10 Things you can do to Boost Traffic to your next Blog Post

Unless you have a big blog with a healthy RSS count, hitting “Publish” on your post should just be the first part of promoting it and gaining extra traffic and readers. In a past post I discussed how to get traffic to old posts, In this post Im going to run through a few things you can do to to give your latest blog posts a traffic boost.

1. Submit to Public News

A lot of blogs have a public news section where you can submit your blog post for some quick exposure. You should hunt down all the relevent blogs in your niche and keep a list of ones which accept public news postings. For example, if you run a blog about design you are spoilt for choice of where to submit – try out as many places as possible and find the ones which accept quickly and send traffic and just concentrate on those next time.

2. Submit to Social Media Accounts

You should be maintaining your own Facebook / Twitter accounts for each website you run, as you build your traffic on your blog then your followers / fans which also increase, making them more valuable over time. Make sure you submit each new post to these accounts and ask for people to reshare your content. You can also push your new post out on any personal accounts you run – Linkedin, Google+ etc.

3. Submit to (niche) Social Media News Sites

Sites like Digg and Reddit can send a torrent of visitors if you hit the frontpage so if you write some really good content that’s linkbait worthy then submit to these. There are also a whole load of niche social media news sites, depending on your niche you may submit to DesignFloat ( design news ), Sphinn ( affiliate news ), Dealigg ( coupons & deals ) – you will find it easier to get listed on these sites, you wont get as many visitors but they will be targetted to your blog’s subject. See here for a big list of niche social news sites.

4. Stumbleupon

Stumbleupon is an amazing way to gain a huge amount of visitors in a short timeframe, if you run a blog, you should be using Stumbleupon – it has a toolbar which you install and then sends you to random sites based on your interests. You can rate websites thumbsup or thumbsdown and it will tailor the sites it shows you. Not only is it a good way to check out sites you wouldn’t normally see, it can give you ideas for future posts. You should submit your best content using the toolbar and if you get a few thumbsup from people, it can quickly spiral into thousands of visits per day. The traffic quality is not the best compared to other sources but it’s possible to grow your readership if you keep getting traffic from it. Posts that do well on Stumbleupon are images and list posts – make sure your headlines are good to catch people’s attention before they click the next button.

5. Email Relevant Blogs

If other blogs in your niche dont have a public news section, a friendly email to the author of the blog could work just as well. I wouldn’t dive straight in with a link request – take time to introduce yourself and your blog and possibly direct the person to your blog post if its relevent to their site. Builing up relationships with other bloggers is a good idea – make sure you return the favour and link to their latest content on your site and twitter / facebook accounts.

6. Send a Newsletter Mailing

You are building a mailing list for your blog aren’t you ? If not, see my guide to building a mailing list with WordPress. People respond to email better than a tweet or RSS update so if you have written a really good post – email your subscribers with a link to it. I wouldn’t recommend you do this all the time, save it for your very best posts or create a monthly roundup and mail that instead.

7. Tag your Post Correctly

The way a lot of people use tags in WordPress is individual words, the way I tag posts here on WPLift is I will write out a phrase I think people would be searching for in Google and use that instead. That way each post creates a lot of landing pages with keyword targetted phrases off it. For example this posts tags are : Boost my Blog Traffic,  Increase my Blog Traffic, how to increase blog traffic, increase traffic to blog posts – All phrases that someone could search for.

8. Work on Your Titles

CopyBlogger is the authority on how to attract click throughs on your blog posts by writing creative or intriguing post titles. They have a number of formulas which you can take and apply to your own titles :

9. Think of SEO

As you are writing your blog post, keep in mind certain search terms you think people would use and try to build them into your blog post copy. I use an SEO plugin and my post will have 2 titles – the actual blog post title and another shorter one which I will enter into the SEO plugin as the title which will show up in search results.

10. Strategic Interlinking

Once your post is published, think back to any old posts you have written on a similar topic. Find all the relevant ones and go back and link phrases to your new blog post. This will have two effects – anyone reading the old posts could click though to your new one and the search engines will follow the links as well and it will help your new post getting ranked in the search results.



Oliver Dale is the founder of Kooc Media, An Internet Company based in Manchester, UK. I founded WPLift and ThemeFurnace, find out more on my Personal Blog. Thanks!

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  1. Excellent post! I will definitely be adopting most of these when I finally kick start my writing properly. Thanks for the advice!

  2. Great post OLI. Came across it after a year but it still makes sense and now I have started using Y! Combinator now. Let’s see how it goes for me.

    Thanks for remommendation.

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