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10 Best WordPress Responsive Menu Plugins to Enhance Menu Functionality in 2024

Last Updated on January 3rd, 2024


Using a WordPress responsive menu plugin simplifies site navigation and allows you to display customized menus that your theme doesn’t support by default. 

Navigation menus are a must-have feature for a website to be successful. Simply put, they assist visitors in finding their war around your website. In addition, having a great menu improves your website’s flow and encourages visitors to stay longer on your site, consume more of your content, and achieve your conversion goals — in other words, all the good stuff.

Fortunately, WordPress users have access to a plethora of excellent menu plugins. We’ll sift through them in this article to bring you our ten favorites. 

WP Mega Menu from Themeum

WP Mega Menu from Themeum - Best WordPress responsive menu plugins

WP Mega Menu has a simple drag-and-drop interface for creating interactive navigation menus. You can customize your menus with different widgets, icons, images, and tabs, and you can easily create different styles with custom colors, fonts, and attributes. 

With the option to include various media content such as a gallery, audio, video, and icons in the menu, this plugin aids in creating a menu that attracts visitors.


  • With free version
  • One site – $29


  • You can include native WordPress widgets in your menu. 
  • There are three icon libraries to choose from (Dashicons, Font Awesome, and IcoFont). 
  • Disabling links, hiding menu items on mobile, alignment settings, margins, and so on are all available in Max Mega Menu. 
  • You can create your own “Theme,” which includes all of your menu’s design and display settings, such as colors, background, margins, font.


  • My menu vanished when I used one of the plugin’s suggested themes, and I couldn’t get it to reappear even when I cleared my cache. 
  • After activating the plugin, a notification window will appear asking you to leave a review. It’s a personal note, but I’m not a fan of banners that appear out of nowhere.

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WP Mega Menu for MyThemeShop

WP Mega Menu for MyThemeShop - Best WordPress responsive menu plugins

WP Mega Menu is a simple plugin that allows you to create beautiful, customized menus for your website. WP Mega Menu is a must-have plugin that improves SEO and user engagement by requiring no setup and providing multiple options. It also allows you to show categories, subcategories, and posts.

You can quickly import the demo content and settings with the plugin’s one-click installation. If you have any doubts, you can always refer to the plugin’s excellent documentation and video tutorials, which will walk you through every step of the process. 

You can choose from a variety of layouts and loading effects, as well as an unlimited number of background colors, and, if desired, use an image as your background. In addition, you can choose to display your featured image as thumbnails to make your site look more appealing. This plugin can give your website a unique and stylish touch thanks to its many other amazing features.


  • One site – $10
  • Three sites – $29


  • The plugin is ready to use as soon as it is turned on. There are no settings to configure. Furthermore, the WordPress Dashboard lacks a dedicated menu. 
  • The menu system in WordPress is used to make the settings. 
  • Technicians will appreciate the plugin’s developers’ filters, which allow for even more customization.


  • Even if you can manipulate traditional parameters (colors, animations, image addition, icon set, and so on), the options are limited in comparison to what the competition has to offer in this test. The plugin is effective, but if you’re looking for a plugin with many options, you’ll be disappointed.

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WP Mobile Menu

WP Mobile Menu - Best WordPress responsive menu plugins

WP Mobile Menu is a mobile responsive WordPress menu plugin that allows you to create beautiful menus for your website without writing a single line of code, as the name suggests. You can create a naked header, three-depth menu levels, overlay masks when the menu is open and much more to keep your users engaged. It also allows you to upload text or image-based logos and add background images. 

All of this is possible with the plugin’s free version. However, it also has a premium version that includes many more features than the ones listed above. You can, for example, add a header live search, footer menus, mobile menus on specific pages, and so on.


  • Professional – $4.99/month
  • Business – $7.99/month


  • An upgrade option includes a wide range of WooCommere tools such as account links in the sliding cart, a mobile product filter, and a menu cart icon in the plugin. 
  • Images for your menu’s background. 
  • When using the mobile interface, you can choose to hide certain items from your menu. 
  • Import and export your menus to and from other websites with these tools.


  • It doesn’t work with multilanguage plugins such as Polylang.
  • Limited sub menu support.

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QuadMenu - Best WordPress responsive menu plugins

QuadMenu provides a simple and flexible way to add menu functionality to your WordPress site. The drag-and-drop builder makes creating your mega menu simple, and the custom menu items and the ability to use all of the native WordPress widgets give you a lot of flexibility in terms of what you can put in it. 

