiteSpeed web server is nine times faster than Apache, and the MariaDB database offers better performance than MySQL. Plus, the company offers free SSL certificates, nightly backups, malware scanning with removal, and the fastest cache plugin on the market.

But what really caught my eye was the WordPress Turbo package. This package offers similar specs to their Turbo Cloud plan but is focused specifically on empowering WordPress users.

And despite all these premium features, NameHero’s pricing starts at just $3.47/month. For individuals looking to build their own WordPress hosting business, the reseller hosting plans are also worth a look.  Reseller hosting is what put NameHero on the map initially after all! 

Overall, I highly recommend NameHero for anyone looking for reliable and high-performance WordPress hosting.  This is a newer product from them but they’ve been in the web hosting game since 2015 so we think a lot of people will jump on board.


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