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Monster’s Award 2023 – WPLift Nominated as the Best WordPress Blog

Last Updated on November 27th, 2023


It’s the third year in a row the TemplateMonster digital marketplace is launching the Monster’s Award – Biggest WordPress Community Award. This year, we are excited to announce that WPLift has been selected as one of the Best WordPress Blogs category nominees. The voting is on, and we will be grateful to you, our reader, follower, and fan, to support us and vote for WPLift until December 11. We have been doing our best to keep you informed and updated on the WordPress community’s most valuable tips, news, and instructions for all these years. Your vote will give us another push and motivation to prove that we are the leading WordPress blog worthy of being added to your bookmarks. 

Well, enough for the intro part. Let’s discuss the Monster’s Award 2023 and its value to the WordPress community. 

What is the Monster’s Award 2023? 

Biggest WordPress Community Award 2023

The Monster’s Award is the biggest contest for recognizing excellence in the WordPress community, from the best themes and plugins to outstanding tutorials and trusted developers.

Monster’s Award is an annual competition organized by the TemplateMonster Digital Marketplace to highlight the best WordPress products and services. With 22 categories open for nominations, the Biggest WordPress Community Award brings together the most talented individuals and companies in the WordPress ecosystem.

The Monster’s Award aims to make it easier for WordPress enthusiasts to find the best website tools and resources. With the abundance of sponsored ratings and articles on the internet, it can be challenging to identify the truly exceptional options. The Monster’s Award narrows the choices by presenting the most prominent market players in various categories. However, you also have the power to add your favorite brands to the list of nominees.

In addition to the Best WordPress Blogs category, where WPLift is presented, Monster’s Award 2023 features 21 other nominations, like WooCommerce Enhancements, Dynamic Plugins, Backup and Migration, Forms, Elementor Addons, Free WP Themes, Security, and more. When the voting ends, you can view a list of the 22 best products, services, and developers delivering the best services in their niche. 

Monster’s Award – Contest for WordPress Champions

When it comes to WordPress choices, there are numerous options available. The vast range includes stunning themes that redefine design and groundbreaking plugins that enhance website functionality. However, the truth about what works best in the real world can be found amidst the glossy marketing campaigns and paid endorsements.

Monster’s Award is a game-changer in how we discover, appreciate, and celebrate WordPress. This contest serves as a beacon of transparency and authenticity, bringing together a vibrant community of WordPress enthusiasts. 

The Monster’s Award goes beyond acknowledging the well-known players in the WordPress industry; it also aims to give emerging brands a chance to shine. Their mission is to provide these unsung heroes with the recognition and feedback they truly deserve.

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What’s the Goal?

The Monster’s Award 2023 aims to redefine how we discover, appreciate, and celebrate WordPress. It brings together a vibrant community of WordPress fans to promote transparency and authenticity. The Biggest WordPress Community Award honors products that have enhanced the WordPress experience by allowing consumers to voice their opinions. 

The Monster’s Award not only recognizes established WordPress giants but also provides emerging brands with the opportunity to shine. Its goal is to give these unsung heroes the recognition and feedback they deserve. Experience a journey celebrating authenticity, transparency, and innovation through the Monster’s Award 2023. This event is set to become your compass in navigating the vast world of WordPress, where real users’ voices matter, where the best WordPress products receive the spotlight they deserve, and where you play a role in shaping the future of WordPress.

What Do the Winners of the Monster’s Award Get? 

400+ nominees represented by 22 categories

Aside from the contest’s popularity, glory, and awareness, winners receive a branded badge of honor from the TemplateMonster digital marketplace. The recognition doesn’t stop there – TemplateMonster will also promote the winners through the official blog, social media platforms, PPC ads, and email newsletter. This extensive promotion ensures that the winning products and services reach the right audience and gain the attention they deserve.

  • The participants can showcase their exceptional products to the WordPress community.
  • The winners’ achievements will be highlighted and promoted through official blog posts by TemplateMonster, giving them increased visibility across various platforms.
  • Additionally, the winning product will be recognized with a prestigious Badge Of Honor, indicating that it has successfully met the high standards demanded by today’s digital industry. This badge will establish your reputation among industry professionals as a creator of top-tier digital solutions.

Is the Voting Fair?

Voting for Monster's Award 2023

For 20 years, TemplateMonster has been a part of the WordPress industry. However, the community was striving for a fair and unbiased rating system. To address this, the TemplateMonster digital marketplace created the Monster’s Award 2023, an awards contest that will benchmark our field. 

Aiming to motivate the WordPress community to unite, grow, and develop further, the Monsters Award 2023 stands out for its fair selection process:

  • Voting is free and has no hidden costs.
  • Paid advertising is strictly prohibited during the nomination stage.
  • Candidates are evaluated solely based on their merits.
  • Safeguards are in place to prevent external manipulation, ensuring a level playing field for all participants.

TemplateMonster’s partnerships with nominated brands do not influence the voting process. Paid promotions are not accepted, ensuring that only real votes from registered users are counted. The contest aims to be transparent and honest, with “fake” votes being removed if detected. The leaderboard and stats are updated in real-time, providing transparency to voters.

The contest prioritizes fairness by providing a level playing field for the countless brands and creators in the WordPress ecosystem. This ensures that the winners genuinely represent excellence and innovation.

Unlike other contests, the Monster’s Award separates affiliations, ensuring none of the nominees are TemplateMonster brands. This eliminates bias and ensures that quality and user experience are the sole criteria for selection.

The contest relies on the voices of real users rather than closed panels of judges or biased opinions. Only registered users can vote, allowing WordPress enthusiasts to decide the winners.

Paid promotional offers are not allowed in the Monster’s Award. Recognition is earned based on merit, not marketing budgets. This gives every product an equal opportunity to shine.

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Transparency is a key aspect of the Monster’s Award. After voting, real-time stats are available, allowing participants to see the leaders in each category and track their favorite products’ progress. It provides a live sports event-like experience for the WordPress community.

A two-week break is taken at the end of the voting period to ensure the contest’s integrity. During this time, each vote is thoroughly verified by the dedicated team. Manipulative tactics and unfair practices are not tolerated, ensuring that the final results truly reflect the preferences of the WordPress community.

How to Vote for WPLift?

Let’s discuss how you can support WPLift and vote for them in the Best WordPress Blogs category. The voting deadline is December 11, so vote before then. WPLift has provided invaluable insights and resources to the WordPress community, making it a deserving candidate for this prestigious award. By voting for WPLift, you contribute to the recognition of their hard work and dedication, and you also help the entire WordPress community by supporting those who contribute to its growth and success.

To support WPLift with your vote, take the following steps:

  • Navigate to the Best WordPress Blogs category.
  • Locate WPLift on the list and click Vote. 
  • You will be asked to sign up to vote. 

That easy! 

Bottom Line

Prepare yourself for a journey that celebrates authenticity, transparency, and innovation. Familiarize yourself with the Monster’s Award 2023, as it is destined to become your guiding light amidst the vastness of WordPress. Enter a world where the voices of real users hold weight, where the finest WordPress products receive the recognition they deserve, and where you play a role in shaping the future of WordPress.

The Monster’s Award 2023 is a competition and a celebration of excellence in the WordPress community. It serves as a platform to acknowledge and appreciate the contributions of WordPress creators, from product developers to YouTubers. As we come together to recognize the best in the field, let’s remember this event’s significance and its impact on the WordPress ecosystem. So, don’t forget to vote for WPLift and support the biggest WordPress community award – the Monster’s Award 2023.

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