If you’re using one of QuadMenu’s supported themes, incorporating QuadMenu’s looks into your theme’s design is a breeze. If you aren’t, you’ll have to fiddle with the plugin’s settings to get it to work with your theme.


  • One site – $15
  • Five sites – $30
  • Unlimited sites – $60


  • On WordPress, you can create up to six columns for your mega menu. 
  • Both horizontal and vertical menus can be created. 
  • QuadMenu extends your WooCommerce store with its own search bar and even a shopping cart. 
  • Many filters are available for developers to change the style and behavior of your WordPress menu.


  • It’s not as simple to use as Max Mega Menu or WP Mega Menu. 
  • Only one of the five tabs in the administration menu actually allows you to change the plugin’s settings. The other four provide links to documentation and support, suggest other plugins to install, highlight the extension’s Premium version, and provide instructions on configuring the plugin (system status).

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Superfly Responsive Menu

Superfly Responsive Menu - Best WordPress responsive menu plugins

Superfly is a responsive WordPress menu plugin that creates a vertical push/sliding/static navigation, icon toolbars, or fullscreen menus based on your preferences. It can function as a stand-alone navigation system or as a supplement to your main menu. 

On both desktops and mobile devices, Superfly makes navigation much easier and more user-friendly. The slide-in vertical menu concept, which has already proven itself on mobile devices, now shines on desktops as well! It can also be used as navigation that is always visible. 

The mouseover interface eliminates the need for a second click, allowing the user to access the menu with ease and a pleasing appearance. However, the option to click is still available. Only industry best practices are used for animations and smooth performance under the hood.


  • Regular License – $29


  • Areas of content to add and style custom content or shortcodes, use the rich-text editor. 
  • The ability to hide the default menu button (label) and toggle the menu from any element such as a button, link, or image.
  • Ensure that your anchored elements scroll smoothly.


  • After applying CSS transformations, Chrome has some issues rendering fixed backgrounds (background-attachment: fixed rule), which happens when the plugin pushes content. As a result, the background flickers and becomes static.
  • No RTL support.

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Max Mega Menu

Max Mega Menu - Best WordPress responsive menu plugins

Max Mega is one of the few WordPress menu plugins that can create fully responsive menus. It has a built-in theme editor with highly customizable transitions that keeps you from messing around with the menus’ CSS code. 

This feature distinguishes Max Mega as a standout plugin that even complete beginners can use to create attractive menus for their WordPress websites. In addition, the plugin is small and doesn’t cause the website to load slowly. 

Its simple drag-and-drop menu builder allows you to customize your existing menus quickly and properly place them in multiple menu locations. Menu transitions such as fade, fade up, slide, and slide up can also be used.


  • One site – $29
  • Five sites – $49
  • 99 sites – $99


  • You have the option of adding your own images, logos, and icons. 
  • Over 1600 vector icons are available. 
  • From the wide range of colors available, you can create your own unique design. 
  • WPML, WooCommerce, and Bootstrap are all supported.


  • We get the impression that the freeware’s sole purpose is to entice users into purchasing the PRO version. 
  • If you stop paying after six months with Max Mega Menu, you will be without support. 
  • Another disadvantage, according to user reviews, is that the advanced options are somewhat difficult to control; mastering all of the available configurations takes some time.

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Responsive Menu

Responsive Menu - Best WordPress responsive menu plugins

Responsive Menu is a free WordPress menu plugin that allows you to create a visually appealing menu for your website. Like the other plugins on this list, Responsive Menu has a ton of customization options, such as changing colors, fonts and adding background images. 

A search bar, sub-arrows, and logos can all be added. It also has a one-click import/export feature that allows you to use the same customized menu across multiple sites.


  • One site – $29.99
  • Two to five sites – $69.99
  • 100 sites – $99.99


  • Support for desktop and mega menus.
  • Add a custom header bar to your website for seamless navigation within the menu using touch gestures and keyboard commands. 
  • There are over 20 different button animations to choose from. 
  • It comes with WPML and Polylang integration, so it supports multilingual sites.


  • The new version is hard to understand.
  • No mobile option on the free version.

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Uber Menu

Uber Menu - Best WordPress responsive menu plugins

UberMenu is a beautiful menu plugin that allows you to customize its components completely. If you want to create dynamic content right in the header area, this menu is ideal. It is also fully integrated with the WordPress 3+ menu system, allowing for easy customization from the admin panel. 

