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Weekly WordPress News: Block Protocol’s New WordPress Plugin Bringing the Power of Blockchain to Your Website in 2024

Last Updated on December 26th, 2023


blockchain technology company named Block Protocol has announced the launch of a new WordPress plugin which will be released publicly in 2023. With the support of this plugin, WordPress users will be able to quickly add blockchain capabilities to their websites and reap the features of the technology. This plugin’s release date has not yet been specified, though 2023 is the anticipated date of deployment. Block Protocol is pleased to render this cutting-edge technology available to WordPress users and is optimistic that it will drastically enhance the efficiency of their websites. These blocks come with engaging sketching tools, a GitHub pull request analysis, a clock, a calculator, and other features. Users can add these blocks to their websites following activation thus there is no requirement to upgrade the plugin. Block Protocol is also releasing new blocks with the plugin in addition to these already existing blocks, such as an image creation block driven by OpenAI DALL-E and a text synthesis block powered by GPT. It is envisaged that these added blocks would stimulatory effect functionality on WordPress websites.




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