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Collaborating for Growth: WPLift’s Experience at the WordPress 20th Anniversary Event Hosted by UnlimitedWP

Last Updated on November 21st, 2023


WordPress 20th Anniversary

If you’re a regular WPLift reader, you’ll know that there’s nothing we love more than talking about WordPress. 

Driven by an unwavering passion, we spend every day learning as much as possible about the latest developments across the platform’s rich ecosystem and sharing what we’ve learned about the best themes, the most useful plugins, and how to overcome WordPress challenges with our millions of valued readers. 

Along with expert advice and insights from a host of leading WordPress journalists, developers, and agencies, this passion has helped us develop an enviable reputation as one of the web’s most visited WordPress blogs. 

That’s why, earlier this year, we were so enthralled to partner with UnlimitedWP, a leading international WordPress development company that shares not only our passion for the WordPress platform but also our commitment to helping the community that has developed around that platform to thrive. 

It’s also why, just recently, we were equally as excited when UnlimitedWP invited us to their WordPress 20th anniversary event in Ahmedabad City, commemorating two decades of the most widely-used website platform in the world. 

Below, we’ll share with you just some of the highlights from this illustrious celebration, but first, let us recap why our partnership with UnlimitedWP means so much to us. 

WPLift and UnlimitedWP Join Forces 

UnlimitedWP weren’t the first WordPress company to make us an acquisition offer, but they were certainly the only company’s offer we seriously considered. 

After all, long before we officially joined the UnlimitedWP family in March 2023, we’d been working with their knowledge team for some time and always enjoyed doing so for the simple fact that we shared the same values. 

To be more specific, we both believed in the value of giving back to the WordPress community by passing on the most important lessons we’ve learned over our many years in the industry and by contributing to its continued growth in whatever way possible. 

Our new partnership provides new opportunities to do just that. 

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WPLift’s huge audience gives UnlimitedWP the ideal platform to share their knowledge and insights with a large number of WordPress users, while for us, the partnership gives us unrivaled access to the experience and know-how of industry-leading experts who can help us ensure we’re giving you the most valuable information on how to take your WordPress site to new heights. 

Our Experience at UnlimitedWP’s WordPress 20th Anniversary Event 

Given how much we love working with UnlimitedWP, it should come as no surprise to learn that we sent our R.S.V.Ps the moment the company invited us to an event celebrating 20 years of WordPress. 

Held on 27th May 2023 at Alimentos Banquet, the event didn’t just bring together members of the UnlimitedWP and WPLift teams, it also included WordPress developers, executives, and enthusiasts with diverse backgrounds and unique perspectives to share. 

For us, it was a joy to build relationships with many of these thought leaders and industry specialists as we came together to exchange knowledge and share ideas on how to utilize to its full potential the ground-breaking open-source platform we all know and love. 

However, the real highlight was being invited to participate in some exciting panel discussions, which generated powerful food for thought about the challenges and opportunities facing the industry in the months and years to come. 

Watch This Space 

Although it’s been a while since we packed our bags, said our goodbyes, and left the WordPress 20th anniversary event, the experiences we enjoyed that day will stay with us for years to come, especially since they helped shape the future of our collaboration with UnlimitedWP. 

Since we got back to base, we’ve been talking daily with their team about how we can take the ideas and insights shared at the event and put them to work in doing even more to support the WordPress community. 

Already, there are some exciting new developments on the horizon, and though we’re not quite ready to let the cat out of the proverbial bag just yet, we can promise you that there’s a lot to look forward to. 

Of course, you’ll be the first to hear of any new projects or collaborations we’re working on right here on the WPLift blog

Until then, one thing we can say for sure is that attending WordPress’s 20th birthday party inspired us to strengthen our commitment to providing high-quality WordPress content for users of all levels of experience.  

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UnlimitedWP and WPLift: The Future Looks Bright 

From bonding with the UnlimitedWP team over a shared passion and enthusiasm for supporting the WordPress community to making that bond official by joining their family of talented and knowledgeable WordPress experts, the last few months have been a whirlwind of excitement and activity. 

Attending the WordPress 20th anniversary event finally gave us the chance to step back and take stock of how this new partnership presents plentiful possibilities to help WordPress users like never before. 

As we listened to thought-provoking talks from the event’s speakers and networked with those as passionate about WordPress as we are, we couldn’t help but be inspired and are already involved in some truly rewarding collaborative projects that will ultimately contribute to the platform’s future. 

What’s more, as we took the opportunity to share our own knowledge and ideas during those engaging panel discussions, we also took the time to reflect on our own role within the wider WordPress community and the responsibilities that come with being one of the web’s most trusted sources of information and honest opinions about the world’s leading CMS. 

We take these responsibilities seriously and remain as committed as ever to serving a community that played such a pivotal role in helping us earn that reputation in the first place. 

By strengthening our relationship with UnlimitedWP even further, we look forward to maintaining that reputation and working together to support the creation of a bright future for WordPress and its millions of users.

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