bizXpress Review: A Business-Building Plugin For WordPress

Published on December 27th, 2013

Last Updated on July 22nd, 2020


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bizXpress describes itself as a business-building service that aims to ‘take you from struggling webmaster or blogger to successful entrepreneur earning a sustainable income from your website.’ By signing up for the course, you are given access to a step-by-step programme for researching, building, marketing and monetizing an online business, which can be all focused around a WordPress site.

bizXpress has been developed by the SiteSell Inc. company who also offer the popular SBI!, or Site Build It! web business-building system, which has been around for many years. The newly released bizXpress service can be accessed via a WordPress plugin or via their website, and moves the focus away from SBI!’s hosted service to allow you to create your own self-hosted WordPress-based online business or income generating project.

bizXpress review for WordPress

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bizXpress aims to be an all-in-one solution for anyone who wants to start a profitable online business or income generating venture; so if that sounds like a good project for 2014, read on to see exactly what is included in the package.

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The plugin makes the bizXpress service and content accessible from within your WordPress site and is free to install. Alternatively the material can be accessed via the bizXpress website, which is ideal if you haven’t already started your WordPress site. To use the service, you will need a bizXpress account, of which there is a free and premium option available.

To install the plugin either download it from the WordPress repository or install it directly from your site (Plugins > Add New > Search ‘bizXpress’).

Once installed, the plugin creates a new menu item on the left sidebar menu of your WordPress admin area. From there you can access the four main components of bizXpress:

  • Action Guide
  • Niche Research
  • Biz HQs & Info
  • Forums

While your account and the contents of bizXpress can be accessed via their website, the plugin allows you to access the information from directly inside your WordPress site for extra convenience. No additional functionality is provided with the plugin, so the only benefit is quick access to the course material and tools.

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Features and Usages

The core component of bizXpress is the Action Guide (AG) which is a 10-day plan for building a business. The guide is delivered in multiple formats, with video (including mobile video), text and audio versions available.

bizXpress action guide

To give you some idea of the scope of this service, here are the 10-steps of the AG:

  • Master the basics
  • Find and develop your best site concept
  • Brainstorm profitable topics
  • Investigate and plan monetization options
  • Refine site concept and register a domain name
  • Build a WordPress site that gets the click
  • Build free traffic
  • Develop relationships
  • Know your visitors
  • Monetize

Hopefully the above gives you an indication as to what bizXpress is all about. While the 10-day metaphor is used, the bizXpress creators make it clear that this isn’t something that can literally be completed in 10 days, with a profitable web-based business up and running in just a few hours.

It’s best to think of the plan as a 10-step action plan, rather than a 10-day road to success. The process comes with a handy six page PDF checklist that breaks down each down step with actionable checklist items to keep you on track.

The bizXpress Content

The teachings of bizXpress and the AG can be divided up into four phases:

Content → Traffic → PREsell → Monetize

By following bizXpress you are taught how to build up a collection of online content, including a website and supporting properties, such as Facebook and Twitter accounts. These work together to help bring in free targeted traffic to your site. The visitors are then presold about you and your business, before generating you an income through your carefully chosen monetization methods.

The course covers everything from business basics, how to research niches for a profitable topic for your site and business, how to plan your content strategy, evaluating monetization options and then registering a domain and setting up your WordPress site. Once you’ve setup your site, the second part of the course goes into detail on getting traffic to your site, developing relationships and putting your chosen monetization options into action.

Niche Research

As well as the AG there is also the niche research module which includes the Brainstorm It! keyword research tool, which is described as ‘the ultimate niche research and discovery tool’. This is where you will probably spend most of the time when it comes to planning your new business. Failure to pick the right topic means all your hard work later down the line will be built on shaky foundations.

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By using the tools and following the guide, you should be able to find keywords, niches and topics that people are searching for, but are not adequately covered by existing websites. The tool will also show you if they have the potential to be monetized and generate income. To get a better understanding of the Brainstorm It! tool, watch this quick video:

Once you’ve found some keywords or niches that match the specified criteria, you can start making an informed decision on what you will build your online business around.

Business Information

Another section of resources that are available to bizXpress users can be found under the Business Information section. Here you will find tips and techniques covering things like building your site, creating content, using social media and growing your brand. These pages are very extensive and there is enough information here to keep you going for a long time.

bizXpress business information

There is also a monetization area which covers all the different options for generating revenue from your site. Again this information is very extensive, covering everything from AdSense, creating and selling e-goods, selling advertising, email marketing and running a service business. bizXpress doesn’t exclude any monetization method so there should be something to suit your site’s topic and personal preference for working online, whether that be taking a more passive role or actively going out to generate business.

A further section under the Business Information heading is devoted to resources. Here you will find recommendations for third party products, such as WordPress themes and plugins, as well as tools for building a mobile app, to name just a few. Finally there are PDF ebooks to download in order to give you even more information and guidance.

bizXpress Forums

For extra guidance and networking opportunities, the bizXpress forums allow you to connect with other users of the service and the moderators. The forums cover each of the 10-steps in more detail so if you have any questions along the way they are a great resource.

Extra Services

If you haven’t got the time, or are finding it challenging to research a suitable topic or niche for your new online business, then you can hire the services of the bizXpress pros who will take care of this for you, as well as a range of other related services.

As selecting the correct topic, right down to which keywords or search phrases to target is vital to giving your business a chance of success, this could be a valuable service to many people with a desire to start their own business. The team also provides coaching services at a cost to help you get past any steps of the course you are stuck on.

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There is a free lite version of bizXpress which gives you access to some limited features. However, if you want the full package, you are going to have to pay $149 for one year of access to the training, tools and private user forums.

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From a plugin review perspective, the bizXpress plugin seems to have been created mainly for gaining exposure for the service via the WordPress repository, rather than adding any extra functionality to your WordPress site. The menu items that the plugin creates, do make it easier to access the materials and tools, but that is it. Installation is not essential by any means.

The bizXpress service itself however, is a vast resource that aims to cover everything needed to start an online business that generates revenue. The material is delivered in multiple formats to suit all preferences and every step along the way is documented, from picking a topic for your business, through to monetizing your website.

Membership to the service gives you access to all the relevant tools needed to carry out your research and then start developing and working through your action plan.  Apart from registering your domain name, buying a hosting packing and setting up your WordPress site, you shouldn’t need any other specialised tools or services outside of bizXpress.

While the authors make it clear this isn’t a quick and easy 10-day programme to creating a successful online business, this course will undoubtedly attract those looking for a shortcut to making money online. The reality is most people who buy into this service, and any other similar product, will fail in their dreams of making money online, and probably won’t even make it through the course material, let alone attempt to put the teachings into action.

But for those with the time, patience and dedication to follow the blueprint and put in the required work, bizXpress is an all-in-one solution that could see you build an online income source from scratch.

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