You can use the mega menu to display blog posts, and other content, such as grid featured images. Third-party widgets can be added to an UberMenu menu to add interactive functionality to an otherwise standard menu. The menu is fully responsive, so it looks great on both big and small screens.


  • $25 / year


  • Options are nearly limitless. Almost anything can be done with the plugin: positioning, coloration, submenus, responsiveness, icons, and so on. 
  • The plugin also includes advanced features such as image uploading, Google Maps integration, a search bar, and a contact form. Not to mention filters for creating dynamic sub-menus on WordPress based on the type of custom content you want to use (article, page, category, etc.). 
  • Many settings can be changed using the Customization Tool, which allows you to see your changes in real-time.


  • It’s easy to get lost in endless menu options, which makes it difficult to get started. In addition, the learning curve for mastering all of the plugin’s nuances will be steep. 
  • The settings menus are uninviting and unappealing, with grey text on a black background, for example.

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Hero Menu

Hero Menu - Best WordPress responsive menu plugins

The Hero Menu plugin can help you transform your website’s navigation areas in just a few simple steps. However, Hero Menu is capable of so much more than simply adding icons to your menus and implementing a basic multilevel drop-down menu system. 

Perhaps the most impressive feature of the Hero Menu plugin is its ability to create mega menus. You can easily organize your links using multiple columns in your drop-down menus, thanks to their controls. You can also add large and small images to your menus using the simple plugin interface, including featured images from the blog posts you’re linking to.

For an even more stunning design effect, you can even add eye-catching background images to your mega menu drop-down areas. 

Like some of the other WordPress menu plugins in this list, Hero Menu allows you to include a contact form and even a Google Map in your drop-down menu. These features will come in handy if your visitors expect to contact you or find your location easily via your website. Adding icons and symbols to the top level of your menu is also simple, thanks to this plugin’s extra functionality.


  • Regular License – $20


  • It’s completely customizable and 100% responsive.
  • It includes 270 icons, over 650 Google fonts, and features such as sticky menus and the ability to insert interactive content like images, videos, contact forms, maps, and more.
  • It also works well with WooCommerce, allowing you to include a shopping cart option in the menu.


  • It lacks some advanced features, such as the option to import menus or advanced developers tools.

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Groovy Mega Menu

Groovy Mega Menu - Best WordPress responsive menu plugins

Groovy is a WordPress-only mega menu plugin that is fully responsive. 

Groovy Mega Menu is extremely easy to use because it not only works with any WP theme, but it also works seamlessly with WPBakery Page Builder, Elementor, Divi Builder, and other popular page builders. Furthermore, it enables you to add shortcodes and widgets to your menus, making your mega menu more efficient and functional, resulting in a better user experience. Plenty of colors, background display, and icon customization options, as well as a library of presets, allows you to create a design that works best with your theme quickly. In addition, you can customize your navigation by making it a fixed vertical panel on the side of your page or a sticky, always-on element.


  • FREE


  • Ajax search ready
  • Vertical navigation and horizontal navigation
  • WooCommerce mega menu
  • Mobile responsive


  • It requires you to purchase the pro version to access its full features.

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What’s your favorite WordPress Responsive Menu Plugin?

So now that we have discussed so many Menu plugins, it’s time to discuss the best one.

WP Mega Menu plugin is the ultimate solution if you’ve been dreaming of creating a stunning mega menu on your WordPress site. Mega Menu is a free tool that allows you to create rich and beautiful navigation menus for your website. Using drag-and-drop tools, create menu themes and customize the styles. Customize the menu items by changing their colors, fonts, and attributes. Mega Menu allows you to create a navigation menu that is beyond your wildest dreams.

Wrapping Up!

This brings us to the end of our list of the best WordPress responsive menu plugins. Mega menus, vertical menus, mobile-friendly menus, and one-page menus are among the menu types supported by the plugins on this list. 

Which is the best option for your website? That’s debatable! Menus serve an important function — navigation — and are an important part of your site’s aesthetic, so picking the right menu plugin is crucial. In other words, take your time and make sure you make the best decision possible.

All of these plugins give you a lot of cool options for creating and optimizing menus on your website. Of course, it’s up to you, your website’s aesthetics, and your business needs, whether you go for catchy animations or content-rich mega menus, but one thing is certain: each of these plugins can drastically alter how your visitors access and react to your content. So let us know how you get on!

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